Introducing Jillyn Kaufman

Jillyn is a clinical supervisor and social worker with specialized training in trauma, mindfulness, deafness and hard of hearing, older adults and adolescents, and has advanced Gottman Method training.

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"Jillyn was wonderful to work with. We both felt like she really listen to us and validated both of our perspectives. She was very skilled in translating for one another, getting to the root issue of our problems, and reinforcing our unique values and how that affects conflict in our marriage.

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How would you describe your relationship before you contacted Couples Therapy Inc.? What were the core issues you wanted to improve?           

We were not getting along very well, I was considering divorce, we were in crisis in terms of our relationship but hoping to be able to work it out and stay together.         

We worked with two different therapists in the past and both times it was very helpful for us.

What made you choose Couples Therapy Inc.?       

We wanted to get a lot of help in a short amount of time, so the intensive maid sense to us. Also, we had done Gottman therapy in the past and that really worked well for us, and my individual therapist also recommended EFT.

What hesitation did you have about starting couples therapy with us?   

I would’ve like to be able to start it sooner, I was worried we would be had a breaking point by the time we got to therapy.

What changes in your relationship resulted from your work with Couples Therapy Inc.?           

We feel much closer now, and hopeful again about our marriage. I feel more committed and I’m no longer considering divorce.

The step-by-step conversations with Jillyn Kaufman navigating an argument in the aftermath of an argument were very helpful. It was really helpful for Jillyn to jump in and tell us when we were going off track or criticizing, making assumptions, etc.

What three benefits resulted from working with Couples Therapy Inc.?  

Increased closeness, better understanding of each other’s perspective, tools to help with maintaining the positive aspects of our relationship

What would you say to couples that are considering working with Couples Therapy Inc.?         

The intensive is a really great way to jumpstart therapy, especially for couples in crisis."

Evidence-based Models

Advanced Training in the Gottman Method

Gottman Leader Training --7 Principles for Making Marriage Work  - Gottman Institute

Bringing Baby Home Educator - Gottman Institute               



M.S.W., Illinois State University, Normal, IL, Social Work,  2009.

B.S., Illinois State University, Normal, IL, Psychology,  2007.


Social Worker

State of Iowa: #007861
State of Illinois: 149.014677

Additional Certifications & Trainings

  • Certified Clinical Trauma Professional
  • Mindfulness Certificate
  • AANE - 101 & 201 Neurodiverse Couples in Couples Therapy

Work Summary

I've been a social worker with a broad range of experience in a variety of settings. I've counseled adolescents, adults, elders, couples and families. I've always used evidence-based therapeutic approaches combined with my own emphasis on engaging clients to be their most authentic, healthy, and goal-achieving selves. I want you to live into your values and I offer a safe space for you to be vulnerable, open, and know your innate worthiness.

Personally Speaking

I grew up for many years with a single Mom and my siblings, moving a lot. I attended 3 elementary schools and 2 middle schools as a kid before my Mom married my step-father.  In our blended home, I ended up being the oldest of 7 children, with a combination of blood, half-siblings, and step-siblings. It was a very busy four-bedroom household. 

Despite living in a very busy household, for two weeks each year, I became an "only child" spending a week alone with both my paternal and maternal grandparents.  My grandmother ran an ice cream shop in my early years. It was a great business as far as a grandchild was concerned!

My mom and grandparents were a huge influence on me growing up. I spent many of my teenage years working in a nursing home, and partly that was because of my love for my grandparents. It was devastating to lose my grandfather when I was pregnant with my second child.

I know what it's like to live in small, rural communities.  I grew up in pretty small towns.  My high school graduating class was 91 people.  And I also know what it's like to live in big, busy cities.  I lived in Chicago and the suburbs for several years after graduating college.  

My family is important to me, and that's what ultimately brought me back to my roots, in small-town Iowa. 

Clinical Office

My office is a private office within a shared office space. 

The vision of this unique, women-owned business is to develop a beautiful workspace in downtown Davenport, Iowa.

Our goal is to fill this space with a vibrant community of talented creatives, communicators, entrepreneurs, freelancers, writers, developers, photographers, consultants, and artists.

It’s a space for individuals to work with precision and passion, while colliding with other creators, self-starters, and leaders in a community that breeds satisfaction and success.

I work with other therapists that specialize in art therapy and play therapy; you may notice some toys, puppets, and several art supplies!

Community Leadership

Board of Directors Member, Child Health Specialty Clinics (September 2021 – Present)

Board of Directors Member, Iowa Board of Social Work (February 2020 – Present)

Board of Directors Member, Iowa Commission on Deaf Services (November 2019 – Present)

Board of Directors Co-President, Hands & Voices, Iowa (September 2019 – Present)

Board of Directors Secretary, Aegis Credit Union, Clinton, IA (April 2013 – April 2017)

Residential Assistant, Illinois State University Dorm, Normal, IL (January 2006 – May 2006)

Alpha Phi Omega, Volunteer Service Fraternity Member

Junior League, Member  

Supervisor, Student practicums and licensure


I have a husband, four children, and two fur children (Bosco & Dorito), shown below.  My husband, Adam, taught me how powerful a calm, accepting, and loving heart is to calm the jitters of a chaotic childhood. I met him in my mid-twenties in Chicago, and we've been married for 10 years now. We are both very family-oriented and knew we wanted a large family. However, making that family happen didn't come easily.

I lived through many miscarriages and my oldest was born deaf. It was, however, through these moments of intense challenges that my marriage to Adam got stronger. We show ourselves to each other in moments of grief and hardship.

I try to be fully present when my family and I are together.  It’s the small moments, and seemingly insignificant moments, that (almost) always make the biggest impact. 




I enjoy reading, playing board games, and organizing. I've joined a book club from my former alma mater. While I spend most of my time reading in my field, I like a good book of fiction as well. But, as you can imagine, with an active professional and personal life, making time for games and hobbies is a challenge!

I look forward to welcoming you to my office in Davenport, Iowa!