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Dr. Johnson-Nelson

Healthy and stable partnerships provide the foundation from which families and communities grow. Many of the adults I have worked with have struggled with issues from their childhood family structure. These issues often impact the ability to form fulfilling couple relationships in the future. I work to help couples identify and address the obstacles that hinder their ability to achieve the level of happiness and satisfaction they are striving towards. If you’re motivated to actively participate in doing the hard work of therapy, if you see the value in your relationship, I want to work with you. Let’s work together to make a better relationship happen.

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Georgia: MFT # 001257

Where I Practice

Fayetteville, Georgia

Online intensives and follow up sessions: Georgia



B.A. in Psychology – Spelman College

M.S. in Marriage and Family Therapy – University of Maryland

Ph.D. in Couple and Family Therapy – Drexel University

You’ll be in remarkably good hands with our advanced licensed relationship experts.

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Client Reviews

Feedback from my couples

She was amazing in both of our opinions.

It was in an extremely fragile state. We were existing together, nothing more. Our core issues were respect, communication, and understanding.

We tried couples therapy before, but it only created more frustration and division.

We liked Couples Therapy Inc for the use of the Gottman Method and reviews.

Honestly, the cost made us pause.

Dr. Alexis Johnson-Nelson’s ability to comprehend our issues, validate our individual concerns, and give us the tools needed to improve as one. She was amazing in both of our opinions. She made us both remember our “why,” which is what we had forgotten.

We are more open and honest with one another. It’s more about how we say it versus what we say, and we’re listening to one another now, allowing us to re-create a safe space in our union. We’re becoming more intentional in our actions.

I would highly recommend working with Dr. Johnson-Nelson & Couples Therapy. She opened our eyes to the fact that “life” had affected our love, and we are actively implementing to toolkit she gave us to continue to work on us.

It’s pricey, but one’s marriage is an investment. Investing in Couples Therapy was worth it for us.

Recent Client Reports

Investing in Couples Therapy was worth it for us.

Our relationship before we contacted Couples Therapy Inc was in fight or flight mode. We had reached our breaking point and needed to make some serious changes and progress to continue as a couple. Lack of intimacy was a core issue that we needed to improve as well as learning how to communicate in an effective and meaningful way.

We had tried couples counseling and the experience was very disappointing.

We both liked the idea of an intensive weekend that would allow us to dig into deep issues without a lot of time going by in between sessions. We also liked the science based approach.

My hesitation was that it we would not make progress in our marriage and that it would push us further apart.

Dr. Johnson-Nelson was very intentional and was a great listener. She was good at helping us get to the core issues and understand each other better. From my point of view it was very emotional and Dr. Johnson was empathetic and compassionate. She checked in on how we were feeling often.

The hopeless feeling we both had about our relationship and the feeling that we lacked  the ability to make changes has become less of a constant feeling.

We gained skills to communicate and understand each other better. We have goals for our relationship and tools to help us reach those goals. We learned more about each other and became more empathetic.

I would recommend both our therapist and Couples Therapy Inc. Dr. Johnson is very knowledgeable in the Gottman method and good at getting to the root of an issue. They will not regret working with Couples Therapy Inc. No matter the outcome you will gain invaluable tools that will help you have a deeper connection and understanding to your partner.


Recent Client Reports