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Online Marriage Counseling

Once upon a time, you could work an 8-hour day and return home to have dinner with the family.

In today’s world, work happens 24/7 internationally. Online relationship counseling is one short-cut.

Advanced Professionals. Leaders in the field.

Our clinicians have over 600 years of combined expertise helping couples. There are two primary science-based methods proven to be helpful to troubled marriages. Our Clinicians have training in both models. But that's not all...

Five are former Program Directors of Graduate Schools, or have taught at a graduate level. All have advanced training in a science-base approach. 

You can't "fake it" when it comes to couples therapy. You have to complete training from institutes devoted to teaching post-graduate therapists how to do couples therapy well. It requires coursework, supervision, and finally testing using videotapes to show your clinical work. It's a rigorous process to complete, but it means you're assured of getting a top expert to work with you.

And I've hand-picked this expert team of couples therapists and I stand behind them. They have training in the most advanced methods in couples therapy, and our own monthly meetings keep us all sharp.

We're online SPECIALISTS in helping troubled relationships. 

Angela Voegele is a triple-certified Gottman Method Couples Therapist, Imago certified and board-certified Sex Therapist. 

How do we do it differently?

We're a leader in online couples counseling.

I'm Dr. Kathy McMahon, the founder and President of Couples Therapy Inc. I'm a clinical psychologist, sex therapist and certified Gottman Method Couples Therapist. I also have additional training in 4 other organized approaches to helping couples. 

Dr. McMahon is President of Couples Therapy Inc. and has training in 4 models of couples therapy. She hand-picks her team of qualified couples therapists practicing online.

Over the years, I've spoken to many couples who have worked with a generalist counselor who promised to help their troubled marriages. Many left disheartened.

They told me they felt like they hadn't learned any real tools. They just rehashed the same old tired fights, but this time in front of a therapist. Many complained that the therapist "just sat there" and let them fight on, and each week just asked "What's been happening this week?" and that started another "fight of the week." They left with a silent car-ride home.

They also complained that they never got into the topic of sex, despite the fact that they suffered in this area. 

When they left treatment, the couple assumed it was their fault: their relationship was too far gone or too problematic to be helped.

Nothing could be farther from the truth.

When they come to Couples Therapy Inc., they are surprised to find therapists who spend the time doing a structured assessment. We learn more about you before we start, and you learn more about yourselves as individuals and as a couple.

When you start online marriage counseling, you'll do so with a road map.

Why online marriage counseling now?

There is no question that the strain on marriages today has never been greater. And selecting the right online counselor to help you with your marriage has never been more important. We have specialists who focus exclusively on marriages and have been working online for more than a decade.

If your job is threatened, you're feeling stir-crazy, and you just want comfort from your partner you're not getting, this is the time to get on the same team and learn to work together.

Is Online Marriage Counseling Effective?

Online marriage counseling is as effective as in-person couples therapy. However, science-based online marriage counseling is anywhere from 70% to 92% effective. Your success rate will depend on your level of motivation, and whether the training of your therapist is science-based.

View Our Team of Remarkable Online Marriage Counselors

Scheduling Intensive Online Marriage Counseling has never been easier.

You can find an appointment 20 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Marriage Counseling Online Help for Intimacy & Sexual Problems

One of you may be having a very intimate, personal problem of a sexual nature. Perhaps you can’t imagine sitting in front of another person in a clinical office.

But you need to have it resolved.

You can sit together, in a private place of your choosing, and talk to one of our skilled experts in sex therapy, using your computer…through videoconferencing. 

Intimacy problems require specialized training from clinical professionals with the highest ethical standards. Board-certified, peer supervised. Find them here.

What makes an “expert” couples counselor online?

The internet is a wild and wooly world. Online help can be conducted by anyone with an internet hook-up. Many provide a book, a few videos, and a phone call and they call that “Online help for couples.”

Other corporations have set up online “platforms” where over 1000+ therapists work in a chatroom anonymously and you pay a monthly fee for the privilege. There is no vetting. Anyone with a professional license to practice and malpractice insurance can join.

True online experts can demonstrate skill in helping couples

A shocking 80% of therapists are convinced they already know how to do couples therapy. Yet only 12% of these therapists have ever completed a single course in couples therapy!

If you are looking for the best online marriage counseling available, you have to look for highly experienced online marriage counselors.

Our certified couples therapists have worked with the Masters in their field. Many are the masters who train others. They’ve received formal training and supervision in a particular approach that they’re proud to tell you about.

For us, that means a science-based approach to helping couples. All of our clinicians have at least one formal, evidence-based certificate in couples therapy. Most have two or more credentials in a science-based approach.

We've taken intensive classes and exams to demonstrate our knowledge IN couples therapy. These happened AFTER our formal training. It's a specialty. 

We have therapists who have practiced couples therapy for over 30 years and are leaders in the field.

"My heartfelt thanks for your gifted counseling.....

Psychologist Dr. Patricia Gorman has over 30 years of experience helping couples. She is one of over two dozen experts on our team.

When you absolutely, positively need highly skilled online relationship counseling. We have 25+ clinicians, with almost 600 years of combined experience helping couples.

