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Intensive Marriage Counseling
Las Vegas


Reignite your relationship with an intensive couples retreat in Las Vegas, NV

Foster a more loving connection, deeper trust, and lasting friendship with our couples retreats. Las Vegas style. Sometimes weekly couples counseling sessions aren't enough if you are on the brink of divorce.

A couples retreat offers the two of you a unique relationship counseling experience. Escape to a novel location, just the two of you. Combine your healing work with downtime. Choose your licensed professional carefully.

Momentum matters in therapy. Get more traction by working intensively vs. weekly therapy sessions. You pay one fee for both assessment and treatment. We do the rest, designing tailor-made interventions that target your biggest relationship challenges. One therapist with one couple.

Private, personalized help to strengthen the bonds between both of you.

Fully licensed to conduct couples retreats in our Las Vegas location:


Clinical Psychologist

I love this work. I have a deep passion for helping couples survive their toughest times, and restoring hope and their deep lasting connection to each other.


- Master Trainer, Gottman Institute
- Gottman Certified Couples Therapist
- Advanced Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy

Couples Therapy Las Vegas - Dr. Scott Wolfe Ph.D

Clinical Psychologist


A Master Trainer with the Gottman Institute, and dual trained in EFT, Dr. Wolfe is a famous marriage counselor in Henderson, NV. He offers limited weekends so book early.


- Master Trainer, Gottman Institute
- Gottman Certified Couples Therapist
- Advanced Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy

Licensed to practice online marriage counseling: Las Vegas

Get matched with the right therapist

Are you considering a marriage retreat or online couples therapy in Las Vegas but not sure which therapist would be the best fit for your relationship issues? Our Client Services team is here to listen, give support, and guide you throughout the process. They personally know each of our therapists and can suggest an expert that's best for you.

After a few ineffective therapists, Couples Therapy Inc. has restored my faith in marriage counseling.

"My partner and I have noticed an immediate change in the way we view our family and each other. We're warmer to one another and we're more patient with children. We owe a lot of that to the road map our therapist created for us, which gives us hope and confidence. Our intensive marriage retreat also reminded us of why my partner and I are together, what attracted us to one another, and why we're good partners. Somehow, sadly, we lost sight of that."

Recent Retreat Client


Reserving your couples retreat in Las Vegas

1  Connect With Us

Talk to real people, not algorithms. Our administrative team is here to help. All are trained in the basics of science-based couples therapy and know our team inside and out. They can help you choose the right couples therapist and will answer all of your questions. Learn more about this Las Vegas couples retreat.

Couples interested in working with us can request a no-obligation 15-minute free consultation. Then we'll set up your initial consultation with your therapist when you are ready to move forward.

Jessica Hufnagle, MBA

Elizabeth Hovanec, B.A. 

Olivia Meissner, B.A.

2  Meet Your Therapist

Speak directly to the couples intensive therapist of your choosing. Test out the fit. Discuss your situation. Ask your burning questions. This is at no charge. Discuss doing in-person or, if you prefer, online couples counseling over 3 months.

3  Complete The BIG BIG Book Assessment

This is a comprehensive assessment instrument of unparalleled depth. Our couples say it was the start of their therapeutic experience.

Each clinician undergoes at least six hours of training to effectively interpret your every word. This window into your relationship helps save you valuable time and improves our effectiveness.

4  Attend Your Intensive Therapy Retreat

Welcome! This entire weekend is devoted exclusively to you. This experience is not only therapy, it can also be a get-away for both of you. Take time to plan it well.

Focus on each other. Even if you live locally, book a hotel room and make every second count.

We'll send you recommendations for lodging and meals for a smooth transition.

5  Keep Momentum With Follow-Up Services

Still doing great? Fabulous. Most of our couples are after working with us. They have the skills they need to keep going. Participate in our free enhancement course ("Inbox Intensive") to reinforce what you've learned.

Need additional guidance? That's no problem, either. Work with your therapist in person or online for as long as you need. They have an in depth understanding of each of you and your relationship dynamics.



Why our approach works

Couples Therapy Inc. has a reputation for successfully impacting the most challenged couples through our comprehensive approach. We offer extensive assessment, concrete feedback, the time to reinforce science-based skills-building and re-establish broken bonds.

Looking for a particular model? Holding a certification in one couples therapy model is unique, but still doesn't meet our stringent requirements. You'll have an expert with multiple approaches, to provide you cutting-edge, innovative practice. 

  • Evidence-based practice

  • Comprehensive Assessment

  • Innovation Through Collaboration

Cross-trained to work well with all couples

The most well-known evidence-based therapy includes the Gottman Method, Emotionally Focused, Solution Focused, and Integrative Behavioral Couples Therapy. For couples where one partner is considering divorce, Discernment Counseling is increasingly well known. But even being certified in one of these methods isn't enough. While we require Level III (advanced) training in the Gottman Method, and pre-certification in Discernment counseling, we hire life-long learners. Your clinicians strengthen their expertise by training in multiple models to help troubled couples. 

