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Dr. Rodríguez-Ubiñas

I believe in love, in a healthy way of loving, and in committed relationships. And so I believe that therapy should be a safe space for couples. As a therapist, I facilitate the process of insight and change. For me, each new couple is a new challenge, and a unique entity. I assume great responsibility in the process of getting to know you. I honor your trust, and take an active role in helping you to improve your marriage and find greater happiness. I enjoy and am very committed to my job and embrace high ethical standards. Therapy is not only a time to learn and to help you find new ways of interacting and growing, but also a process to enjoy. I work to help you find that joy.

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Puerto Rico: # 3154

Florida: # 11046

Where I Practice

Clinical Office: San Juan, Puerto Rico

Online intensives and follow up sessions: Florida and Puerto Rico



B. A. in Clinical Pyschology – Universidad del Sagrado Corazon

M.A. in Theological Studies and Counseling – Garrett Theological Seminary/Northwestern University

M.S. in Clinical Psychology – Carlos Albizu University

Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology – Carlos Albizu University

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Client Reviews

Feedback from my couples

I don’t think my partner and I would’ve been able to make it work on our own.

Our relationship needed help. The trust in our relationship had been compromised, as such, many problems were present.

We needed a therapist that could work virtually, as well as be fluent in English and Spanish. We were also looking for somebody with training in the Gottman method, at the suggestion of my CBT [Cognitive-behavioral therapist]. Dr. Rodriguez was a perfect fit.

My only hesitation was not knowing what to expect. I had also never done therapy virtually before, so I wasn’t sure how much of an impact therapy would have on us this way. But it certainly did have a huge and positive impact!

What stood out the most for me was Dr. Rodriguez‘s ability to pick up on certain things that my partner and I were not even aware of at times. She was always very calm, listening to both sides of the story and providing practical tools and resources for us to use. My partner and I began to look forward to our sessions with Dr. Rodriguez, often discussing ahead of time what we wanted to chat about with her, knowing that she would be able to support us and help us find our way forward. I felt heard, supported and understood by Dr. Rodriguez.

The trust in our relationship is increasing
My partner and I feel more connected
We are able to communicate more efficiently and without arguing as much as before
Dr. Rodriguez is great to work with. She made each of us feel heard, understood and capable of making changes. She was able to show us how to make things work even when it seemed impossible to me. I would highly encourage couples who are considering to go for it. Personally, I don’t think my partner and I would’ve been able to make it work on our own at that point in our relationship if it hadn’t been for therapy.

Thank you Dr. Rodriguez for your kindness and trust in us!

Recent Client Reports

It feels more like we’re teammates now.

Things were tense. We were dealing with some concerns related to trust/betrayal and maybe some built up resentment or other issues.

This was our first time doing couples therapy.

Couples Therapy Inc. had many options for different therapists. Each of them had their background listed out in a way that made me feel confident and comfortable working with any of them. Our hesitation was the cost, especially for just one weekend, which, for us, ended up being virtual.

Dr. Heide Ubinas Rodriguez had the ability to help us see things from the other person’s POV. She also remained neutral while doing so. We are able to communicate better even if we have to tell the other person that we don’t like something they did. It feels more like we’re teammates now.

I have a better understanding of my partner’s personality and how that ties to her past/background and better communication skills e.g., phrasing things in a more helpful way than they might first develop in my head.

I’m also remembering that a relationship needs work and deserves for me to put in the necessary work for it to thrive.

What would you say to couples considering working with Couples Therapy Inc.?

It would certainly bring perspectives that will be beneficial to you as a couple, but also as individuals.

Recent Client Reports

It was a great marriage retreat weekend and we are so grateful for all you did for us!

Thanks Dr. R! It was a great marriage retreat weekend and we are so grateful for all you did for us! We will get on our homework and schedule a follow-up soon.

Again, many thanks for helping us with your approach and care!

Recent Client Reports