Marriage Counseling for

Fast, Effective Personal Results.

An Individualized Tropical Marriage Retreat with just the two of you and one highly trained expert:

  • Fast:   One weekend vs. 6 months of therapy
  • Effective: Real help based upon 40+ years of scientific research with 3,000+ couples.
  • Personal: You won't learn cookie-cutter “communication” skills. We focus on Your specific particular relationship challenges.

Imagine Your Marriage Transformed
into a More Passionate Union...

If you aren't getting along with the person who once meant the world to you, there is startling new information you need to know.

A way of intervening  that stops your fast-moving train to greater marital misery or divorce.

It helps you exit the 'divorce super-highway.'

No more endless bickering or cold-shoulder bedtimes. 

Or vacations and romantic evenings that end in disaster. 

Don't make the same mistake I did, and let a perfectly good marriage go down the drain.

“My own marital failure drove me to invest 20 years of study, and learn 5 different models of couples therapy. The results?"

A science-based Marriage Retreat that helps couples achieve genuine emotional closeness and sexual connection.

Dr. Kathy McMahon is the Founder and President of Couples Therapy Inc.  A clinical psychologist, she is one of a handful of Certified Gottman Couples Therapists on the planet who is also an AASECT Board-certified Sex Therapist.  She is a Clinical Fellow of the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists, and has also trained in both Emotionally-focused Couples Therapy and The Developmental Model of Couples Therapy.  She designed this Couples Retreat after 20 years of study.

The End of a Marriage that Didn't Have To...

Do you harbor misguided notions about love and marriage?  Most couples do.  Even many THERAPISTS do.  I know I did when my own marriage had problems...

As a clinical psychologist I worked with couples, but these very misguided notions not only limited my impact as a couples therapist, they destroyed my own marriage.

If you think psychologists have just as many problems as the average person... you'd be right.

I've had my share.

Ask my ex-husband. 

I divorced a perfectly nice guy and the father of my child.  Oh, I had my reasons.  And most of them were a bunch of "pie in the sky" ideas I got from theories I learned while in graduate school.  They were wrong-headed notions about why marriages fail and how to fix them.

There are still plenty of these myths out there.

Like how about THIS MYTH:

"The severity of your problems predicts the likelihood of divorce."

Nope.  Wrong.  False.

Back then, I did what most people do, "I used my health insurance," and went to a counselor.

But instead of getting help, those weekly 45-minute sessions left me angrier, more hopeless, and totally, totally misunderstood. And we left each session more upset than when we arrived!

Communication skills aren't  enough.

If you've see a therapist for your troubled marriage, you were probably told to practice “good communication skills."

I thought that's all I was doing...yak, yak, yakking without impacting!

Like most women facing divorce, it only took a few sessions before I became totally disillusioned.

I thought we were 'broken.'

I went through a painful divorce.

It cost me big time, not only economically, but emotionally, too, and everything got a lot more complicated. Two houses. Two mortgages. A daughter running between families. Two different sets of rules.

Divorce is one of the most stressful events in an adult's life, according to research. Even worse on children, despite the media hype.

Divorce is costly, not just financially, but emotionally too.  It costs your kids, as well as your future security.  Preventing it is well worth the effort..."

Later on, I remarried a “completely different guy.”  And guess what?

These same problems reappeared!

I thought to myself: “How could I be so unlucky?”

But it wasn't a matter of "luck" at all.

I was the same person...

...with the same crappy way of relating to my intimate partner.

I could divorce my ex- but not "myself."

As Aimee Mann says: "It's not going to stop 'til you wise up..."

And you know what?  She's right.

Leaving a marriage, when you don't know what you're doing wrong (...or just blaming your spouse..) means it's not going to stop for you, either.

Unless you figure out what you're doing wrong in your marriage and fix it, you're doomed to repeat it.

Don't give up!  Wise up!

In 1998, I attended my first training presented by Dr. John Gottman, the pre-eminent researcher on couples.  What he taught me was fascinating. 

We now know scientifically why marriages succeed or fail!

"Our therapist has been an extraordinary support for both of us..."

We are very, very grateful."

Your Troubled Marriage Needs Skillful Care & Attention.

"We know a lot about you and your marriage, before you arrive..."

