Offering couples therapy intensives in a hotel of your choice* in Rockville, Maryland, McLean/Tysons Corner in Virginia, or Charlottesville, Virginia

*Couples are required to book a one bedroom suite for the duration of the intensive.

Practice Values

I bring an international perspective to my practice, having lived and worked in many regions of the world, including the U.S., Germany, France, Samoa, and mainland China.

My mission is to help my clients reach their full potential for growth and happiness. My role is a guide as my clients navigate through life changes, free themselves from unwanted feelings and build on their innate potential to become balanced, satisfied, and happy. I always try to keep on the leading edge of treatment advances so that my clients get the best care available.

I truly enjoy being a therapist. My couples share their most intimate thoughts and feelings with me. I witness their journey from being distressed and anxious, to finding inner peace and a better connection with each other. That is a deeply rewarding experience.

Work Summary

I have worked as a Therapist at Vesta Mental Health Outpatient Health Clinics, and at Contemporary Family Services in Germantown, MD. I’ve also conducted mediation at the Conflict Resolution Center of Montgomery County and was a Divorce Mediator at the Frederick County Community Mediation Center in Maryland.

I have particular expertise in helping couples and individuals to navigate complex life transitions often associated with an international lifestyle, to address sexual health issues, and to process traumatic life experiences.

As a board-certified sex therapist, I work comfortably with heterosexual and same sex couples, as well as couples who prefer an alternative lifestyle such as polyamory or want to explore less traditional sexual standards.

Personally Speaking

Being a psychotherapist is my second career. Among my exciting and varied jobs, I served as assistant to the Swiss Police Attaché at the Embassy of Switzerland in Washington DC, and as principal of an international Montessori school in Beijing, China.

I have fond memories of this time of my life.

My work connected me with people from around the world. We all lived an expat lifestyle. I felt passionate about helping children reach their full academic potential and conducting parent education classes. It corresponded well with my personal life as I was raising my three kids.

When my marriage fell apart after being married for 26 years just after my youngest child had left home for college, I was thrown into an existential crisis.

It was then that my passion for helping people create, improve, and nurture relationships were born. I returned to graduate school. In part, I wanted to understand what went wrong in my marriage. I focused on learning what makes relationships successful.

In addition to authoring academic papers, I’ve had to master many new skills such as dating, co-parenting and financial independence.

It has been a long and emotional journey.

I understand the challenges of personal growth. It took time for me to feel comfortable again, and to find joy in myself, my children, and my friends. I have a greater enjoyment of life now, including the time I spend with others, and I find laughter and appreciation in nature and the simple things of life.

Couples who come to therapy are often in crisis and are dealing with issues that are preventing them from feeling:

• “Joie de vivre” (in French)

• “Lebensfreude (in German)

• “A feeling of happiness or excitement about life” (in English).

My goal is to help you work towards achieving these feelings again.

In my free time, I enjoy outdoor activities, such as horseback riding, biking, skiing, and windsurfing, to name my most favorite ones. I’ve even rode elephants!

I have a long-time habit of practicing yoga and meditation — time to help me digest and process my daily clinical experiences.

I enjoy staying abreast of new professional developments, as well as reading a page-turning novel.

Social time with family and friends further enriches my life.

I hold my intensives in McLean and Charlottesville, VA, Bethesda, MD and Germany (in Freiburg or the Lake Constance area) in a hotel suite/Airbnb of your choice where you stay and I meet with you.

I also present the Gottman flagship workshop ‘The Art and Science of Love ‘ couples weekend workshop ( since a couples of years. It’s a great addition to but not replacement of an intensive.

I would love to work with you in either Rockville, Maryland, McLean/Tysons Corner in Virginia, or Charlottesville, Virginia.