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A Couples Retreat Bay Area/Marin County. 

The Couples Retreat Northern California relationships have relied upon for healing and repairing bonds.

Retreat in Los Angeles or Orange County are also available.

"Lisa Lund is warm, compassionate & solid."
 --certified gottman therapist Dr. kathy McMahon

Meet a Master Couples Therapist

Working privately with each of you
 for the entire weekend.

Lisa Lund is a Master Trainer with the Gottman Institute and practices from Marin County

marriage retreats in southern california

Havi Kligfeld has advanced training in the Gottman Method. Practices in Beverly Hills / Hollywood.

Jenny offers christian couples retreat california

Jenny Fang has advanced training in the Gottman Method. Practices in Orange County.

Over Twenty-five Years Experience

Lisa is not only a certified Gottman MFT therapist, but a Master Trainer for their Institute. She blends this science-based couples work with her extensive training in Emotionally focused Couples Therapy.

Senior Certified Gottman Relationship Therapist

Master trainer and workshop leader. Personally trained by Drs. John and Julie Gottman. Lisa conducts trainings and acts as a consultant to the Gottman Institute's professional development program. 

Art & Science of Love Facilitator

You may know Lisa for her group work helping relationships in this science-based group training in the Gottman Method. She works more deeply with one couple at a time in this private Couples Retreat Northern California.

Recommended by THE Premier Couples Researchers:

Lisa (middle) with Julie Swartz Gottman & John Gottman. Premier Researchers of Couples

Here Lisa Lund explains the benefits of concentrated help

Called "Marathon Therapy" or "Extended Sessions" these retreats are used to tackle your greatest relationship challenges.

There are hundreds of options for extended session therapy across the country. Most are group psychoeducational. Some offer a beautiful location and luxury accommodations. Many offer relationships a "couples getaway" experience. And still others are faith-based or focused solely on improving your communication. Ours are different.

Private, Science-based Couples Retreat Bay Area for a Therapy Retreats

Pick Northern California, or Orange County or a Beverly Hills/Los Angeles- location if you're in relationship distress. Or want to dramatically improve how you are relating now. Our marriage counseling retreats help one couple at a time to reconnect, improve their communication and rebuild trust.  Lisa Lund has been helping Bay Area families for a quarter century.

We're the clinical group relied upon by relationships of all kinds: straight and gay couples, those in long-term relationships, newly engaged or newlywed couples. Even partners facing the crisis of divorce. 

Lisa is a master marriage counselor. She, Havi or Jenny will help you to break down barriers, and open up to the heart of important issues. We know how to help couples address long standing areas of conflict, infidelity, divorce threats, and complications such as managing early trauma histories, mental health issues, or extended family struggles that affect the partnership. She sees couples from around the country and the world.

Marriage counseling for an intensive retreat with real science-based help.

When You are in Pain, We're Here to Help.

10 Certified Gottman Method Couples Therapists at Couples Therapy Inc.
A gifted part of Northern California's therapeutic community.

Learn more about 40+ years of research helping intimate relationships. Learn more about The Gottman Method.

You won't find a More Highly Skilled Clinician in California

When weekly work is difficult to schedule, one marriage retreat equals 6 months of traditional counseling.

Lisa, Havi & Jenny offer a limited number
of marriage retreats each year.

These are one-to-one retreats. Please book early for the best availability.

When your relationship faces stress, infidelity, or the threat of divorce, don't wait. Get a jump-start and change around your relationship dynamics with a thoroughly trained expert with decades of science-based experience.

Where to Stay in Marin County?

Some clients ask us to suggest a romantic inn. If they plan to enhance their sexual intimacy, they want a romantic setting. They ask for a weekend with the flavor of a romantic getaway with a hot tub or whirlpool tubs. They want to combine a romantic weekend with the work of improving their marriage. Let us suggest:

The Lodge at Tiburon
1651 Tiburon Blvd, Tiburon, CA 94920
(800) 762-7770

A great option is the Lodge at Tiburon. This is the ultimate in a romantic lodge. It's an ideal pick for clients looking for a space, and the feel of home... and a balcony with a view of Belvedere Hills. Relax and enjoy your stay with their heated pool and whirlpool spa. The Lodge at Tiburon is set on 3 beautiful acres in Marin County and combines rustic charm, upscale comforts and stately accommodations.

The Lodge at Tiburon is your place for relaxation and comfort in the Bay Area. A perfect place to retire to after a day of intensive marriage counseling.

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