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Couples TherapistsVirginia

About Our Experts

You’ll find only highly qualified therapists here

All of our therapists have advanced training from some of the top institutes in the country. Half are doctors, and all have a wide range of experience with all types of couples.

Get matched with the right therapist

Are you considering attending a couples counseling retreat or trying online couples therapy in Virginia? Are you unsure about which therapist is the best fit for your relationship problems? Our Client Services team is here to listen, give support, and guide you throughout the process. They personally know each of our therapists and can suggest an expert that’s best for you.

  • We were trying to deal with the aftermath of infidelity.

    I left the retreat with a much better understanding of what happened and with greater hope of getting through this stronger than before. An intensive private therapy session allows a level of exploration and reflection difficult to achieve with conventional therapy appointments.

    Recent client reports
  • I had no hope before.

    It’s only been a week but our relationship has definitely improved. We have better communication and are understanding each other better. The stress level between us has also decreased. I had no hope before. Now I know we’ve got a chance to mend our relationship.

    Recent client reports
  • Work on a lot of issues and learn skills quicker.

    The idea that we could work on a lot of issues and learn skills quicker made us choose CTI. The weekend intensive helped us understand each other better. We have a new and deeper commitment to our relationship.

    Recent client reports
  • We feel closer than ever now.

    I never thought we would ever get back to what we had, but we feel closer than ever now. We left the weekend having forgiven each other and reconnecting. We felt like we did towards each other when we first met.

    Recent client reports
  • The weekend intensive is miraculous.

    We have rediscovered the depth of our friendship. The weekend intensive is miraculous, with enough consecutive hours of therapy to dive deeply into our marital issues–and come out the other side with a real understanding of what we felt.

    Recent client reports

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  • We were trying to reconcile after a long affair.

    The weekend retreat allowed us space to be vulnerable with each other. We are more patient with each other. We talk more about how we are feeling. We listen to what the other has to say. We understand our pasts better to help us move into our future.

    Recent client reports
  • Marathon Couples Therapy

    It was a difficult, intense experience but necessary. I think the format (marathon couples therapy) is great for busy people who are feeling stuck. It’s efficient. You’ll learn a lot in a short period of time.

    Recent client reports
  • I had filed for divorce.

    Our core issues were outbursts of anger, different beliefs in parenting style, and a profound inability to communicate effectively. We now know what triggers to avoid and are making changes.

    Recent client reports
  • I wanted to stop feeling angry so much of the time.

    Since the intensive, I don’t feel so angry with my husband. He is doing so much more and is kinder to me. We have experienced improved fondness and general kindness throughout the day, [we have] recommitment to working together, and we address difficult issues more gently.

    Recent client reports
  • Good core relationship but devoid of intimacy.

    We became closer immediately and we knew what we had to work on to keep our relationship healthy. “Maintenance” lists were given and many resources that do/will help down the road.

    Recent client reports

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Science & Evidence Based

Our 2.5-day intensive therapy retreats work.

Our retreat includes the tools you’ll need to heal broken bonds, resolve issues and become closer. Condensed work allows you to go deeper and heal faster than weekly sessions.

Our Results

How do you get so many of these positive results?

We offer senior (30+ years of experience) and highly trained clinicians who specialize in helping couples. We have specialized in offering intensives for more than a decade. Each and every couple completes this extensive assessment before therapy begins. Your therapist receives thousands of data points they then study before we even meet you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are our most frequent inquiries about our couples therapy retreats.

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Please note:

These weekend therapy retreats are not a magic formula. If one of you has little motivation to work on your marriage sincerely or is seriously considering divorce, please consider a discernment counseling retreat instead of a couples THERAPY retreat.

Your willingness and interest in improving your marriage are essential for this work’s success. You both need to be willing to look at your individual contribution to the state of your marriage instead of focusing the blame on your spouse.

Couples therapy (including John Gottman’s methods and Emotionally-focused couples therapy) does not work with the following: Domestic violence, suicide prevention, personality disorders, or drug and alcohol abuse that requires inpatient care.

Seek professional individual mental health services. Finding a professional who has specific training is your best option.