Neuroscientists have called this phenomenon mirror-touch synesthesia, where mirror neurons are activated when one animal sees another animal engage in a particular behavior. During moments of deep empathy between a couple, mirror neuron activity can be particularly acute.

Is Forgiving After an Affair Also Related to Intuition?

Every hurt partner who has a straying but a staying partner is challenged by the same question… am I a fool for forgiving and reconciling?

And surprising new research tells us of the power of intuition.

I have been consistently impressed by the many narratives I have heard from hurt partners who have uncovered their unfaithful spouses” infidelity with nothing more than a hunch. I strongly suspect that other couples therapists have also had similar experiences with their clients as well.

The notions of empathy and intuition are somehow two sides of the same coin. Intuition is looking inside oneself to discover knowledge or understanding, which is grounded in felt experience and subconscious awareness.

On the other hand, empathy is the ability to access and resonate with an emotional state outside of ourselves.

New research tells us that intuition is a profoundly useful way to know if a partner has been unfaithful. Researchers learned that we are fairly good at telling if our spouse has cheated just from observing a small amount of their behavior in an otherwise neutral situation.

In this study, even a stranger was able to spot a relationship cheat just by watching an unknown couple interacting for a few minutes.