Our Clinical Team, 30+ in All, Offering You a Private
One-to-One Gottman Retreat

Our Master Trainers from the Gottman Institute 
A Private Gottman Retreat

One to one help from some of the most highly trained Gottman Retreat professionals in the country. All are either certified or have advanced training in the Gottman Method. Each hold a private Gottman Retreat. All are Gottman trained counselors. We are proud to have these remarkable Master Trainers holding these Gottman Couple Retreats for Couples Therapy Inc.

Dr. Scott Wolfe 

Dr. Wolfe brings maturity and confidence to his work with couples in a Gottman Retreat for couples and married partners. He conducted research on couples several decades ago, before discovering and trained with John Gottman. It was a fortuitous match. After decades of raising his family and practicing outside the US Capital (Washington, D.C.) in Maryland, he's now enjoying the comforting warmth of Las Vegas winters. He practices in Henderson, Nevada with his wife Peggy, also a psychotherapist. He also offers the Art & Science of Love workshops. "Fly Me" Therapist*
Schedule for this Gottman Marriage Retreat is limited.  Book early.

Master Trainer for the Gottman Institute

Licensed in Maryland and Nevada

Dr. Wolfe's Gottman Marriage Retreat held in Las Vegas, Nevada and Columbia Maryland

Dr. Michael McNulty 

Dr. McNulty was chosen to be in the first group of Gottman trained counselors certified and permitted to teach all levels in the Gottman certification program. He has also served as Lead Trainer and Consultant in Sri Lanka receiving five Fulbright Senior Specialists Grants to support lay counselors helping clients affected by war and disaster. Drs. John & Julie Gottman have described Dr. McNulty as:

"...that rare combination of gifted therapist and teacher who possess profound wisdom, deep compassion, and brilliant skill. He is one of the best clinicians we've had the privilege to know...He is a gift to us and hopefully will be to you, too."    Drs. John & Julie Gottman.
"Fly Me" Therapist*
Schedule for this Gottman Retreat for couples is limited. Book early.

Master Trainer for the Gottman Institute

Licensed in Illinois & Alaska

Dr. McNulty's Gottman Marriage Retreat is held in Chicago, Illinois

Lisa Lund,  CRC, MFT

In addition to holding private Gottman Retreat using Gottman Method Couples Therapy, Lisa has trained with Dr. Gottman and offers all levels in the Gottman certification program, as well as the Art and Science of Love, and is trained in Pre-Marital-Assessment (Prepare/Enrich). She is a licensed Marriage Family Therapist (MFT 33393) and a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor (CRC 9916) with over 20 years of counseling experience. She has been holding Couples Retreats using the Gottman Method for many years.

"Fly Me" Therapist*
Dates this Gottman Marriage Retreat is limited.  Book early.

Master Trainer for the Gottman Institute

Licensed in California

Lisa's Gottman Marriage Retreat held in The Bay Area of San Francisco (Marin County)

**Gottman Master Trainers offer advanced training to psychotherapists in this science-based model. They are part of an exclusive group of Master Trainers to the Gottman Institute worldwide. We are fortunate to have these early pioneers in CTI.

Certified in Gottman Method Couples Therapy Offering You a Private One-to-One Gottman Retreat

Dr. Kathy McMahon

Dr. K is the President and founder of Couples Therapy Inc. She has an active interactional style that is no-nonsense, but sweetened with humor and empathetic engagement. She cares deeply about her couples and works hard to help them, because she holds a deep belief in the value of intimate relationships. She practices both couples therapy and sex therapy.

Her schedule for an individual Intensive Gottman Retreat fills quickly. Book early.

Licensed in Massachusetts, California, Florida, and Arizona

Marriage Retreats held in Boston, Massachusetts

Dr. McMahon offers a Gottman Retreat in MA

Angela Voegele, LCSW

Angela brings a “Joie de vivre” to her couples therapy practice. She has lived and worked in Germany, France, Samoa, and mainland China, as well as at the Swiss Embassy in Washington, DC.  She runs the Art & Science of Love workshops. A mother of three, Angela lives in Germantown, Maryland with her long-term partner, Bob.  She also runs the Art & Science of Love Workshops.

Angela is a therapist in high demand for this Gottman Retreat, given her warm and engaging style. Book early.

Licensed in Maryland, DC, Virginia & Hawaii

Marriage Retreats held in Germantown, Maryland, Virginia or DC by Request

*Fly Me Therapist

Rebecca Lanier, LMFT

Rebecca is a powerhouse in helping couples thrive.

She is also a Qualified Supervisor with the state of Florida. She's worked with couples who have a history of trauma, abuse, and addiction.  Book early.

Licensed in Florida

Marriage Retreats held in Naples Florida

Tim Donovan, LCSW-C

Tim is a well-qualified fully-certified Gottman Method Couples Therapist. He works with call couples, specializing in couples impacted by addictions.

Licensed in Maryland

Marriage Retreats held in Lutherville, MD

Our Advanced Gottman Method Couples Therapists

Gottman Retreat Puerto Rico
Couples Retreat Location: 
Puerto Rico
Languages: Spanish & English
Gottman Retreat The Berkshires
Couples Retreat Location:
foothills of the Berkshires,
Western MA
Gottman Retreat Orange County
Couples Retreat is held in Costa Mesa, CA
(Orange County)
Languages: English, Mandarin,
proficient in Japanese,
conversational in Taiwanese.
Gottman Retreat Houston Texas
Couples Retreat Location:
Houston, TX
Gottman Retreat Atlanta, DC
Couples Retreat Location:
Atlanta, GA; Washington DC
Couples Retreat Location: 
Overland Park, Kansas

Havi Kligfeld
Los Angeles, California

Beatriz Alaniz
San Antonio, Texas

Jennifer Taylor
Blaine, Washington

Debbie Woodall-Carroll
Cincinnati, Ohio

Christian Lamb
Florida, Arizona

Dr. Alexis Johnson-Nelson
Atlanta, Georgia

 We have marriage counselors chosen for their skill and dedication to working with couples. 

*"Fly Me" Therapists can be flown to the location of your choice. Additional fees apply.  Talk to us for more information.

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