All of our therapists have science-based training in helping troubled relationships succeed. Our goal is to bring you the tools and methods you can apply to see concrete results. We are aware that not every relationship will benefit from every therapeutic approach, not even an evidence-based approach. In some cases, individual therapy or psychopharmacology is needed to treat underlying issues like depression, bipolar disorder, personality disorders, childhood trauma, or substance abuse. If your couples therapist at Couples Therapy Inc. is unable to help you, either in an intensive couples retreat or in ongoing online couples therapy, they will explain, in understandable language, why that is the case.

If you are unhappy with any aspect of your contact with Couples Therapy Inc, and have a complaint, charge, or allegation, we definitely want to know.

We pride ourselves in being devoted to caring, effective, and compassionate work.

How to Make a Complaint with Couples Therapy Inc.

Here are the steps you can take to resolve your issues more impactfully:

  • Speak directly to the individual that you are unhappy with. Be clear and concrete about what behavior you found unacceptable and why. Allow them to respond directly to your concerns and work together to find a resolution to these issues. If you know what you want them to do, tell them directly. It is best to do this by telephone or in person whenever possible. If the purpose of your visit or call is to lodge your complaint, this should be done at no cost to you. Be clear that this is your purpose when setting this session up.
  • If you were not able to reach resolution directly with the psychotherapist, contact our Operations Manager at, and put in writing your formal request for a confidential phone consultation with our President, Dr. Kathy McMahon, to share  your experiences. Dr. McMahon will work with you to resolve the matter, if possible.
  • In addition, it is also our legal and ethical obligation to tell you that you have options if you believe that any psychotherapist has acted unethically toward you, or has violated any laws in the state where you live or they practice.

How to Make a Complaint with Licensing Boards

If you believe that an ethical or legal action is necessary, we provide you with a list of professional boards in each state, for you to reach out to and file a formal complaint below. We also provide information if you are working with one of our International couples therapists.

Be aware that in the USA, your identity and the nature of these complaints, will not be kept in confidence, if you are the person initiating the complaint. You may be asked  to sign a release of information, allowing the Board to request and review your clinical records from your therapist directly. They may also interview the couples therapist. This process or others will be used by the Board to investigate and to determine if an ethical or legal violation has occurred, and if so, what actions should be taken. If the psychotherapist is found guilty of unethical or illegal behavior by the Board, sanctions, fines, or even the suspension or removal of the psychotherapist's license may occur. For legal violations, the case may be referred to the Attorney General for prosecution.

To use the list below, first, locate the profession of the couples therapist you saw on our Team page and make note of the state(s) where they are licensed and their license number(s).

If the therapist is not yet licensed, you will see their supervisor's name and license. A supervisor should be contacted directly, prior to contacting the Board, if you have worked with a couples therapist who is not yet independently licensed. They hold legal responsibility for the quality of care their supervisee's provide. 

Next, click the corresponding link below for a full list of licensing boards across the USA and contact them in writing, by telephone, or by fax.


Licensed Mental Health Counselors

Social Workers


Marriage and Family Therapists


Psychologists in British Columbia, Canada

Counsellors in Ireland

Australian Counselors

UK Therapists - UKCP

UK Therapists - BACP

We value your trust, and each of us strive to live up to the highest aspirational goals of our profession. Thank you for working with Couples Therapy Inc., and we look forward to working with you, and continuing to help you and your relationship excel whenever possible.