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Building Trust

My boyfriend hasn’t given me a reason to not trust him and yet I still have a compulsion to check his phone to see who he is talking to and what he's saying. How do I learn to simply trust?  Trust

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Connecting when you have kids

What are some specific ways of finding time to connect with each other when you have kids? This simply requires creative thinking.Some couples schedule these get togethers as they schedule religious

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3 Relationship Killers

What would you say are 3 things that are killers to relationships? There are many more than three, but here are big ones in no particular order:1. Spending little time together, living apart, or maintaining

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Avoiding Conflict

My girlfriend avoids conflict at all costs, how can I make her feel safe enough to embrace our problems for what they are? A lot of what you can do is going to depend upon why she is conflict avoidant.

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3 Rules for a Happy Marriage

If you had to give three rules to couples for a happy healthy and long-lasting marriage, what would they be? 1Take your relationship more seriously than you take any other job you have. If your partner

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First Time Parents

What changes should we expect for our marriage as first-time parents and how can we prepare to nurture our relationship as we enter this new season? This is a BIG question. So big, in fact, I wrote

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