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Why Work With Us

Better therapy – closer team

Do you love your private practice but want to change the way you support couples? This part-time opportunity is offered only to clinicians with a proven track record of having trained in and have experience in couples therapy. You must have your own office and already be in private practice. We augment, not compete with, your own successful practice. Join us.

Given this exceptionally challenging work, we regret that we cannot accept interns or those without a fully independent license to practice.

Currently hiring in the following metropolitan locations:

Greater Boston Area

Dallas/Fort Worth, TX

Portland, Oregon

Don’t see where you live?

What We Offer

We are a team devoted to changing the face of couples therapy. Share the passion? Join us.

Working With Us

We work intensively –16 hours over a two day, one evening timespan — with highly motivated couples ready to make high-powered relationship change. Contrast that with working clinically with 16 couples or 32 different clients at a comparable clinical fee.

We look for savvy, mature, private practice professionals who want to associate with other exceptionally skilled practitioners like themselves, while maintaining their independence.

While no two couples are alike, you’ll be working with couples who are as invested in being successful in their personal lives as they are in their careers, education, or efforts to change the world. But their problems can be intractable and they expect both experienced professionals and those with a high level of talent and skill. We regret that we cannot accept interns or those who are not licensed to practice at an independent level.

Our Intensive Clinical Fees

We work with you to help establish your clinical fees. Intensive retreat prices for a weekend range between $4000 and $7000, after your first six intensives. Your fees are related to your educational attainment, location, and certification/experience with couples

Our administrative team handles all billing and payment questions.

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What our therapists say

We have asked a few of our team to comment on what it is like working in this format and for this company. Here are their thoughts.

“Couples Therapy Inc. has transformed my career – this is not an overstatement…” “I was… Havi Kligfeld Licensed Clinical Social Worker

I strongly recommend CTI to therapists who wish to further pursue intensive couples therapy.

Michael McNulty Couples Therapist, Chicago

I thought the job posting was a scam. It was just too good to be true. But it’s not. It was my dream…

Catherine Pfuntner Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

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Who We Are

What makes us different?

Committed to a diverse team of dedicated couples therapists, Couples Therapy Inc. has a single focus: exceptional couples therapy that puts the clients and the clinicians front and center. Our goal is to set the standard, not follow the pack.

We want you to have the time and energy to think, write, present at conferences, and have resources left over for your personal life…all while making a fair living. This is challenging work, make no mistake about it, but for those who have a passion for couples work, it doesn’t get any better than this.

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our client

We select our clients carefully

Highly effective, intensive couples therapy is not for everyone.

Sometimes a couple that is looking to schedule an intensive needs to be referred for other services. If there is a history of domestic violence, ongoing drug or alcohol addiction or untreated mental illness we do not recommend scheduling an intensive until after those concerns are addressed.

Their call with our client services team is intended to ensure that our services are a good fit for your client. You are provided detailed notes of their call. A second call, speaking directly to you, allows for you to make a final assessment of fit and discuss their issues and your approach.


Feedback from our couples

We are now committed to building a marriage that is fun and amazing.

We were in a 25+ year marriage with no real communication. One partner felt ending the marriage would be best.
Our therapist was personable, funny, and impartial. We never felt like she was taking anyone’s side. After the first few moments of speaking with her, we both felt very comfortable.
She is highly intelligent and insightful. During the intensive, we learned new “truths” about each other. We began to understand how our childhood experiences played a key role in our marriage. We let ourselves finally be vulnerable. Instead of pursuing a legal separation, we are now committed to working on building our marriage into something fun and amazing.

Recent Client Reports

Life changing, earth shattering, amazing changes.

I am not kidding when I say this absolutely hands down saved our marriage. I am now looking at the world differently. I cannot believe that this had such an immediate impact on us and I am forever, forever grateful.

Recent Client Reports

The weekend intensive is miraculous.

We have rediscovered the depth of our friendship. The weekend intensive is miraculous, with enough consecutive hours of therapy to dive deeply into our marital issues–and come out the other side with a real understanding of what we felt.

Recent Client Reports