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Hi there!

I’m Jessica Hufnagle, and I’m thrilled to share a bit about my journey with Couples Therapy Inc.

I joined Couples Therapy Inc. after leaving behind a successful 15-year career in higher education administration. I sought a new challenge—a chance to align myself with a mission-driven company poised for growth and impact.

Personally and professionally, I thrive on discovering growth opportunities, and my tenure with Couples Therapy Inc. has been no exception. As the company expanded its reach to serve more couples seeking relationship transformation, my role evolved alongside it. Today, I proudly serve as Director and co-owner alongside our esteemed President and founder, Dr. Kathy McMahon.

Together, Dr. K and I have curated a team of exceptional couples therapists from around the globe. Leveraging our collective expertise, we match these therapists with couples seeking weekend intensive retreats designed to inspire profound relationship growth.

My academic journey laid the foundation for my current endeavors. I earned a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and subsequently pursued an MBA with a concentration in organizational behavior from Suffolk University. Fuelled by a fascination with motivational theory and human potential, I trained as a certified life coach. This approach to behavior change afforded me the opportunity to make meaningful impacts and support individuals in realizing their aspirations.

Studying Gottman Couples therapy has been an enlightening experience. I have completed both Gottman level 1 and 2 training; as a non-therapist the work that I do is not directly with couples, however a culture of evidence-based couple support informs our approach to business. It was critical to me that I gain an academic understanding of the practice.

I firmly believe that every interaction is an opportunity for transformation and impact. I feel incredibly honored to be an integral part of the company’s mission to strengthen and enrich relationships worldwide.