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Effects of Name-calling in Marriage

My husband calls me names and swears at me. I've told him I consider  him verbally abusive when he does it and have asked him to stop. It never becomes physical abuse, but it hurts my feelings and

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20 Meaningful Movies to Watch During the New Normal

In an earlier post, I discussed how Cinema therapy can help reinforce couples and individual therapy. Now a new study from Ohio State University suggests that certain films-“meaningful movies”

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I Can’t Stop Thinking About My Ex

We know that breaking up is hard to do. We also know that letting go of someone you love, even someone who you recognize is part of an unhealthy relationship, can still be challenging.Philip’s storyPhilip

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What’s wrong with being vulnerable?

My friend Shirley just told me that her 14-year-old daughter has a new thing at school called "covid support.” There’s no doubt kids are stressed by COVID, so they’re apparently going to teach

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Cultural differences in marriage; money matters

In my culture, it is customary for the oldest son to financially support his parents, have them live with me, etc. However, I live in the USA and they are in my home country.My wife says “When in Rome,

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Narcissism, can you break it down?

Today we asked Dr. K; what is the difference between narcissism and covert narcissism? Can either be helped with couples therapy? There has been a lot of discussion about narcissism and covert (or vulnerable)

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