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The Polyamory Meme

The Polyamory Meme The polyamory meme has finally attracted some serious research. But perhaps, we should define what I mean by the “Polyamory Meme.” According to Wikipedia, a meme is an idea,

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Intimacy in Marriage

Are you looking to improve your intimacy? Enhance your sex life? It may be easy for some couples, and seemingly impossible for others. While physical intimacy is important to the wellbeing of a happy marriage,

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How to Fix a Sexless Marriage – 9 Steps to Better Intimacy

By Psychologist & Sex Therapist Kathy McMahon Revised 1/4/2020How to Fix a Sexless Marriages by Removing Bad HabitsWe often blame our desire for sex (or lack of it) on our sex drive, mental

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Pornography and Marital Conflict

 The Perils of Porn Porn is increasingly understood from the vantage point of neuroscience as a “supernormal stimulus.” Nobel-Prize winning scientist Nikko Tinbergen defines a supernormal stimulus

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“You don’t want me.” “Yes I do.” Wives with Higher Sexual Desire

Stop me if you’ve heard this one. This gendered behavior is extremely common and totally, well… WEIRD. Here’s the picture: The woman is the higher desire sexual partner. The man’s

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Sexual Desire Differences: Different Sex Drives in Marriage

“You are OVER-sexed!” ”You are UNDER-sexed!” But isn’t one of you always either high or low desire? Sometimes this role shifts at different periods of the marriage, or after one or the other

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