Spanning the Globe

Couples Therapy Inc. is a genuine international practice of relationship counselors online. Our monthly meetings span the globe happening over 11-time zones. And we speak 9 languages in addition to English.

  • 6AM in Los Angeles
  • 9AM in New York
  • Midnight in Brisbane

We know how important culture is to form a sense of self, a deep connection with others and establishing lasting intimacy at home.

  • We honor cultural variations and respect all cultures.
  • We work with international couples online from all over the globe
  • Many of our clients are busy couples from the USA who don't have time for in-person work.

Working with International Couples from around the world takes specific skills and knowledge to be of effective help.

But in reality, all marriages are “cross-cultural,” even if you’ve grown up across the street and live there still. Blending two families through marriage means understanding what true differences are and tolerating and offering new insights into that system.

We know how careful we must be to really understand an International Couple. Using online couples therapy with International Couples also takes specific skills.

Think Globally

...sometimes the nature of a cosmopolitan lifestyle provides international sensibilities. A global perspective. Traveling and interacting with people all over the world as part of your job. We get it. We've lived it.

We are particularly sensitive to couples from two diverse cultures, perhaps living in a third country. Many of us have lived in other countries or have traveled extensively.

We know the questions to ask:
"Is it a personal or cultural difference?"

  •  Are you an International Couple in need of expert help with your marriage online? 
  •  Do you travel frequently or live internationally making weekly therapy impossible? 
  •  Are you an International Teachers, ESL teacher, Foreign Service Officers or in the Diplomatic Corp, requiring frequent move?

NGO's, global executives, diplomates, and international assignees: Get the therapeutic help you deserve with online relationship counseling.

Skilled. Professional. Clinical Care. Totally Confidential.

Nine languages spoken here. All of us speak fluent English.

We do bilingual marriage counseling and offer online professional quality Zoom for best quality and highest confidentiality.

Bilingual marriage counseling near me

Marriage Counseling in Spanish

Dr. Heide Rodriguez is fluent in Spanish and English.

Beatriz Alaniz, LCSW offers couples therapy in Spanish

Dr. Eliane Herdavi conducts her couples therapy in Spanish.

Trilingual and multilingual relationship counselors online

bilingual marriage counseling near me

Jenny Fang is multilingual, speaking English, Mandarin, Taiwanese, Cantonese, and Japan

skype counselors

Angela Voegele conducts her sessions in German, English, and conversational French.

Dr. Herdavi conducts online marriage counseling in English, Portuguese and Spanish.

Bilingual Counselors in

Dr. Herdavi conducts marriage counseling online in Portuguese

Many of our relationship counselors online are internationally known for their excellence helping couples: online or in person through intensive couples retreats.

We make online relationship counseling in the USA "International"

International couples

Now, maintaining a happy marital life can be especially challenging. More so if you're moved and now live internationally. You've had to master not only how to live together but do it on the move at lightning speed. You've had to grow and change together. Be willing and open to engage in new rituals and practices. Pick up (another) language. Or extensive job travel. The strains of raising kids in Beijing, Frankfurt, or London. The annual moves to visit family from Sydney to Dublin and back home again. Vancouver to Taiwan to Los Angeles.

What is an ‘International Couple?'

An International Couple can be defined in a number of ways. Sometimes each partner is from a different country or culture.  Sometimes they are from the same country but live together in a foreign land. Or sometimes the nature of their cosmopolitan lifestyle gives them international sensibilities. A global perspective.

Many students now travel around the world to study and learn. This can strain their relationship. They must learn a new language and adjust to new customs. Sometimes their partner lacks the opportunity to keep up, and feels lonely and misses home.

  It has worked for us...It's that simple.  

This would be an option I'd highly recommend to anyone who needs couples therapy, especially as expats living outside of the USA. 

- Recent Online Client

"We have seen numerous therapists over the last three years...

and our CTI therapist by far exceeded all of our expectations..."  More

Online relationship counseling and online couples therapy for couples across the globe. It is proven effective.

Using a secure video-conferencing program well is more than plugging in technology. It is knowing how to combine couples psychotherapy, in evidence-based lengths, with online therapy, to get the best results. It's the finer skills of knowing what to do when. That’s why we’ve studied online psychotherapy AND couples therapy extensively.

skype counselors help international couples

The richness of intercultural couples

Online. With a click of a button.  

Is online marriage counseling as good as face-to-face?

Online therapy has been demonstrated to be as effective as face-to-face therapy in multiple studies. Twenty years ago, when I started to practice online counseling, it was challenging to get good reception and see people's faces clearly.

Now it has improved over 85% from those days. Of course we still get the occasional unreliable connection or lags in the reception, but by and large the online program we use, designed for medical and psychiatric professionals, provides exceptional quality.

The central benefit of working online, however, is consistent attendance. Things that cause in-office cancellations, like a sick babysitter, or a work meeting that runs over, doesn't stop you online.

And when you do attend online marriage counseling consistently, you learn the necessary skills to talk more productively, get closer, function more effectively, and use your energies in a positive and collective direction.

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indian marriage counseling near me

Sometimes International Couples are from the same country, but live together in a foreign land.