We're a skilled group of couples therapists dedicated to helping couples from around the world find easy-to-access ways to heal their relationship.

-  We promise that our clinicians will be knowledgeable about science-based findings on helping couples.

-  We promise an "easy-to-assess" therapeutic approach. We work in couples retreats and online couples therapy. 

-  We promise not to do a single hour of "therapy" without doing a thorough Assessment ("State of the Union") first.  We believe you deserve that level of care before we impact the heart of your family.

-  We promise that our services will be more effective than "All Purpose  45-minute" approaches to helping couples.  

-  We promise to be the last person in the room giving up on you, or your relationship.  "Marriage Friendly" means we believe in intimate relationships, and will help you maintain connections.*

-  We promise to make available sessions designed to maintain your treatment gains, called "Relapse Prevention."

* Some situations and conditions are not appropriate for couples therapy.  Ongoing violence, untreated mental illness, and chronic drug or alcohol abuse are examples.