Offering couples therapy intensives in Cleveland, Ohio

Clinically Speaking

The only profession I have ever been interested in is psychology. In high school, I discovered the fascinating world of schizophrenia and mental illness and I knew that my life would be spent helping people clinically. And that’s what I’ve done.

I have been engaged in the practice of clinical psychology for over 36 years and going strong. In graduate school, I was exposed to professors who were passionate about psychology, taught and practiced in the field, and exposed me to theory and real world information. I have continued to work with amazing mentors in community mental health, group practices and as a solo clinician over the years.

I have treated families and people of all ages from children to seniors with all sorts of presenting issues. But couples work has long been my favorite. The couple is the nucleus of the family and its health is essential to success of the children being raised, the aging parents being cared for, and the professional success of each mate. I learned the various ways that mental health issues and trauma can impact a couple.

While I can help most couples that walk through my door, I like to work with couples that are highly conflictual, loud and upset, as well as couples that are quiet and withdrawn. I believe that every couple deserves the best treatment and foundation for success.

I have always worked with couples and always felt that strong engagement and time commitment, (a process I call front-loading), are essential for success. Working intensively is a great fit with my values.

Work Summary

Early in my training, I was a teaching assistant at the Illinois School of Professional Psychology and had placements in neurodevelopment, neurological diagnosis, and treatment of psychiatric disorders. I also acted as a supervisor of a community day treatment program for adults who had severe and persistent mental illness.

I’ve worked in an outpatient setting with children, adolescents and their families conducting both individual and group psychotherapy. I later worked as a psychological examiner administering a battery of tests with children and adults and most recently with senior adults.

I’ve functioned as a supervisor for medical residents on rotation and graduate psychology students, as well as to volunteers within the public school system.

Clinical Office: Cleveland, Ohio

I practice through telehealth and in person in my office, which is in a suburb on the east side of Cleveland.

East Cleveland is a culturally rich area. In addition to the Cleveland Museum of Art, you’ll find the Western Reserve Historical Society with two turn-of-the-century mansions, two auto-aviation museums, the Cleveland Museum of Natural History, the Dittrick Medical History Center and Museum, and the Temple Museum of Religious Art.

Plan ahead and book an evening at the Cleveland Orchestra.

If you prefer outdoor activities, you can stroll the Cleveland Botanical Garden or Cleveland Cultural Gardens. You may want to add an extra day or two for sightseeing. I recommend that after your intensive.

My office is a warm space conducive to conversation and feeling at ease.

Personally Speaking

Others describe me as patient, persistent, compassionate, loving and generous. I agree, and I think these qualities appear in all aspects of my life: my work, and personal and social aspects. I am proud of being consistent, straightforward, and reliable.

I am usually diplomatic, although at times I can drive my point a little too hard. I am always trying to understand the situation at hand and figure out a solution that best suits those involved. I am also receptive to feedback and criticism, a gift that has come with age.

I moved back to my hometown in Ohio after 31 years of living away. The town is the same in some ways, but different in others. One thing that hasn’t changed is my connection and love of socializing with people who matter to me. I feel comfortable here, and I’ve had a chance to reunite with family and old friends whom I cherish. My three children, my extended family and my friends, many of whom I consider family, are the mainstay of my life. I’ve also made many new friends. I am proud of my children and appreciative of the relationships I have built and maintained throughout my life.

I am a morning person but I’m with a night owl, so adjustments have been necessary. I tend to be an overachiever once I get into something. I can handle a whole lot of mess, emotional, physical, logistical, and other, but I am goal-oriented and solution-focused so the mess doesn’t last for too long.

My hobbies include: biking, indoor cycling, skiing, hiking, yoga, cooking, reading, volunteer work, and travel. I try to balance my time between outdoor activities and indoor leisure time especially as my body ages and it’s not as easy to recover from intense activity.

I’d like to extend a warm welcome for you to travel to Cleveland, Ohio to work with me.