Science + Common Sense.

A Couples Therapy Retreat is a smart choice.

Run by seasoned couples therapy specialists.

Why a couples therapy retreat?

Traditional weekly therapy sessions are sometimes inadequate to meet the needs of couples in crisis. With meetings spread out over weeks or months in 50-minute sessions, it's hard to feel like progress is being made at all. 

In contrast, our couples counseling intensives provide retreat participants fourteen hours and a more focused, in-depth approach. They are run by licensed psychologists, marriage and family therapy specialists or social workers, all with demonstrated expertise in science-based couples therapy. 

Troubled marriages need a total approach.

A marriage intensive is intensive marriage counseling. A science-based approach is 70-90% effective in relieving a couple's distress. 

Advanced licensed relationship experts

Our experienced clinicians, many with over 30 years helping couples, train other psychotherapists how to practice marriage counseling. You'll be in remarkably good hands. 

Faster progress. Total focus on each other.

Traditional weekly marriage counseling can be effective and beneficial, but progress can be slow and frustrating. This is especially so for busy couples who are unable to attend each week.  

Many couples feel overwhelmed and stuck by the repetitive and escalating nature of their problems. Many have tried weekly therapy without seeing any positive results.

You may make more progress with an intensive retreat. Being away, in an exciting urban location or surrounded by nature, you'll have the time to resolve entrenched problematic dynamics. As you relax, it is easier to learn new ways of relating to each other.  

A married couples retreat or premarital counseling retreat is designed for couples in all types of relationships. They are private therapy sessions, not a small group retreat. 

Heal quickly by moving at slower pace.

  • Watch as you ease into a slower pace, away from the pressures of chronic phone calls and emails.

  • We know that you’ll absorb information better when you take more time, allowing things to wash over you, and revisit your own priorities over and over again.
  • You’ll have time to process what you are learning without interference or broken attention. Your brain begins to focus and your nervous system starts to calm down.

These retreats offer an extended period of counseling over one evening and two days. This intensive approach allows our marriage counselors to get to the root of the problem. Most couples that attend Couples therapy retreats are in a significant amount of marital distress.

Therapy in the past was slightly helpful but not providing useful tools to solve the problem.

It was recommended to us that we try the Gottman Method. We looked for a therapist with full training in the Gottman system, and we chose Angela Voegele. We consulted with her and decided to do the two-day retreat with her.

We feel that Angela provided us with an extremely beneficial 2-day "total immersion" which was much more effective than piecemeal 50-minute therapy sessions. In the retreat, she provided us with practical, immediately usable tools that we could practice with her and then use on our own. Even after just two days, we feel that our relationship is stronger and better because we discovered techniques to avoid anger and fighting in ways that we didn't know before.

Angela is gentle, warm, fair, and knowledgable. She inspires confidence. She knows the Gottman tools well and was very skillful in putting them into practice with us. We now have better confidence in our relationship, practical tools to use anytime, and comfort in knowing that we can come back to Angela if we need to.

What would you say to couples that are considering working with Couples Therapy Inc.?

The Gottman Method is excellent and Angela is an excellent practitioner of it.

Who is this designed for:

Your relationship is in chronic distress.

  • Fights get really heated. You have no way of putting things into perspective or calming down when one or both of you get upset
  • The littlest thing ruins that romantic dinner or tropical vacation. It's more distressing than fun being in your relationships
  • You go to bed angry or sleep in separate bedrooms. You're constantly on edge.

There is a critical betrayal or life transition that seems insurmountable

  • You've discovered an emotional or sexual affair. You love your partner but you wonder about divorce.
  • You were left out of a major life decision (such as a financial decision or job change) and you're still upset about it.
  • Infertility, relocation or a child’s learning problems are wearing on you. You try but you can’t figure out how to adapt.

You’re existing together, but not really working toward mutual goals. You share no joint passions.

  • You have little emotional connection or physical intimacy.
  • You're great at work and caring for the kids or aging parents, but you’ve stopped sharing life dreams and goals. You don’t feel close anymore or have a common direction.
  • Establishing new dreams and visions for the future seem like an insurmountable task.

Are you in crisis?

Momentum matters in therapy. Intensive weekend retreats can make a dramatic impact. You'll need the time to master skills for problem solving, listening (not waiting to say something yourself...) dealing with anger and frustration, and creating quality interactions. It can take time to face into your passive stance or confront self-righteous indignation. 

