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First Time Parents

What changes should we expect for our marriage as first-time parents and how can we prepare to nurture our relationship as we enter this new season? This is a BIG question. So big, in fact, I wrote

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Marriage and Friendship and Intimacy; Critical Ways to Care for One Another

Marriage and friendship...what are friends for? Friendship is essential in intimacy. Because friendship, if you think about it, is the building block of our lives. We get to know people and become

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Can a Marriage Survive an Affair After COVID? 4 Important Steps to Make Sure the Healing Continues

As we have been shut down as a society, there will be changes for some couples as the world begins to open up again, I am especially thinking of the couples who are healing from an affair. Some of

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Looking for Change in Marriage? How 10 Reasons Not to Change Can Promote…Change

10 reasons not to change can actually promote change in marriage I want to take some time in this post to talk about an uncomfortable topic...change in marriage. It’s a word on the lips and in the hearts

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Want to be Lucky in Love? 3 Essential Ways to Increase Your Odds

What does lucky in love mean? Recently I was asked about writing a “lucky in Love” blog post. I wondered what does it mean to be lucky in love?I was initially baffled. Is this even a suitable topic?

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Too Much Stuff?

My partner thinks that we have too much stuff, she even calls me a "hoarder." I think she is overly controlling of our space-always wanting everything perfect. I want to have 15 framed photos even if

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