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A message from Dr. Burford

As a minister, trauma therapist, and spiritual director, I see firsthand how families suffer from unprecedented stress these days, which can be a major enemy of marriages. But stress doesn’t have to turn marital partners into enemies, nor need it be allowed to destroy a relationship. There are ways we can protect each other and, in the process, protect our marriages. A healthy marriage is about valuing instead of invalidating the ways we are different. We can have different ideas about our shared lives and still help each other be our best selves. I would love to help you gain tools and understandings that will enable you to experience a new, mutually satisfying marriage.

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Kansas: # 03316

Missouri: # 2024002057 

Where I Practice

Clinical office: Overland Park, Kansas

Online intensives and follow up sessions: Kansas and Missouri



B.S. in Social Work – Kansas State University

Master of Divinity – Princeton Theological Seminary

M.A. in Counseling – Mid-America Nazarene University

Doctor of Ministry – Talbot School of Theology Biola University

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Client Reviews

Feedback from my couples

We will forever be grateful to Doug. He gave our marriage a second chance.

We were in a place after 20 years of marriage where we weren’t understanding one another and were considering divorce.

We had done therapy one other point in our marriage, and had a good experience but never with Couples Therapy Inc.

We chose Couples Therapy because of Doug’s years of experience and because he is Christian based. We were hesitant due to a fear of judgment and getting someone who didn’t get our issues.

Doug helped us to find ways to understand one another, and to know that we were both trying to accomplish the same things but with different approaches. We learned to be on the same team.

Doug was understanding, non-judgmental and related everything we did back to a biblical basis, which was so beneficial for us. The videoed fight was eye-opening and good to see. It made our issues easier to see.

I would recommend Doug and actually have already to a few close friends and family. I would trust him to get to the root of their issues and give solid tools to use to better their marriage

Now we have a different approach to arguments. More of a discussion to understanding rather than a fight. Work in progress and implementation of tools given. More understanding of one another than we have had in years.

We will forever be grateful to Doug. He gave our marriage a second chance

What would you say to couples that are considering working with Couples Therapy Inc.?

Don’t give up on your spouse. Put in the work. It’s worth it

Recent Client Reports

We feel confident in our new tools and skills that Dr. Doug has taught us.

Our relationship was troubled. We had begun couples therapy weekly regimens prior to attending Couples Therapy Inc. It didn’t feel that we did much or progressed much in our weekly sessions. Also, the therapist seemed to have to be reminded of our problems because she didn’t seem to remember anything about us each week.

Dr. Doug Burford was very kind and easy to talk with. He was great at promoting spiritual involvement without feeling preached to. He was absolutely great. We feel confident in our new tools and skills that Dr. Doug has taught us. And we feel stronger that we can face future challenges together as a team. We feel we are now capable of continuing healing and communicating without hurting each other. We don’t fear a potential conflict. We know each other on a deeper level that we never knew existed and now we can pursue getting stronger.

We had an amazing experience with Couples Therapy Inc. The whole process has helped us so much. My husband and I feel like we have a renewed relationship or new in general. We know each other on a deeper level that we never knew existed and now we can pursue getting stronger.

Recent Client Reports

I believe CTI saved me from intense trauma.

My partner confessed to having an affair, which seemed connected to some of the work-related tension in our relationship. We wanted to give the relationship a chance to move forward and we knew we needed professional support to have any chance of success.

This was the first time we had tried couples therapy.

The program at CTI was clear and structured. Many others seemed a bit nebulous based on their websites. CTI was also very quick to respond to our inquiry and I really liked Olivia and felt I could trust her.

I was worried that the whole thing would devolve into hurtful revelations. With the affair, I knew I needed to ask questions about it, but I also didn’t want to learn things I would regret knowing. I was concerned that the therapist might just sit back and let us talk rather than guiding the conversation. I also had some fears that my partner and I would default to people pleasing and toxic positivity, which is our normative pattern but was not going to get us to where we needed to be.

Dr. Doug Burford was fantastic. He had clearly read our BIG BIG Books and knew about our backgrounds. He was very good at guiding us through conversations without being intrusive, and he shared so many tools and frameworks that we have already started using.

I was most impressed with how Doug handled the “surprise” revelation, which my partner had revealed in his BIG BIG Book—he’d had multiple affairs and may be a sex addict. Doug was amazing at guiding my partner through sharing this with me. Obviously it was horrible to hear, but Doug was very careful to help manage the timing and tone of the revelation without ever seeming to butt in—my partner was able to share this with me without us having to deal with it on our own. I’m really grateful for that.

Working through the affair and sex addiction will take some time. But we had also struggled with overwork and evening complaining/negativity. The tools we got from CTI have already helped us to break that pattern, less than a week in. We are loving the “6 hours to a better relationship” framework. It is helping the relationship AND I am personally feeling much calmer and more relaxed in the evenings.

Would you recommend your couples therapist and Couples Therapy Inc.? If so, why? If not, why not?

Yes, with no hesitation. As a betrayed partner who really had no idea I would be learning about multiple affairs at our intensive, I believe CTI saved me from intense trauma. If my partner and I had been on our own in that conversation, I don’t think we could have been as open and honest, and I don’t think I would have been as comfortable really feeling my feelings. Having Doug there to support and structure the conversation made me feel like I could really focus on myself, because I knew he would step in if things started to get too intense.

What would you say to couples that are considering working with Couples Therapy Inc.?  

Do the intensive and stay in a hotel while you do. Because it was just 3 days away, all contained, none of the negative stuff spilled into our day-to-day relationship. I really felt like we were able to leave the retreat with hope, and almost have a fresh start.

Recent Client Reports