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Why can’t he make a decision?

I just want my husband to make a decision...about anything! I ask him a question like "where do you want to go for dinner?" He says "where do you want to go?" I pick a restaurant and he says "is that

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I Found the Flirty Texts…

I just found some flirty messages on my husband's phone, they are from a co-worker and this more or less confirms what I had already suspected. I am pretty sure that this is beyond flirting and that

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The Hardest Part…

Today we asked Dr. K: what's the hardest part of being a couples therapist? The hardest part of being a couples therapist is to face two people that want to divorce, but believing deeply in my heart

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Between my wife and my mother…

My wife is very critical of my family. She is especially mean to my mother--openly criticizing her to other people and behaving quite rudely when my parents come to visit. I am the first to admit that

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Better off not Talking About It?

I think that our relationship needs some serious help but my husband doesn't think that there's a problem. In fact, he says that talking about problems just makes things worse, I can't even imagine that

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This Negotiation is the Stuff of Marriage…

My husband travels a lot for work. We have 2 young kids and I work part time. It's a lot to manage on my own! I countdown the days until he comes back in part because I miss him but honestly...because

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