Dr. John Gottman’s research has shown us that 69% of the challenges in romantic relationships are due to things that won’t change, and it’s important to keep this in mind! Our own Dr. K spoke with the Neurodiverse Love Podcast and Dr. Mona Kay on this very topic. Understanding ourselves and our partners better can help us learn which problems are “perpetual” and which are “solvable.”

In this episode, Dr. K shares how important it is for both partners to know when they have reached their limits socially, emotionally, or in other areas of life. She also includes some valuable strategies that you can use to manage triggers that could potentially lead to meltdowns or burnout. Neurodiverse relationships do have strengths, which Dr. K shares, along with how both partners will need to adapt and make changes to have better social and communication skills.

Factual, clear communication with each other is so helpful for partners to grow with each other and it’s important for partners to respond positively to attempts to “turn toward” each other when one wants more time together. Dr. K also shares about how relationships all have “poop in the pipes” and some of the healthy and proactive ways that you can deal with that.

Since Dr. Gottman’s research has shown that 69% of the things that bother us and cause challenges in our romantic relationships will never go away, what can you and your partner do to value each other’s strengths and move beyond those difficult issues to have a healthier relationship? You’ll learn practical tools in this podcast episode with Dr. K!

Listen to the episode here…