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My mission is to help my clients reach their full potential for growth and happiness. My role is to help guide my clients to navigate through life changes, free themselves from unwanted feelings, and build on their innate potential to become balanced, satisfied, and happy. I always try to keep on the leading edge of treatment advances so that my clients get the best care available. I truly enjoy being a therapist. My couples share their most intimate thoughts and feelings with me. I witness their journey from being distressed and anxious, to finding inner peace and a better connection with each other. That is a deeply rewarding experience.

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Maryland: # 16394
Washington DC: # LC50080231
Virginia: # LCSW-0904010288
Hawaii: # LCSW-3971
New Jersey: # LCSW-44SC05802700
Pennsylvania: # LCSW-CW02050
California: # 99011

Where I Practice

Clinical office: Bethesda, Maryland, McLean/Tysons Corner in Virginia, or Charlottesville, Virginia.

Online intensives and follow up sessions: MD, DC, VA, HI, NJ, PA, CA



BSW in Social Work – College of Social Work

MSW in Social Work – University of Maryland

You’ll be in remarkably good hands with our advanced licensed relationship experts.

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Client Reviews

Feedback from my couples

We were able to break out of inertia and build momentum with this approach and therapist.

Angela Voegele read us like a book! She is very incisive – able to pinpoint the core issues and convey them to us in relatable language. Her skillful approach instilled hope from our first day of meeting. She provided resources, sound education, and evidence-based explanations which corrected longstanding misperceptions and expanded our awareness of possibilities for deeper connection and intimacy.

Angela was wonderful! We found the weekend intensive offered by CTI allowed us to solely focus on the relationship and target issues/skill-building without distraction and in an efficient way. We were able to break out of inertia and build momentum with this approach and therapist.

Recent Client Reports

It’s hard to talk about intimacy but she was so open.

We had good communication/core relationship but devoid of intimacy.

Angela is a licensed sex therapist and this is where we knew our issues were. And she was wonderful.  Very laid back, honest and easy to talk to.  She had many tools in her “toolbox” for us to use going forward in our lives. It’s hard to talk about intimacy but she was so open (Europeans don’t have issues with intimacy) she made it very easy to talk about and explore.

We became closer immediately and we knew what we had to work on to keep our relationship healthy.  “Maintenance” lists were given and many resources that do/will help down the road. Angela was excellent – hope I don’t need to return but have no qualms if we have to “check-in” with her. 

I would say try it!  If you are going through a crisis albeit acute/chronic it won’t hurt anything, just help – if help is what you want!

Recent Client Reports

Angela was tough and no-nonsense.

I like that Angela Voegele was tough and no-nonsense. She wasn’t shy to call out our bad behavior with each other and was patient with helping us learn how to “turn toward.”

Recent Client Reports

After studying our BIG BIG Books © she knew exactly who we were

Angela Voegele made me feel very comfortable and safe in sharing my concerns. After studying our Big Big Books ©, she seemed to know who exactly who we were and how are personalities clashes.

Recent Client Reports