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A message from Havi

I concentrate on two main areas: systems-thinking and strength-based practice. I am trained to view individuals and couples within the larger family dynamics and systems from which they emerge and in which they operate. Viewing people through a strength-based lens does not mean that challenges are not addressed. There is no way to have a positive outcome in therapy without addressing challenging thoughts, behaviors, and relational dynamics. However, my role is to see you and seek out the best in you and in your relationship, and harness those strengths to help you grow in your love for, and understanding of, one another.

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California: # 27171

Pennsylvania: # CW020463

New York: # 071205

Connecticut: # 10617

North Carolina: #  C012438

Where I Practice

Clinical office: Los Angeles, California and Ellington, Connecticut

Online intensives and follow up sessions: CA, PA, NY, CT and NC



B.A. Magna Cum Laude – Brandeis University

M.S. in social work – Columbia University School of Social Work

4 years post-graduate education in family therapy – Ackerman Institute For the Family

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Client Reviews

Feedback from my couples

I can’t express how impressed my wife and I are with Havi, she’s really amazing!

Havi Klifeld was amazing! I felt very comfortable with her from the start – like I’ve known her my entire life or like she could be a best friend. She was very warm and inviting and really took the time to listen to my partner and me. She offered advice and shared stories when it was appropriate but she kept the conversation focused on us.

Havi is very professional and she knows her material well. Other therapists my wife and I visited tried to teach us material from Gottman, but it wasn’t presented well and it was lost on us. Havi is an excellent teacher and my wife and I instantly understood what she was talking about and how we could apply it to our marriage and our everyday lives.

Recent Client Reports

Don’t hesitate! It may be the single most important thing you can do for your relationship.

Havi was kind, supportive, fair and a great listener. She heard things that each of us didn’t and was able to effectively communicate and intuit each side.

Recent Client Reports

She always directed us towards doing deep work with compassion.

Havi Kligfeld is an incredibly talented and thoughtful therapist. She helped my wife and I find insights into ourselves and into our marriage that have renewed our commitment to one another. I have seen several therapists over the years–both in an individual and a couples setting–and at no time have I experienced the same sort of breakthrough event that my wife and I did with Havi.

Recent Client Reports