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Couples Therapists Near You

We’re excited to have you meet our team devoted exclusively to helping couples in an intensive format. We now practice in 33 locations across the USA and in 45 states online, as well as in four countries! Here you will find that half of us have doctoral degrees, one-third are certified holding the title “Certified Gottman Therapist” and some have over 30 years helping couples. This exceptional team helps a broad range of issues impacting couples. We also have specialists in sex therapy, neurodiversity, sex addiction, cognitive behavioral and psychoanalytic approaches.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are our most frequent inquiries about our couples therapy retreats.

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Please note:

These weekend therapy retreats are not a magic formula. If one of you has little motivation to work on your marriage sincerely or is seriously considering divorce, please consider a discernment counseling retreat instead of a couples THERAPY retreat.

Your willingness and interest in improving your marriage are essential for this work’s success. You both need to be willing to look at your individual contribution to the state of your marriage instead of focusing the blame on your spouse.

Couples therapy (including John Gottman’s methods and Emotionally-focused couples therapy) does not work with the following: Domestic violence, suicide prevention, personality disorders, or drug and alcohol abuse that requires inpatient care.

Seek professional individual mental health services. Finding a professional who has specific training is your best option.