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Marriage Counseling Retreats are a smart choice.

Run by seasoned couples therapy specialists.

Why intensive marriage counseling retreats?

Traditional weekly couples therapy sessions are sometimes inadequate to meet the needs of a married couple in crisis. With meetings spread out over weeks or months in 50-minute sessions, it's hard to feel like progress is being made at all. 

In contrast, our marriage counseling retreats provide retreat participants one evening, and seven and a half hour-2 day intensive and a more focused, in-depth approach. They are run by licensed professionals with demonstrated expertise in science-based couples therapy. Many argue this format is the best retreats for infidelity recovery.

Troubled marriages need a total approach.

This is marriage counseling. A science-based approach is 70-90% effective in relieving a couple's distress. 

Advanced licensed relationship experts

Our experienced clinicians, many with over 30 years helping couples, train other psychotherapists how to practice marriage counseling. You'll be in remarkably good hands. 

Do you hold intensive couples therapy near me?

We hold both couples sex retreats and intensive marriage retreats in 34 locations across the USA including Hawaii, Puerto Rico and Alaska, as well as in Canada London, and Germany. 

Faster progress. Total focus on each other.

Couples weekend retreat therapy is especially helpful for busy couples who are unable to attend each week. 

Many couples feel overwhelmed and stuck by their problems' repetitive and escalating nature. You may make more progress with weekend couples therapy. Being away, in an exciting urban location or surrounded by nature, you'll have the time to resolve entrenched problematic dynamics. As you relax, it is easier to learn new ways of relating to each other. 

An intensive couples therapy retreat or premarital counseling is designed for couples in all types of relationships. They are private therapy sessions, not a small group retreat. 

Heal quickly by moving at a slower pace.

  • Watch as you ease into a slower pace, away from the pressures of chronic phone calls and emails.
  • Remember why you fell in love in the first place and what works in your marriage.
  • You’ll absorb information better when you take more time, allowing things to wash over you and revisit your own priorities over and over again.
Intensive Marriage Counseling Retreats - Couples Therapy Inc.

Who is this designed for:

Your relationship is in chronic distress.
There is a critical betrayal or life transition that seems insurmountable
You’re existing together, but not really working toward mutual goals. You share no joint passions.

Are you in crisis?

Momentum matters in therapy. Intensive couples therapy retreats can make a dramatic impact. You'll need the time to master skills for problem-solving, listening (not waiting to say something yourself...) dealing with anger and frustration, and creating quality interactions. It can take time to face your passive stance or confront self-righteous indignation. 

Our marriage retreats can jump-start your progress and accelerate the pace of your healing.

Seeing the results of our assessment and her interpretation, made all the difference to both of us. Seeing how compatible we actually were and where we need to focus to move forward was very powerful for both of us.

Between living in misery or divorcing, choose the third option. Find a skilled couples therapist near you for intensive help.

What three benefits resulted from working with Couples Therapy Inc.?

Saved my marriage, saved my marriage, saved my marriage. 

We are on a road to real recovery and happiness.

Recent Couples Therapy Client

What do you mean by “science-based”?

It means that our counseling experience is based upon research that has been trusted for over 40 years. Most of our clinicians are cross-trained in several prominent evidence-based models including the Gottman Method and Emotionally focused therapy. We monitor your level of stress with heart rate monitors and teach you to manage your level of strain and upset. We read 'micro-expressions' to help you to keep your cool and communicate more effectively.

I am convinced that the Gottman Institute techniques used are the best available anywhere.

Recent Couples Therapy Client

Intensive Marriage Counseling Retreats - Couples Therapy Inc.

Are these couples intensives private?

Yes. One couple to one therapist for each couples therapy weekend retreat. Your therapist works with just the two of you (whether you're married or not...) to heighten intimacy, improve emotional connection, and resolve conflicts.

Weekend marriage counseling allows the couple to have a travel getaway and leave their familiar environments.

250+ client reviews with 98% positive responses to these marriage retreats.

How do you get results like these?

The power of 500+ years of collective clinical talent. Our international team meets monthly to offer training and support. We offer senior (30+ years of experience) and highly-trained clinicians who specialize in helping couples. And an extensive assessment is completed by each and every couple ahead of time that provides thousands of data-points we process before we even meet you. 

We call it: The BIG BIG Book. 

A thorough analysis of your relationship prior to attending. We call it the BIG BIG Book. And a deep analysis of you and this relationship you're living in.

Is follow-up help available?

True comprehensive care starts before you arrive and continues long after you leave. Our follow-up care is tailored to your needs.  Follow up is offered in person or online. These follow-up sessions insure that you maintain positive changes and rising daily stresses and misunderstandings don't damage the new foundation you've built during your retreat.

We also offer our free "Inbox Intensive" course offered only to those completing an intensive.

Intensive Marriage Counseling Retreats - Couples Therapy Inc.

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Couples Therapy Inc committed to working only with those can benefit.

Please note:

These weekend therapy retreats are not a magic formula. If one of you has little motivation to work on your marriage in a sincere way or is seriously considering divorce, please consider a  discernment counseling retreat instead of our marriage COUNSELING retreat.

Your willingness and interest in improving your marriage is essential for this work to succeed. It takes both of you to be open and willing to change.