Attend a Private Marriage Retreat and Enjoy a Healthy Marriage in 2022

No matter what stage of life you are in, most relationships benefit from learning new skills and adapting more easily to the external pressures of life. Become more confident, foster greater intimacy, and enjoy a robust sexual life. Spend one weekend in the privacy and comfort of one of our two dozen locations and enjoy being together again. We can help you schedule with one of our licensed professionals.


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Ours is a science-based approach to helping couples

You can learn how to tackle specific issues you've repeatedly fought about, heal from an affair or improve your overall marital happiness. All of our clinicians have advanced training in the famous Gottman Method Couples Therapy, an approach that has studied couples and how they function for more than 40 years. Couples Therapy is all we do.

Private, one to one help over a weekend

Ours isn't a group approach. Spend one evening and two full days with a fully-trained psychologist, marriage and family therapist, or social worker to learn new skills for a healthy marriage.

Advanced licensed relationship experts

Our experience clinicians, many with over 30 years helping couples, train other psychotherapists how to practice marriage counseling. You'll be in remarkably good hands. 

Science-based couples therapy in an intensive format

There are two well-known science-based ways to practice couples therapy: The Gottman Method and Emotionally-Focused Couples Therapy (EFT). We're all well-trained in the Gottman Method and many of us also have additional training in EFT.

While we do have an ordained minister on our team, should you want someone with a Christian perspective, the rest of us practice strictly non religious secular approaches to helping couples.

Start with a comprehensive relationship assessment

You'll begin your work by completing a thorough marital assessment in the privacy of your own home, each completing your own separately. As a result, we'll know a lot about you before you arrive. We call it "The BIG BIG Book."

Know your relationship strengths and weaknesses

Whether you're a long-time married couple, newlyweds or even still dating, science has taught us that all intimate relationships have problems. In fact, most of those problems can't actually be solved! But that's not a bad sign if you know what specific skills you need to develop and practice to handle all types of conflict. We know what those skills are and how to teach them.

How It Works


Schedule a call to the therapist of your choice.


Pick a convenient weekend that suits your needs. Book early for the best availability.


Receive an invoice and after it's paid, receive your BIG BIG Book in your email.


Book flight, dining and lodging using our curated list of excellent, up-to-date accommodations.

Real success stories from real couples:Over 258+ in all!

"We tried three different "therapists" but none of them understood our issues and tried to minimize them. We didn't feel that we were heard or understood. When we chose Couples Therapy Inc., we were looking for experts.
It was life-changing and marriage-saving! We got perspective on our issues; we learned how to communicate; we love and appreciate each other."

"Our therapist got straight to the point of our issues without judgment or blame game - nothing negative. We now have a deeper respect and knowledge of what our partner is truly thinking when we are playing a much different scenario of the situation in our own minds. Two and a half days seems like it is not enough time to get to the root of our issues, but it was..."

"We were on the brink of divorce and had trust, infidelity, communication, partnership issues. My husband thought we couldn't possibly benefit from just three days. Our therapist was down to earth, genuine, kind, nonjudgmental, creative, funny, sincere, caring, compassionate. She was truly partnering with us to save our relationship. She had a vested interest in seeing us succeed together and to learn to love each other better than we ever thought was possible."

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Heal Affairs

Whether workplace affairs or internet infidelity, our approach provides the time you need to resolve the pain and heal the hurt. We'll help you talk more deeply and repair the bonds without conflict. All in a single weekend. Follow up with us afterwards to reinforce your learning. You'll learn how to respond to frequent triggers in the moment, and be comforted.

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