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A message from Marisa

I believe that a good therapist is one who connects with clients and their worldviews in a meaningful way and can help improve a person’s life forever. Part of my job as a therapist is to instill hope in one or both individuals in order to move forward with the work of repairing and improving their relationship. It makes a great deal of difference to the couples who come to me for help – they often feel despair, anger, stuck, unable to contemplate a happier future, or imagine how their relationships can change for the better. But I believe change is possible! I’m so excited to work with couples who are willing to work hard at improving the quality of their lives and their relationships.

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Texas: Marriage & Family Therapist # 201375

Where I practice

Clinical Office: Houston, Texas

Online intensives and follow up sessions: Texas



B.S. in Psychology – University of Houston

M.S. in Marriage and Family Therapy – Our Lady of the Lake

You’ll be in remarkably good hands with our advanced licensed relationship experts.

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Client Reviews

Feedback from my couples

I’d describe our relationship as ‘stuck’ in a cycle of criticism and judgment.

Marisa Mundey had a very endearing personality. Non-judgmental. Made us feel like she understood us both, yet could challenge us where we needed to be confronted. It was like a pressure relief valve was opened and we were reminding of the good we shared. It was a reminder of the good that attracted us to each other in the beginning. It allowed us the space to get ‘un-stuck’ from our cycle of conflict. The Big Book Assessment saved weeks of time for our therapist to get to know us and our issues in a much better way.

Recent Client Reports

It was truly a great experience!

Thank you so much Marisa!! I can’t stop taking about how good our session was with you!! It’s already made a big difference!! Thanks again for your great advice and suggestions! I was really dreading it, but came out feeling much better not only with my marriage, but about myself.

Recent Client Reports

I had wanted to go to therapy for years, but my husband wasn’t willing.

I loved everything about Marisa Mundey. She has the perfect demeanor and sees right to the heart of the situation without scaring anyone away.

Recent Client Reports