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A message from Dr. Herdani

Couples want to feel connected and loved, yet maybe they didn’t have good marital role models at home growing up. Or maybe, like me, they had excellent role models and can’t figure out why their relationship isn’t working. Do you have difficulty talking to each other in a way that leaves you feeling heard and understood? I want to help you re-examine your views on how to be a couple and learn to form a more productive relationship. In my work, you’ll learn conflict management skills. You’ll experience a strong, safe, modeling presence. I demonstrate how to connect, empathize, understand, and support your partner even when you do not necessarily agree with their point of view.

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Maryland: LCPC # 2164
Texas: LPC # 71840
Florida: LMHC # 18261

Where I Practice

Clinical office: Davie, Florida

Online intensives and follow up sessions: Florida, Maryland, South Carolina, and Texas



B.A. in Translation/Interpretation – Ibero-Americana School of Art and Human Sciences

M.S. in Organizational Counseling – John Hopkins University

Post-masters certificate in Clinical Counseling – John Hopkins University

Ph.D. in Behavorial Health – International University of Graduate Studies

You’ll be in remarkably good hands with our advanced licensed relationship experts.

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Client Reviews

Feedback from my couples

We were able to explore our entire lives.

We were able to explore our entire lives.
Our relationship was strained. We were trying to reconcile after a long affair.

This was our first experience with couples therapy. We liked the fact that we could be intensively focused on us for an entire weekend. We are busy people and this worked well for us.

I was nervous about opening up to a stranger about the intricacies of our marriage. I was ashamed that we were even in this situation in the first place.

Eliane Herdani was very kind. She spoke with compassion for our situation and allowed us space to be vulnerable with each other. Eliane gave us communication tools to help in the future.

We are more patient with each other. We allow emotions to occur in safe spaces. He recognizes my anger and sadness and helps us work through those times. We talk more about how we are feeling. We listen to what the other has to say before starting our own conversation. We understand our pasts better to help us move into our future

This was a great experience for us. Eliane is amazing and we really connected with her. We were able to explore our entire lives, from childhood to present day in a way that was comforting and safe. We plan to do intensives again in the future. To help build on what we already have achieved.

What would you say to couples that are considering working with Couples Therapy Inc.?

Take the entire weekend. Do not attempt to do this right down the street and return home each evening to the stress of kids and family life. Travel to your intensive. Turn it into a weekend getaway. So that you can focus 100% on each other. Yes, this is expensive. But in my opinion, worth it in every way.

Recent Client Reports

I can’t recommend her enough.

We wanted to take a minute to let CTI know how fabulous Dr Herdani is, she truly saved our marriage. Her approach was exactly what we needed and she presented it with such kindness and expertise. She was so accommodating to our different styles of communication and did it all while making us feel comfortable and heard. I can’t recommend her enough.

Recent Client Reports