Like a diamond, your marriage is the hardest “jewel” in the rocky world of relationships. But with a magnifying glass, precision skill, the jeweler's tap brings out the luster.  Many marriage are rough stones with hidden brilliance.  Just waiting to shine.

Careful assessment is our "magnifying glass." "The BIG BIG Book" (which included a Gottman Assessment and a lot more...) allows us take a closer look at you as an individual in your marriage.  It's an online tool.  Completing it out will have a huge impact on you, too.  Our couples tell us it was the start of their marriage retreat therapy.

This online assessment is scored, and your words are carefully read and analyzed, side-by-side with your partner's tome.  We do this before we even meet.

When you arrive at this couples retreat, we'll explore your early relationship history, "The Story of Us," and with your therapist, you'll work collaboratively, constructing your most critical relationship goals during our time together.

With the help of The BIG BIG Book, you'll be asked finely-tuned questions about your marital issues.

How Our Marriage Retreat Intensives Can Change Your Life:

The Focus is on Nurturing Real & Lasting Change

"You'll have a Marriage Retreat Expert for an entire weekend, devoted to helping you resolve your most formidable relationship challenges."

Instead of seemingly endless weekly "45-minute sessions," you'll spend a solitary weekend--just the two of you...alone.  Relaxed. Away from the hassles of your everyday lives.

Follow-up Sessions: To Keep the Positive Momentum Going

A stand-alone Tropical Marriage Retreat weekend is a lot to take in over a short amount of time.  You'll appreciate the follow-ups we offer which solidify your learning as you practice living your dream.

  • Online, science-based follow-ups to reinforce your learning may be available, or take training via our Fabulous Spouse psychoeducation.
  • If you prefer, you can return for a half-day in-person mini couples retreat to be scheduled at a later date. Or a Sexuality Retreat.*

*Extra charges apply.

We Honor Your Trust.

A shocking 80% of therapists are convinced they already know how to do couples therapy.  Yet only 12% of these therapists have ever completed a single course in couples therapy!

And yet, this is challenging and specialized work. Easy to get wrong. 

And then your whole world blows up...

Have you tried marriage counseling in the past and failed?  Do you believe that your marriage is severely, and hopelessly damaged?

Your overly-confident and poorly trained therapist might be to blame. 

Your therapist running your marriage retreat includes the most highly trained marriage counselors available to you.  All have at least one formal, evidence-based certificate in couples therapy.  Many have doctoral degrees.

You entrust us with your marriage and family.

And we take that responsibility seriously.

If you're disillusioned with love, consider the benefits of this scientific marriage retreat:

We'll Work Fast

Forget 6 months of 45-minute sessions that stop at the height of your fight... "See you next week!" Science says:"not enough time!"

Personalized Help

These aren't generic “communication skills training" with 5-250 other couples. Our approach is precise and intimate.


Not someone's biased 'personal opinions.'  This help is based upon 40+ years of research with over 3,000 couples.

“I was skeptical heading into the Marriage Retreat weekend but now I am so glad that we did it....”

"We have seen numerous therapist over the last three years and you have, by far, exceeded all of our expectations. I got there on Friday with a lot of anger over our situation. By the time we left Sunday afternoon I felt free...

She had a very nice way of not taking sides, yet giving good strong comments and thought-provoking scenarios. She absolutely knew us when we got there

and often referred to our history.She was extraordinarily easy to talk to and also has a nice sense of humor.

She gave us practical tools to use when I was very upset and we left with a new vision of our future and tools to use to improve our communication.

I was skeptical heading into the marriage retreat weekend but now I am so glad that we did it.”

- About Angela Voegele, MSW (Couples Therapy Inc., Maryland / DC / Hawaii)

Who Should Attend a Marriage Retreat ...

We tailor this marriage retreat to those most likely to benefit. 
Our expert Couples Therapists accept no more than 8-15 couples per year.

"The Berkshires Provide a Gorgeous Setting for this retreat."

We hold our Marriage Retreat in 17 attractive locations:   Naples or Boca Raton, Florida; Oahu, Hawaii; Old San Juan, Puerto Rico; Three locations including Boston in Massachusetts; in Washington DC / Maryland; Atlanta, Georgia;  Houston, Texas; Charleston, South Carolina;  Missoula, Montana; Minneapolis, MO;The Bay Area, Orange County and Los Angeles County, California.  In Europe?  Visit us in Ireland. In Australia? New South Wales. South Africa? Western Cape.