Mastering these new ways of interacting takes practice. The results are often deeper and more authentic change. Take time to examine where you are stuck or blocked and muster the motivation to begin to feel and act differently.

Our couple counseling retreats can jump-start your progress and accelerate the pace of your healing.

Between living in misery or divorcing, choose the third option. Find a skilled couples therapist near you for intensive help.

We were getting a divorce. We were verbally separated and she had been seeing other people and had been intimate.

Previous couples therapy was very unsuccessful.

We went with Couples Therapy Inc. for the intensive option utilizing the Gottman method and the assessment before hand. It was the assessment that saved our marriage. The counseling helped us define the plan and clear our path forward.

Our therapist was easy to talk to. Not taking sides. Compassionate. Very comfortable to work with our therapist. We uncovered a lot.

I'm a data person. Seeing the results of our assessment and her interpretation, made all the difference to both of us. Seeing how compatible we actually were and where we need to focus to move forward was very powerful for both of us.

What three benefits resulted from working with Couples therapy Inc.?

Saved my marriage, saved my marriage, saved my marriage. We are on a road to real recovery and happiness.

What do you mean by “science-based”?

It means that our work is based upon research that has been trusted for over 40 years. Most of our clinicians are cross-trained in several prominent evidence-based models. We monitor your level of stress with heart rate monitors and teach you to manage your level of strain and upset. We read 'micro-expressions' to help you to keep your cool and communicate more effectively.

I am convinced that the Gottman Institute techniques used are the best available anywhere.

- Intensive couples therapy review for dr.k

Closeness is cultivated.

Are these couples intensives private?

Yes. One couple to one therapist for each couples therapy weekend retreat. Your therapist works with just the two of you (whether you're married or not...) to heighten intimacy, improve emotional connection, and resolve conflicts.

Our carefully constructed retreat schedule has build-in breaks to allow you to digest and integrate new ideas at a comfortable pace. It's been a model copied by other therapists across the USA!

Are they religiously-based or non religious intensives?

They are science-based. While some couples in a Christian marriage prefer to see our minister, he is also science-trained but in addition can also offer a biblically-informed couples counseling experience. However, he is one of more than two dozen clinicians across the USA. Everyone else on our team offers a non-religious retreat. They are also personally tailored to help each of you grow as individuals as well as in your relationship.

Science-based + convenience locations

Do you hold marriage intensive retreats near me?

We hold both online and in-person retreats in 34 locations across the USA including Hawaii, Puerto Rico and Alaska, as well as in Canada and Australia. The USA is a diverse nation, and we represent that diversity in our highly trained clinical team. Our clients often fly in from across the USA, Canada or the Caribbean. International clients in Asia choose intensives in Australia and European clients come to Ireland.

This past year we've learned the bonding power of professional connection, even using Zoom! We've become an even tighter collective team of experts with a remarkable reputation as thought leaders and trainers in the field of couples therapy. We have many sub-specialties including neurodiverse couples, international couples, blended families, depression in marriages and many more.

What is your success rate?

We work with some of the most distressed couples seen in clinical practice today. They often come on the brink of divorce and require intensive care and advanced clinical skills. 

Research has demonstrated that a science-based approach is 70-92% effective in helping all couples. We invite our couples to write reviews of their experiences with Couples Therapy Inc. Please read these actual reviews (more than 250 of them) from couples who have attended our retreats. 

A remarkable 98% of these reviewers say they were helped by our intensives. But of course, success depends upon many factors, not the least of which is the couple's desire to work on their relationship.

250+ client reviews with 98% positive responses to these marriage retreats.

Our relationship was near the end with a lack of trust and misdiagnosis of intentions, wants, and needs.

Previous couples therapy was slightly successful, but at one visit/week it had limited effectiveness. It was emotionally-focused therapy.

We were nearing our end, and we needed to go all in for our last attempt. We were hesitant about hearing the truths, receiving the unadulterated diagnosis, and concerned that things would not change regardless of the therapy.

Our therapist's approach to us, her ability to speak openly and honestly about our issues, and her knowledge of the Gottman Method opened up my Wife so that healing could occur and it drastically altered (for the good) her misinterpretation of me, my actions, intentions, and persona. We liked her openness, honesty, emotion, and knowledge of our situation and Gottman. [We have] Increased trust, greater openness, and communication through a feeling of safety.

