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Free course to Upgrade Your Couples Therapy

Free course to Upgrade Your Couples Therapy

An effective approach to couples therapy will look a little different than other approaches you may have experienced . This free course Upgrade Your Couples Therapy, will help you to do just that, upgrade your relationship support.

  • Full course completely free of charge
  • Created by relationship experts
  • Learn about evidence-based couples therapy
  • No rush – move at your own pace

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Our Free Course

Are you confused or overwhelmed with options?

You are here because you are searching for the right solution. Kudos for having the bravery to seek support. You are on your way to discovering what our clients already know; evidence-based couples therapy is the right way to support relationships.

Who We Are

What makes us different?

For over a decade, Couples Therapy Inc. has seen 3500+ couples in couples therapy retreats. It is all we have ever done, and we’ve gotten very good at it. Our cadre of professionals is exceptional. Our assessment instrument was designed specifically for effective intensive work. We are intentionally international and multi-cultural, constantly learning and evolving to improve our work.

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    Countries Served
  • 10
    Languages Spoken
  • 30+
    Experienced Clinicians
  • 250+
    Client Reviews

Client Reviews

Helping couples like you all over the globe

What changes resulted in your marriage from the work you did?

Life changing, earth shattering, amazing changes. I am not kidding when I say this absolutely hands down saved our marriage. I was so unhappy and I am now looking at the world differently, knowing I have a partner with me in this life that I once felt so alone in. We have a lot of work to do — but we are both committed to this and following through with the changes. I cannot believe that this had such an immediate impact on us and I am forever, forever grateful. I will be recommending you to any of my friends or family that ever is faced with serious relationship troubles.

Recent Client Reports

We were recovering from an affair, struggling with trust and sexual intimacy.

The CTI website provided information that seemed like it would be a good experience and it was. My spouse and I can now speak more openly. I am stronger emotionally and have the courage to end the marriage now if necessary.

Recent Client Reports

A deeper dive.

We needed to work on trust and intimacy. The intensive allowed for a deeper dive, instant practice on repairing with each other, and a chance to start the earnest repair sooner than we would have. We learned techniques for improving our connection.

Recent Client Reports