President Kathy McMahon talking to her couples therapists

 Retreats in person or online

What makes us different?

Collaboration, experience, and a dedication to excellence. Experience matters and some of our clinicians have over 40 years working with couples. They have the know-how to help. Looking for a particular model? No one theoretical approach can effectively help every couple in Las Vegas. The most effective couples therapists cross-train in a variety of evidence-based practices. These types of specialists make up our group.

Couples Therapy Inc. is an international organization offering comprehensive evidence-based couples therapy. We’ve built our reputation around working effectively with the toughest couples using an all-inclusive model. Let us help you build a happy, healthy relationship.


Countries served


Languages spoken


Trained Clinicians


Client Reviews

 Where to stay

Enjoy a romantic getaway in one fabulous Las Vegas resort location

Some couples ask us to suggest a romantic inn during their marriage intensive retreat Las Vegas. If they plan to enhance their sexual intimacy, they want the right setting. They ask for a weekend with a hot tub, massages and great food. They want to combine a romantic weekend with the work of improving their marriage with expert couples counseling.


Let us suggest:

Crockfords Las Vegas, LXR Hotels & Resort

A Hilton hotel with a seven-pool complex; the largest on the Strip. You'll have a VIP pool if you stay here, with an 1800-square-foot infinity oasis that overlooks the city.

The Fountain of Youth is made up of six vitality pools, a crystal laconicum, steam rooms, mist showers, and a rain walk at Awana Spa. A deep-cleansing Hydrafacial and the foot spa are perfect after a day of intimate connecting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are our most frequent inquiries about our intensive couples therapy retreats in Las Vegas, NV.

Have a question that isn't answered here?

What is done at a couples retreat?

While some retreats are group experiences, a couples therapy retreat in Las Vegas is real marriage therapy: a personalized one-to-one experience. It is just you and your partner with one highly trained psychotherapist. After a thorough relationship history and individual meetings, the therapist provides you evidence-based feedback about your relationship. Feedback includes a detailed "map" of your relationship strengths and areas needing enhancement. We implement this tailored treatment plan over the remaining time.

What are the benefits of couples retreat, Las Vegas?

Couples retreats can offer a range of benefits for relationships. They fall into seven categories:

  1. Devote quality time and a conscious break from routine stressors in a safe and supportive environment. Have a shared experience and develop a deeper understanding of each other's needs and desires.
  2. Increase trust to strengthen your emotional connection.
  3. Heal from regrettable incidents with professional guidance.
  4. Rekindle romance and enhance intimacy.
  5. Develop a renewed appreciation for each other and for the value of your unique history and bond.
  6. Develop effective tools for problem-solving and conflict resolution.
  7. Improve communication and problem-solving skills.
  8. Develop tools for continued growth as an individual, couple, and family. 

What kind of therapist is best for us as a couple?

You want a therapist who is not only licensed but has very specific post-graduate training in a science-based approach to helping couples. You also want someone devoted to the work of helping couples working at least 50% of the time exclusively with couples. Instead of one model, you want someone exposed to several therapy approaches.

Do you work with all types of couples?

Yes! We work with all couples. Married long term or not, GLBTQ+ or straight, monogamous or not. We work with non-religious couples and those who are interested in a Christian perspective using one of our specialty clinicians. You do not need to be a married couple.

Do you work privately or in small groups?

We work with one couple at a time with one therapist.

How are you different from other marriage retreats in Las Vegas?

Three ways.

1. Couples Therapy Inc. clinicians are highly trained specialists. Several have more than 40 years of experience. If you choose a marriage retreat, Las Vegas couples should consider that we are specialists in this mode of help, with over a decade of experience working in this format.

2. We use the most extensive assessment we know of that is scored and reviewed prior to your attending. We pinpoint exactly what types of improvements are needed for conflict resolution.

3. Our marriage counseling helps one couple at a time to reconnect, improve their communication, and rebuild trust. This is not a group experience.

I don't see my location listed. Is there a marriage retreat near me?

Yes. We have three dozen therapists across the USA and in three other countries.

What type of therapy approaches do you offer?

All of our therapists have advanced training or certification in the Gottman Method. There are approximately 450 certified Gottman therapists in the world. We also have therapists trained in Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFT), Imago, the Developmental Model, a Behavioral approach, and sex therapy.

Does insurance cover this?

Insurance rarely covers any form of couples counseling, as it is not considered "medically necessary." Intensive couples therapy retreats are no different.

Do it for yourself.
Do it for each other.

Schedule a complimentary consult with our team and start on
your path to reignite your relationship.

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