Our therapist was amazing to work with through the intense therapy. Although it wasn’t easy for me or my wife, we both came out of it with an in-depth understanding of each other, our relationship, and past family and personal hurts. She help us start the healing process and we are much closer now than we ever were.

Thank you, Couples Therapy Inc., for bringing us back together.

What would you say to couples that are considering working with Couples Therapy Inc.?

Absolutely do it. The benefits/potential benefits far outweigh the investment.

We hire mature, experienced couples therapy experts. All do retreats.

How do you get results like these?

The power of 500+ years of collective clinical talent. Our international team meets monthly to offer training and support. We offer senior (30+ years of experience) and highly-trained clinicians who specialize in helping couples. And an extensive assessment is completed by each and every couple ahead of time that provides thousands of data-points we process before we even meet you. 

We call it: The BIG BIG Book. 

A thorough analysis of your relationship prior to attending. We call it the BIG BIG Book. And a deep analysis of you and this relationship you're living in.

Is follow-up help available?

True comprehensive care starts before you arrive and continues long after you leave. Our follow-up care is tailored to your needs. These follow-up visits insure that you maintain positive changes and rising daily stresses and misunderstandings don't damage the new foundation you've built during your retreat.

Work weekly online, take an educational workshop, pick up assigned readings or return for a "mini-retreat." Your couples therapist will suggest an appropriate aftercare plan so that you get the support you need to maintain your progress.

Already working with a local therapist? We’ll be happy to collaborate with them about what remaining work is left to be done, if any.

Travel and Hotel

While you will be responsible for your travel arrangements, hotel accommodations, car rental and meals, we provide a carefully curated list of recommended places to stay and dine. You'll discover unique, one of a kind boutique hotels and excellent restaurants only the locals know about.

Want to make it a vacation as well? We recommend booking entertainment or recreational activities after your intensive i.e., trout fishing, golf or spa treatments. You'll be glad to have more relaxing fun again following your intensive.

I loved Dr. K’s expertise in Sex Therapy and Gottman. She was awesome! She definitely converted me to Gottman, and she tailored our time together to my needs.

I would definitely recommend Dr. Kathy McMahon and Couples Therapy Inc. I am convinced that the Gottman Institute techniques used are the best available anywhere.

My wife and I have a language now, such as "flooded" and "perpetual problems," which describes what we are experiencing We have a roadmap to deal with our perpetual problems. We experienced a deep connection during our weekend intensive visit.

What would you say to couples that are considering working with Couples Therapy Inc.?

It is definitely worth your marriage to take a weekend to learn the tools available from Couples Therapy Inc, and to get personal attention tailored to your situation.

What you get 

  1.  A no-cost 15-30 minute phone consultation to learn if this intensive therapy is right for you. 
  2. A Welcome Package and online course
  3. Your own copy of The BIG BIG Book. Not a single 20 questionnaire, but a thorough 800-100 question online structured assessment detailing every important aspect of your life. This saves you time and money.
  4. Your therapist sits down and studies your every word, most often spending two or more hours on the task. They also take careful notes. There are a combined 2000 questions they have to score and digest in order to understand each of you thoroughly!
  5. 2.5 days of private, singular focused therapy on you, as an individual, and as a couple. You have thoroughly prepared to see us, and we have diligently done likewise. Now spend 2 evening hours sharing "the Story of Us," your early relationship history. For most couples, remembering their early days of love evokes a new softening and appreciation for each other. This carries into the next two-7 hour days we spend with you. This is the equivalent of 6 months of conventional couples therapy. 
  6. An evaluation after you arrive home, outlining your experience. Take-home materials provided.
  7. Aftercare plan including additional types of follow-up. We'll assist you in finding a therapist in your area for continuing work, or update your current therapist about work that remains to be done.

Call us at 844-926-8753 (844-COUPLES) or Request a Complimentary 15-30 Minute Phone Consult

Couples Therapy Inc committed to working only with those can benefit.

Please note:

These retreats are not a magic formula. If one of you has little motivation to work on your marriage in a sincere way or is seriously considering divorce, please consider a  discernment counseling retreat   instead of our couples THERAPY retreat.

Your willingness and interest in improving your marriage is essential for this work to succeed. It takes both of you to be open and willing to change.