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A Private Couples Retreat in
San Juan, Puerto Rico: 


Reignite your relationship: A couples therapy retreat in Puerto Rico.

Come to a private healing space to foster trust, friendship, and a profound bonding experience. Learn to manage conflict effectively and renew your intimacy. In couples therapy, the length and consistency of sessions matter.

With our intensive counseling format, you can focus on each other to heal the hurt without the distractions and disruptions of your busy schedule. Our fully licensed psychologists conducts this marriage retreat in San Juan.

Meet your Caribbean marriage retreat specialist

All of our therapist are crossed trained and have advanced training from some of the top institutes in the country. Our therapists have a wide range of experience with all types of couples. These retreats are held year-round.


Clinical Psychologist

Bilingual Spanish/English

I believe that therapy should be a safe space for couples. I assume great responsibility in the process of getting to know you. I honor your trust, and take an active role in helping you to improve your marriage and find greater happiness.

Dr. Rodrigues-Ubinas has been conducting these retreats for Couples Therapy Inc. for 10 years.


- Advanced Gottman Training
- Clinical Traumatology
-Slowing down cognitive decline- a couple's approach

Clinical Psychologist


I believe that therapy should be a safe space for couples. I assume great responsibility in the process of getting to know you. I honor your trust, and take an active role in helping you to improve your marriage and find greater happiness.

I've been holding couples therapy retreats with Couples Therapy Inc. for the past ten years.


- Advanced Gottman Training
- Clinical Traumatology
-Slowing down cognitive decline- a couple's approach

We are able to communicate better even if we have to tell the other person that we don’t like something.  

"Things were tense. We were dealing with some concerns related to trust/betrayal and maybe some built up resentment or other issues.

Couples Therapy Inc. had many options for different therapists. Each of them had their background listed out in a way that made me feel confident and comfortable working with any of them. 

Our therapist had the ability to help us see things from the other person’s POV. She also remained neutral while doing so. We are able to communicate better even if we have to tell the other person that we don’t like something they did. It feels more like we’re teammates now.

I have a better understanding of my partner’s personality and how that ties to her past/background and better communication skills e.g., phrasing things in a more helpful way than they might first develop in my head.

I'm also remembering that a relationship needs work and deserves for me to put in the necessary work for it to thrive.

It brought perspective that was beneficial to us as a couple, but also as individuals.

Recent client report


Reserving your couples retreat

1.  Connect With Us

01. Schedule A Call

Learn more. Our administrative team is here to assist you. They're well-versed in science-based couples therapy and know our team thoroughly. They'll answer all your questions and help you find the right couples therapist.

Jessica Hufnagle, MBA

Elizabeth Hovanec, B.A. 

Olivia Meissner, B.A.

2.   Meet Your Therapist

Directly speak with the therapist. Discuss your situation, and ask any questions. We offer this service at no cost.

3.   Complete The BIG BIG Book Assessment

This is a comprehensive assessment instrument of unparalleled depth. Our couples say it was the start of their therapeutic experience.

Each clinician undergoes at least six hours of training to effectively interpret your every word. This window into your relationship saves you valuable clinical time and improves our effectiveness.

4.   Attend Your Intensive Therapy Retreat

Attend the Intensive Therapy Retreat: This weekend exclusively focuses on you and your partner, and we give you our undivided attention. Live locally? Booking a nearby hotel room can enhance your experience.

5.   Keep Momentum With Follow-Up Services

Participate in our free enhancement course ("Inbox Intensive") to reinforce your learning. Additional guidance is readily available, whether in-person or through online sessions. Your therapist has an in depth understanding of each of you and your relationship dynamics. Don't hesitate to reach out.



Why our approach works

Couples Therapy Inc. has a reputation for successfully impacting the most challenged couples through our comprehensive approach. We offer extensive assessment, concrete feedback, the time to reinforce science-based skills-building and re-establish broken bonds.

Looking for a particular model? Holding a certification in one couples therapy model is unique, but still doesn't meet our stringent requirements. You'll have an expert with multiple approaches, to provide you cutting-edge, innovative practice.  

  • Evidence-based practice

  • Comprehensive Assessment

  • Innovation Through Collaboration

Cross-trained to work well with all couples

The most well-known evidence-based therapy includes the Gottman Method, Emotionally Focused, Solution Focused, and Integrative Behavioral Couples Therapy. For couples where one partner is considering divorce, Discernment Counseling is increasingly well known. But even being certified in one of these methods isn't enough. While we require Level III (advanced) training in the Gottman Method, and pre-certification in Discernment counseling, we hire life-long learners. Your clinicians strengthen their expertise by training in multiple models to help troubled couples. 

President Kathy McMahon talking to her couples therapists


What makes us different?

We don't juggle weekly clients with the occasional intensive. All we do is conduct therapeutic retreats with aftercare and after more than a decade of helping thousands of couples, we've become very good at it. Experience matters, and some of our clinicians have over 40 years working with couples. Half are doctoral level psychologists, like Dr. Del Rio and they know how to help. The benefit to you is an exceptional team of mature professionals available to help your relationship.


