Offering couples therapy intensives in Glenview, Illinois

Practice Values

My role as a couples therapist is to help couples get through the difficult times while nurturing their bond and healing the pain. I specialize in couples counseling and also work with individuals who experience distress and challenges in their intimate relationships.

My goal is to support and guide you in building a partnership that provides you with safety, stability and happiness.

Couples who visit my office bring a diversity of relational challenges and strengths. They are clear about feeling dissatisfied with the way they go through life together and openly express desire to explore, understand, adjust and rediscover their relationship.

Some of the goals couples work on focus on:

  • healing the pain of past betrayals to repair trust and commitment,
  • establishing emotional safety to deepen closeness and physical intimacy,
  • balancing power and responsibilities to feel appreciated,
  • asking for wants and needs to feel cared for,
  • giving each other support to manage stress better,
  • coping with mental health to feel more in control, and
  • most importantly building a relationship that makes them feel good as individuals and as partners.

I deeply admire the strength and determination it takes couples to face existing problems in their relationship and feel honored to be let into their intimate world to help them build the partnership they have been longing for. In couples therapy, I think it’s a necessary trait to be able to connect with clients and explore their worlds and aspirations.

If you are healing from infidelity, navigating life with a history of trauma or mental health conditions, or wanting to rediscover your physical intimacy, I welcome you to my office.

Work Summary

I worked in different settings with people struggling with a variety of mental health and relationship issues.

I have a background working with some of the toughest problems facing the human soul: in a long term inpatient psychiatric hospital/residential facility where patients had chronic mental health conditions and criminal backgrounds including sex offenders. I’ve also worked in a residential treatment facility for substance abuse, dual diagnoses and anxiety.

I’ve also done groups for couples going through substance abuse recovery.

Personally Speaking

Throughout my career, I have been blessed to work with extraordinary people who filled my heart with empathy, respect and admiration.

I have always been surrounded by strong and independent women. They showed me the power of resilience, hope and determination. I come from a family of teachers and professors who strongly contributed to my inquisitiveness and love for learning. I love to learn and will continue to add certifications and trainings. Learning inspires and energizes me.


My office is located in a small but very active downtown of Glenview, north side of Chicago, walking distance from a variety of restaurants and shops. Glenview is also surrounded by other beautiful towns such as Northbrook, Glen, Highland Park, Lake Forest, Evanston, Wilmette all within a 10-20 minute drive. Chicago Botanic Garden and sandy beaches of Lake Michigan are beautiful sites to visit during your retreat as well.

I invite you to join me in Glenview, Illinois to participate in your private couples therapy retreat.