Who Should Attend

A Marriage Retreat is designed for those in mild, moderate or severe relationship distress.

Couples who are actively willing to work on their marriage/relationship.

Couples who are emotionally dysregulated (loud fighting, shouting, emotional outbursts, crying)

Couples struggling with an affair who have had time to process the implications.

Couples who are disconnected, distant, asexual, or cold.

Marriages in which one partner is selfish, bossy, irresponsible, or self-absorbed.

Those who are unhappily living together, separated, legally married or not.

Couples who have good reasons to stay married, but are ambivalent.

Who Should NOT Attend

We cannot accept couples who engage in regular and ongoing physical violence.

Where one partner is actively drug or alcohol addicted and requires in-patient care.

When an active and untreated mental illness is destroying your marriage.

When an affair was discovered within the last week. Fresh disclosures are too stressful for immediate intensive work.

When having an undisclosed affair (see us for Discernment Counseling, instead...)

Where one partner refuses to complete the assessment prior to the retreat.

When one partner is unwilling to put genuine effort into changing their marriage. If the motivation is to "check the box" or "let their partner down easy," this is not for you.

Contact Us With Your Questions

This type of marriage retreat is in high demand and fill quickly.

"It's been the sweetest month I've ever had in our marriage..."

"For a long time,

I had so many doubts as to whether we could make this work. I spent most of my marriage not knowing it could be as rich as this last month as been. I felt the "switch," over this last month, and it's felt like living in sunshine instead of shadows. My husband and I haven't had a fight in months, even while navigating normally very tense waters including dealing with our families, and even buying a house! They've turned into discussions.

Dr. K, I'm not kidding, it's been the sweetest month I've ever had in our marriage. I know that we'll hit plenty of bumps ahead. But for the first time in a long time, it feels like my teammate, my partner has shown up.

So this email is simply to say "thank you." Thank you for giving us the tools, and the hope that things would change if we wanted them to. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for giving me my husband back, and for listening when we were at our rock bottom."

- for Dr. Kathy McMahon (President, Couples Therapy Inc., The Berkshires of Western Massachusetts)

"I feel a great sense of relief after our Marriage Retreat weekend with Angela..."

"Angela was a wonderful therapist and truly advocated for both of us, and our relationship, throughout the weekend intensive. Her approach was thoughtful, logical and easy to follow. She listened to our concerns and organized the weekend in a meaningful way to cover many of our needs. The feedback she provided was constructive and professional. I really feel a great sense of relief after our marriage retreat weekend with Angela. The follow up work and reading she gave us provides the framework we need to continue the work on our own.

I would definitely recommend Angela to others looking for couples counseling."

- for Angela Voegele (Couples Therapy Inc., Maryland /DC Retreats)

"It was a great marriage retreat weekend and we are so grateful for all  you did for us!"

Thanks Dr. R! It was a great marriage retreat weekend and we are so grateful for all you did for us! We will get on our homework and schedule a follow-up soon. Again, many thanks for helping us with your approach and care!”

- for Dr. Heide Rodriguez-Uber (Couples Therapy Inc., Puerto Rico Retreats)

This Marriage Retreat is Run by Experts: There is Nothing "Cookie Cutter" About Them.

There are many cheaper alternatives.

If your relationship is strong, go to a group workshop. These inexpensive trainings offer general guidance on enhancing your relationship.

However, if you're in acute marital distress, get the one-to-one help you need.

Our Marriage Retreat experts can transform your relationship.

Pick the best weekend for you, and reserve your Intensive Marriage Retreat Therapeutic Weekend today. 

Don't ignore your relationship problems and hope they go away.

"I go through 1,000 resumes each year, looking for the best-trained couples therapists from around the world.  I hand-pick and hire the best, and then provide individual and group seminars, supervision, and case consultation, so that you are assured of an exceptionally well-trained couples therapist. I stand behind our Team.  If you are not 100% satisfied with your experience in our unique Marriage Retreats, contact me personally so that I can make it right.."


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