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The Marriage Retreats in Washington State is in Port Roberts, make it easy for you to receive intensive help for your marriage in either the Gottman Method or Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy. If you live in BC consider taking a short trip to experience the benefits of working with our 30+ Team members here at Couples Therapy Inc.  We're an international organization with clinicians all over the USA, San Juan, Ireland, Australia and Canada.

Our clinician holdings a couples retreat Washington State have over 30 years of clinician experience helping couples. And our organization is devoted to both a Couples Retreat and Online Couples Therapy. Dr. Michael McNulty is a Senior Master Trainer for the Gottman Institute, the premier organization training couples therapists around the world. He's also been practicing for over 30 years.

Dr. Mike McNulty is a certified Gottman Method Therapist and Master Trainer.

Advanced Assessment

Prior to coming into the Marriage Retreat Washington State, you will complete an online assessment that includes not only a full Gottman Assessment, but many other instruments. It's so complete in fact, that we call it "The BIG BIG Book of Relationships." Each of you complete it separately without discussing your answers.  Your BIG BIG Book is studied and scored prior to your first Marriage Retreat meeting.


We hold our Washington State Marriage Retreats primarily on the weekends, Friday night, and all-day Saturday and Sunday, but midweeks are also available. Intensive Marriage Retreats are all we do, and we have a Team of support staff to help you determine if a Marriage Retreat in Washington State is right for you, and help you interview and select the right professional. We also provide information on accommodations to ease the hassle of arrangements.

What are these Marriage Retreats in Washington Like?

The first evening of the intensive is much like a classic Gottman Method Couples Therapy assessment: Our first two hours are spent exploring the extent to which you understand your partner's issues, and your early history Gottman calls "The Oral History." Saturday morning, we start by taping the both of you discussing an area of contention.  That lasts 10 minutes and helps us to plan our interventions. We next continue with individual meetings so that you'll have a chance to express yourself directly to your couples therapist. 

Lunch is after this.  

Returning from lunch is a feedback and goal-setting session where your couples therapist explains their understanding of the dynamics that are creating the greatest pain, and where the focus of the marriage retreat should be placed. Assuming you agree with the therapist's assessment, the treatment portion of your Marriage Retreat begins immediately afterward.

More on the Outline of These Assessments.

´╗┐Feedback Session´╗┐ Marriage Retreat Washington

Your couples therapist will discuss their findings gathered during the assessment process. Couples are often surprised by how much information we've integrated about their family situation, and how this guides the way we plan to proceed:

  • We'll talk about what we see as your relationship strengths,
  • Areas that need improvement to move forward
  • Issues we need to focus on in this Couples Retreat.

We base our recommendations on:

  • The assessments you've completed ("The BIG BIG Book"),
  • Our couples interview
  • Our individual interviews
  • The videotape we've done of your  communication patterns.

We invite your own insights and feedback as well.

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At this point, you have just completed one of the most thorough marital diagnosticc assessments available today.

Meet the Master of the Marriage Retreat Washington State

Dr. Michael McNulty 

Dr. McNulty was chosen to be in the first group of trainers certified and permitted to teach all levels in the Gottman certification program. He has also served as Lead Trainer and Consultant in Sri Lanka receiving five Fulbright Senior Specialists Grants to support lay counselors helping clients affected by war and disaster. Drs. John & Julie Gottman have described Dr. McNulty as:

"...that rare combination of gifted therapist and teacher who possess profound wisdom, deep compassion, and brilliant skill. He is one of the best clinicians we've had the privilege to know...He is a gift to us and hopefully will be to you, too."    Drs. John & Julie Gottman.

"Fly Me" Therapist*
Schedule for this Gottman Retreat for couples is limited. Book early.

Master Trainer for the Gottman Institute

Teaches The Art and Science of Love

Licensed in Illinois.  Coming soon: Washington.

Dr. McNulty's Gottman Marriage Retreat is held in Chicago, Illinois and soon Port Roberts, Washington.

 Seek Out Qualified Help.

Research has demonstrated that a science approach is 70-92% effective in helping couples. These retreats equal almost 6 months of conventional therapy. Begin with a weekend. Follow up online or continue with your local therapist. We provide the "jump start" you need for focused, effective work. Ways to meet?
You come to us or we meet online.