Couples Therapy Inc. is proud to unveil our newly redesigned website, reflective of our decade-long journey as innovators in the field of couples counseling. 

What began in 2013 as a dream to “change the face of couples therapy” has blossomed into a pioneering multi-ethnic, multilingual practice that has made its mark through groundbreaking approaches. From developing comprehensive assessments and advocating for longer therapy sessions, to being early adopters of online counseling and continuity of care – we have defied convention to provide unparalleled service to couples worldwide. 

As we launch this new website, we reaffirm our commitment to delivering the highest standards of care, championing inclusivity, and fortifying our vision for the future of this deeply impactful work.

The beginning 

It began with a dream I had in the Spring of 2013. In the dream, there were two towering condominium buildings on an island with a spectacular view of downtown Boston. Despite the effort required to maintain the small island, the buildings were almost fully occupied, as it was a beautiful place to live. Ships carried goods and services to the island, providing everything the residents needed for a comfortable life.

When I awoke, the concept was born. I would build an international team of couples therapists who would maintain ownership of their private practices while I offered the supply vessel to make “living” in this “building” possible. From that moment on, I never doubted that this organization would thrive and grow.

I started with one, then four clinicians, all speaking either two or more languages, or having international experience. Our small group spoke Spanish, French, Mandarin, and German in addition to English. From the start, I wanted this to be a multi-ethnic, multi-racial, and multilingual group. Two of the four, Angela Voegele and Dr. Heide Rodriguez, are still a part of Couples Therapy Inc. today.

Our central goal was to “change the face of couples therapy” in several important ways:

  1. Assessment: Despite the prevailing belief that couples wouldn’t complete an extensive assessment before establishing a therapeutic relationship, I assembled the BIG BIG Book©, which includes hundreds of questions composing 1864 data points about our clients, their relationships, and their histories.
  2. Insurance reimbursement: We recognized that health insurance companies in the USA do not, nor have they ever, reimburse for couples therapy, as it is not considered “medically necessary.” Labeling one partner as “diagnosable” when the couple is seeking therapy is contraindicated. The field now agrees with us.
  3. Length of couples therapy sessions: We advocated for longer sessions, as they are superior to the standard 50-minute hour. Intensives and 80-minute sessions are now widely practiced and recognized as an effective way to help couples.
  4. National team of specialists: We were groundbreaking in assembling a team of specialists across the country and the world when psychotherapy practices were primarily local, in-person affairs.
  5. Follow-up: We provided follow-up care, both in person and online, for clients who need continued care or relapse prevention after an intensive. We now also have an online course called the “Inbox Intensive” to solidify and reinforce the progress made.
  6. Online Practice: We were conducting online couples therapy long before it became widely accepted due to COVID-19. When the pandemic hit, our clinicians were already experienced in this delivery model and could quickly adapt their private practices.

Reaching the world

My first joint entrepreneurial effort was a business established before the age of internet marketing. However, times had changed. If this fledging business was going to have a global reach, we needed to get our message out as effectively as possible and that started with our early website.

I had learned HTML and CSS earlier in my life. I had studied site optimization, A/B testing, conversion optimization, lead generation, and value propositions from social psychologist Flint McGlaughin at MECLABS. Soon, I launched CTI’s first website.

By February of 2015, I ran my first Google Ads campaign, paying the necessary “stupidity tax” of floundering around and wasting money while learning. I decided to learn Adwords more formally with Perry Marshall and joined his marketing group training. It consisted mostly of marketing professionals and the exposure was invaluable. I knew that no one would care about our business as much as I did and wanted our message to be hands on from the beginning.

And we continued to grow. Couples from all over the world were looking for the best approach to heal their marriage and we had effective solutions.

Our first website iteration!

Connecting with clients

My partner at the time had transitioned from a sales job and eventually took over the job of intake coordinator. He later left the field of sales to become a Marriage and Family Therapist and joined our team first as an intern and later a pre-licensed MFT by the Spring of 2016. 

I am grateful for the support and encouragement my partner offered at the start of this business, and later for his hard work in helping it to grow through his many roles. His experience in sales proved valuable in shaping our early approach to client interaction, ensuring that we prioritized attentive, personalized communication with the couples who reached out to us for help. I had helped him launch our first business venture many years earlier, and he returned the favor, as I worked to bring my vision for Couples Therapy Inc. to life.

Growth and impact

As our group of therapists grew, so did our support staff. When couples reach out to us they are often at a very low point in their lives. It is important to us that each and every couple that contacts us receives prompt, personalized care. 

The growth of our support team and the increasing need for systematization brought an extraordinary individual into our lives: Jessica Hufnagle. Joining us in the Fall of 2017, Jessica’s keen mind for organizational structure and pragmatic good sense have been nothing short of transformative for our company. 

Her presence has not only enhanced our efficiency but has also brought an immeasurable amount of joy to the daily operations of the business. In January 2021, it was with great pride and gratitude that we welcomed Jessica as a co-owner. She has streamlined operations with dozens of apps, programs, and policies and procedures, enabling us to provide personalized services to our clients and clinicians.

Another valuable addition to the team was Olivia Meissner. She joined us in March 2020, just one week before the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a global pandemic and we stopped face-to-face clinical work. It was a tough decision to cancel all upcoming intensives, but it was an ethical decision I’m proud of. Despite the challenges, Olivia was able to adapt to changing times quickly, introduced our skeptical clients to Zoom, and helped us transition to completely online relationship support while we navigated a global pandemic.

Thanks to the efforts of Jessica, Olivia, Elizabeth Hovanec, and all of our dedicated client services team, every couple reaching out for help receives prompt, personalized guidance. Our approach is centered around human connection and understanding, ensuring that each couple’s unique needs are met with compassion and care. We deeply value the relationships we build with our clients and are committed to providing the highest quality couples therapy.

While we now have many competitors, few match our team’s level of expertise, rigorous assessment process, and extensive training. Yearly, we provide at least 20 hours of continuing education to our clinicians on cutting-edge approaches in couples therapy.

To ensure the highest quality of care, we require all our therapists to be independently licensed and have completed advanced training in the Gottman Method (Level 3) and Discernment Counseling. Additionally, we prefer that our couples therapists have expertise in at least one other evidence-based modality, further enhancing their ability to tailor treatments to each couple’s unique needs.

What lies ahead

As a woman-owned business, Jessica and I will continue to prioritize our principles of innovation and putting people before profits. We are committed to championing diversity, inclusivity, and a cross-cultural perspective in all aspects of our work. The responsibility we have to each of our clients and clinicians remains at the forefront of our minds as we move forward.

To all who have participated in our intensive couples therapy programs or have worked in our organization over the years, we extend our heartfelt appreciation. Your trust, dedication, and valuable contributions have been vital to our growth and success.

We are incredibly proud of the work our clinicians do every day and are grateful for the trust our clients place in them. As we move forward, we remain committed to our mission of providing the best possible care to our clients while supporting our clinicians in their professional growth. By staying true to our core values of innovation, diversity, and unparalleled client care, Couples Therapy Inc. is well-equipped to navigate the evolving needs of couples in an ever-changing world.

With a strong foundation, a talented team of therapists, and a clear vision for the future, Couples Therapy Inc. is poised to continue making a positive impact on relationships worldwide. As more couples seek out the best in relationship support, we will be there, ready to provide the expert guidance, compassion, and evidence-based approaches that have become our hallmark.