A marriage counseling assessment is a comprehensive and organized way for a couples therapist to understand more about you and your marriage. At Couples Therapy Inc., we believe that a thorough assessment is essential to effective couples therapy, as it allows the therapist to uncover fundamental issues and target the therapy accordingly.

Why do a marriage counseling assessment?

  1. It provides an objective understanding of the state of your relationship before starting therapy.
  2. It helps the therapist avoid “shooting in the dark” and instead focus on the most critical issues.
  3. It assesses not only how the couple functions but also how each individual is doing.

What is included in the “State of the Union” assessment?

  1. A 2-hour interview with both partners, including the Gottman Oral History Interview and a Pearson Problem Interview.
  2. A video analysis of your fighting dynamics.
  3. The BIG BIG Book: A detailed online questionnaire completed by each partner, which is scored and analyzed.
  4. Two individual interviews with each partner to discuss perspectives, hopes, and wishes.
  5. A feedback and planning session to provide a detailed understanding of your strengths, vulnerabilities, and attachment styles.

Timing of the assessment: Completing the assessment early in the process allows couples to receive the benefit of an informed therapeutic perspective. It is also essential to have a comprehensive overview of the relationship’s current state before starting Discernment Counseling, which is limited to a maximum of 5 sessions.

The cost of the assessment is built into a marriage intensive weekend.