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Experienced Clinicians


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Your couples retreat location in San Juan

Our Couples Retreat in San Juan1250 Ave Ponce de Leon San Juan, 00907, Puerto Rico

Enjoy your romantic couples getaway in San Juan.

Where to stay

Some couples ask us to suggest a romantic location for their Caribbean Island couples retreat. If they plan to enhance their sexual intimacy, they want the right setting. They ask for a weekend with a hot tub or whirlpool, massage, and great food. They want to combine a romantic weekend with the work of improving their marriage in expert couples counseling.

Let us suggest:

Condado Ocean Club

Condado Ocean Club


1045 Ashford Avenue
San Juan, 00907, Puerto Rico



Travel & Leisure

World's Best Awards – 2021, 2022, 2023  

The Stella Awards
Gold Medal Winner

Best Hotels US News & World Report. 2023
#5 in Puerto Rico

Condado Ocean Club description.

Formerly known as the Serafina Beach Hotel, this beach resort in San Juan, the initial property to emerge following Hurricane Maria, has undergone a rebranding as the Ocean Club. The name aptly reflects its exceptional location along the beachfront, where a generously proportioned infinity pool and sun deck reside. While the rugged shoreline isn't conducive to swimming, leisurely strolls on the gentle sands, accompanied by the sight of rolling waves, offer a delightful start to one's morning. Stay on the Oceanside of the hotel in this adult-only resort. The ocean view is priceless. The infinity pool is lovely.

The hotel conveniently sits within strolling distance of Condado's charming boutiques and dining spots, while a quick 10-minute taxi ride transports you to the historic allure of Old San Juan. A mere few blocks east leads to the primary expanse of Condado Beach, widely regarded as the city's premier beachfront area. Visitors can take advantage of chair and umbrella services for a nominal fee (grab a towel from the welcoming pool deck staff before heading there). Be sure not to overlook the vendors offering delightful piña coladas and coconut-infused drinks, both non-alcoholic and rum-spiked, as you make your way there.

Santurce is a hip area home to the Puerto Rico Museum of Art, in a neoclassical building with a sculpture garden, and the Contemporary Art Museum, set in a grand former school. Colorful murals cover buildings around Calle Cerra. The Centro de Bellas Artes stages opera, theater, and concerts, while the Plaza del Mercado has a buzzing nightlife scene. Resort hotels and bars cluster around Condado Beach.f

Golf with stunning Caribbean views at Puerto Rico's finest courses near Condado Ocean Club in San Juan—a central hub for the island's top golfing destinations. Renowned as the 'Golf Capital of the Caribbean,' Puerto Rico boasts world-class golf courses and tournaments. With nearly 30 options available, picking the perfect course might be tough, so here are a few favorites to simplify your decision!

Prepare for a resort and parking fee, which cost extra.

Fees for the Intensive

Intensive retreat prices for a weekend are between $3500 and $7000 depending upon the education, location, and experience of your therapist. Additional days can also be arranged. Payment is due at the time of booking and paid for by credit card. We regret not being able to hold dates without payment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are our most frequent inquiries about our couples therapy retreats.

Is there a question that remains unanswered?

What do you do at a couples retreat?

While some retreats are group experiences, ours is one-to-one couples therapy. There are no games or group sharing. This is a science-based intensive one-on-one retreat addressing your relationship issues head on.

After a thorough relationship history and individual meetings, the therapist provides you evidence-based feedback about your relationship. This includes a detailed "map" of your strengths and areas that need enhancement. We implement this tailored treatment plan over the remaining time.

Do you work with all types of couples?

Yes! We work with all couples. This includes couples married long term or newlyweds, GLBTQ+ or straight, or ethically non monogamous. 

Our intensives are non-religious. However, Christian couples can work with our specialized clinicians for a biblically informed perspective. You need not be married to participate.

I am not interested in San Juan; Do you hold intensive retreats near me?

Yes. We have therapists in Florida, up and down the East Coast and across the USA, in Canada, Germany, the UK & serving Singapore.

Does insurance cover this?

Insurance companies seldom cover couples counseling, as they usually do not categorize it as "medically necessary." Intensive couples therapy retreats are no different.

There are clinicians who will provide a psychiatric diagnosis and documentation to your insurance company for reimbursement, usually for a single hour of therapy on each day. We believe that labeling one partner as "the problem" is counterproductive to effective relationship counseling.

Please note:

Couples therapy, especially when done intensively, is a specialized service that is appropriate for only select couples. Having the interest and motivation to examine your contribution to the state of your marriage is essential for this work to succeed. Both of you must be open and willing to change.

There are two situations where a Discernment Counseling retreat is the preferred approach. The first is if either of you has little to no motivation to work on your marriage. The second is if either of you is seriously questioning whether divorce is the preferred path. 

You do not need to know this ahead of time. With your input, your therapist will determine the most appropriate method for your situation.

Science-based Couples therapy does not work with the following: domestic violence, suicide prevention, personality disorders, or alcohol and drug abuse that requires in-patient care. Instead, seek professional individual mental health services and find a mental health professional with specialized training.

Do it for yourself. Do it for each other.

Schedule a complimentary consult with our team and start on
your path to reignite your relationship.

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