How Much Will This Therapy Cost?

Paying for couples therapy shouldn't be a confusing hassle.

We're asked "How much will therapy cost?" and clients are often surprised that the fees between one therapist and the next can vary widely. While the answer to "How much?" is important, clients also need to realize what that fee buys them, in what location, and at what level of clinical training. Using your health insurance may be a great option if you are burdened with a diagnosable mental disorder, but it is clearly second-rate when it comes to science-based couples therapy.  Learn more.

Here's the basics of what you need to know:

  • Like most dedicated couples therapists, we are a fee-for-service practice.
  • That means you pay for our services ahead of time with a credit card online.
  • Most health insurance, even 'gold plated policies' don't cover couples therapy.
  • If you have questions about your coverage, please contact your insurance provider for clarification. They will not share any information with us about your policy.
  • If  you've had 50-55 minute couples therapy paid for by insurance in the past, it wasn't "couples therapy." It was billed as a treatment for mental illness. That's insurance fraud. We don't do that.


Our Fees are Average for Our Markets

In DC, for example, Couples Therapy averages $244 per one hour (45-50 min) session.

Our sessions are 80-minutes long as science advises. The exact fee you’ll pay varies based on who you work with in our practice but even our most senior couples therapists will be fairly close to that figure or below. Most of our intensive marriage retreats range in price from $3500-$6500. Most senior &  certified therapists charge $500 to $1500 more.


We Know Therapy Isn't Cheap

It's costly not only in dollars.

We’re mindful that couples therapy is a significant investment, and we respect the time, energy, attention, and money that you devote to working with us. We do our best to make it time well-spend, whether that's online or over an intensive marriage retreat


We Know What a Good Marriage is Worth

And how costly marriages become when they fail.

We don't compete against generalist therapists. We compete against divorce attorneys. In one survey, the average divorce costs $18,700, including $14,800 in attorneys' fees. An attorneys' average hourly rate was $350.

We aren't "neutral" on divorce, either and neither should you be. When compared to divorce, our retreats are a bargain.

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