‘Love is blind’ but you don’t have to be…

Now with premarital counseling online you don’t need a crystal ball to predict your future marital happiness. You can learn about your strengths and weaknesses as a couple before your vows. Complete an extensive relationship assessment and online counseling sessions to improve your communication.

All couples have challenges, but how you manage them really matters.

The best time to help yourselves after marriage is to work on your relationship during courtship. Our mental health professionals can help.

Our help is science-based.

We have over 40 years of research giving us confidence in our personally tailored answers.

Why online premarital relationship therapy?

Couples attending premarital counseling, in person or in online therapy, reported higher levels of marital satisfaction and experience a 30% decline in the likelihood of divorce over a five-year period. Pre-marriage counseling services are varied.

If you’ve done the free or simple programs that teach you general tools to make your marriage last, take one extra step before your wedding day:

Consider a pre-marital assessment and intensive weekend.

What is a premarital counseling assessment?

Prepare-Enrich is a tool also frequently used in premarital therapy. Our premarital counseling assessment asks you each over 800 targeted questions that help you hone in on the exact trouble spots that will revisit you once you are a married couple.

What’s more, you’ll be given a precise blueprint for exactly how to work on each of them, session by session. You can decide to tackle the most troublesome now or work on all of them before the marriage.

Is premarital counseling free?

You can find great psycho-educational programs that offer free or almost free online premarital counseling. You may find tons of downloadable eBooks and CDs offered to engaged couples. This general advice can be had for less than $50. You can complete an online quiz providing your love languages at no charge.

But buyer beware! “Common sense” isn’t helpful in understanding today’s relationship dynamics.

Power of Two, is an exception. It was developed by a grant from the US Federal Government. It is scientifically proven to improve a marriage. For $20 a month, they offer a coach, DVDs and books with a 3-day free trial.

These training are not, however, private online premarital counseling tailored to your relationship dynamics. 

Can you do premarital counseling online?

Online premarital therapy sessions is a safe and convenient way to identify your strengths and weaknesses as a couple. Offered by licensed therapists, if you have a laptop with a camera, it works quite well.

How many sessions are needed for premarital counseling?

Seven states encourage premarital preparation, typically to be completed six to twelve months before the wedding. These requirements range from 4-12 hours of premarital counseling with a “qualified professional.” Most formal secular and faith-based premarital counseling programs that explore common goals and differences also range from 4-12 hours. Few are offered long term and they seldom accept insurance.

Our intensives are scheduled for Fridays 6-8 pm followed by Saturdays and Sundays 9:30 am-4:30 pm. If you are unable to schedule a weekend for your intensive, consider a modified schedule. This option allows you to schedule (3) 2-hour assessment sessions and (3) 3-hour couples therapy blocks. These can be scheduled at your convenience but must be completed within 3 months.

Which states in the USA promote or require premarital counseling?

Ten states in the USA have implemented premarital education promotion legislation. These incentivize engaged couples to take premarital counseling. Online marriage counseling is also an option.

These states are:

  • Florida – 4 hours
  • Georgia – 6 hours
  • Maryland
  • Minnesota – 12 hours
  • Oklahoma, 4 hours
  • South Carolina
  • Texas – 8 hours
  • Tennessee (not specified)
  • West Virginia
  • Utah

The incentive goes like this: Do premarital counseling and you’ll get a fee reduction on your marital license ranging from 30% to 100% off your license, depending upon the state. For example, in Georgia, take 6 hours of premarital counseling and get your marriage license for free!

In the United States, several states have implemented policies promoting premarital education and counseling. However, the language used in these policies varies, with some states not clearly distinguishing between premarital counseling and premarital education. For example, Oklahoma specifies only premarital counseling, while Minnesota, Georgia, Texas, and West Virginia specify only premarital education. Utah, on the other hand, includes both premarital education and premarital counseling in their language. Florida, Maryland, Tennessee, and South Carolina use more ambiguous language, such as “premarital preparation course,” which may lead to some uncertainty regarding whether couples can participate in just premarital counseling, premarital education, or both.

When it comes to the duration of these programs, the majority of states (6) require couples to spend a minimum of four hours in formal premarital education. As an incentive for completing a premarital intervention course, nine states offer couples a discount on their marriage license fee. South Carolina, however, provides a $50 tax rebate instead of a discount on the marriage license fee, which may be a less enticing incentive mechanism.

All of the policies specify requirements regarding who can conduct or offer a premarital education or counseling program. Generally, a premarital counseling or education program must be conducted by a health professional (such as a psychologist, marital and family therapist, professional counselor, or social worker licensed by the state), an official representative of a religious institution, or a trained marriage educator.

Interestingly, only South Carolina requires couples to participate in premarital education or counseling together. Utah encourages joint participation but does not formally require it, hoping to incentivize more couples who might be limited by schedules, locations, or other factors.

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Who pays for premarital counseling?

As a rule, the couple typically pays for their premarriage counseling. You may choose to pay for private premarital counseling from a therapist or consider local low-cost or free community-based options, religious or secular. Without government funding, you might expect to pay between $50-$250 per hour. Ask the counselor if a sliding scale is available.

How much is the CTI online premarital counseling assessment and intensive?

Our intensives are priced at different levels, depending upon the experience and degree of the therapist. You’ll have your own licensed marriage counseling specialist working with you in, both separately and together. It can be completed as quickly as a weekend or over the course of three months.

Your work will have a laser focus only on the areas you’d like to work on before your wedding. You’ll know what aspects of your relationship need to be tended to and get to work right away, directing your attention to those areas.

It’s science-based work with over 40 years of research behind it.

How healthy will your marriage be?

Our incredibly powerful consultation tool was named by one of our clients: The BIG BIG Book. This is the most thorough online assessment of your relationship dynamics you will find ANYWHERE.

Each couple is sent their own BIG BIG Book to complete. They choose one of our experienced couples therapists, who’ll get to know you, as an individual and as a couple. Premarital Counseling Online is science-based and reliable.

They will get to know you as a couple intimately and you can rely on them for help throughout your marriage life.

This is not a quick, general online survey. It’s personalized, tailored, and focused specifically on you, as individuals and as a loving pair.