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A message from Dr. Gorman

Although I am steeped in evidence-based practices including Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy and the Gottman Method, my work is more than science-based. Couples therapy is sacred work for me. I love to dance, and my favorite is the Argentine Tango. To dance skillfully, partners need to be attuned to each other, negotiate, balance, and connect. They need to be flexible and responsive as they move together, as they easily lead or follow the other’s lead. When they are overly focused on their own steps, or concentrating too hard to please their partner, the dance feels forced and awkward. I bring the essence of tango into my work with couples.

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Massachusetts Licensed Psychologist: # 6304
Massachusetts Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist: # 766

Where I Practice

Clinical office: Amherst, Massachusetts

Online intensives and follow up sessions: Massachusetts



B.A. in Psychology – University of Wisconsin (Madison)

M.A. in Counseling Psychology – Lesley University

Ed.D. in Counseling Psychology – University of Massachusetts (Amherst)

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Client Reviews

Feedback from my couples

We could have never made this progress spread out over 2-3 months of 1 hour sessions.

We had a marriage on the brink, we had significant difficulty communicating and navigating the issues that we had been dealing with over the last several years.

I thought that couples’ therapy was unlikely to be effective. I was concerned that it would be painful and difficult and embarrassing. We had each went to counselors which were primarily involved with the other spouse. It was not successful before.

Dr. Patricia Gorman is amazing, so knowledgeable and skillful. She knew our story, having read our Big Big Books ©. That was very important. She is a great listener. She was able to direct us in a balanced way. She let each of us be heard. She recognized key parts of our narratives and responded to them in a thoughtful and respectful way. I am sure that she understood way more than she indicated. She was a solid, non-judgmental active, guiding listener. A good balance of listening and guidance or direction.

We were able to break through to the difficult issues and address them in a way that was impossible before, without help.

We could have never made this progress spread out over 2-3 months of 1-hour sessions. We had reached a point where additional delay would have been destructive. So, the format was important. Also, the Big Big Book helped the therapist, but it also helped me to organize my thoughts and feelings, so that is a very helpful tool. I think that the expertise of the therapist was crucial.

My wife and I were able to reconnect in a meaningful way. Address the concerns and issues that were undermining our relationship. To have a plan for how to address them moving forward. It also provides a venue for additional help moving forward.

Recent Client Reports

Our New Year is filled with hope and love.

Our New Year is filled with hope and love.
We were on the brink of divorce. Barely speaking. I was afraid there was no hope and couples therapy would solidify that. I had brought my partner to my individual therapist. It was not successful. I found it hard to talk about my past. Dr. Gorman was amazing, nonjudgmental, and was able to help us open up and be honest with each other in safe environment. We are able to understand the other person better and have new tools to keep us from attacking when we are angry or withdrawn.

My husband and I are able to identify the triggers in our relationship, we can communicate without fear and we now have options to help us calm down and focus on what is important. Thank you, Dr. Gorman. You are a wonderful person and the best therapist we have ever met. I am so grateful for your expertise and patience. Our New Year is filled with hope and love.

Recent Client Reports

We already feel much closer and are focusing on what make us “us”.

We already feel much closer and are focusing on what make us “us”.
Previous couples therapy brought some improvement but not as much as desired.

We liked CTI for the Gottman method (strongly research-based) and the time frame (greater opportunity to follow-up on issues that arise).

Dr. Gorman was excellent at facilitating conversation, drawing out more when needed, and ensuring both partners had time to both address and listen to concerns.

We now have increased passion/romance, improved understanding of the “why” behind our individual reactions/approaches, and significantly increased connection.

We already feel much closer and are focusing on what makes us “us”.

The approach just makes so much sense; focusing on the positive and building strength within the relationship.

Recent Client Reports