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A Private Couples Retreat MN - Marriage Counseling MN and the Twin Cities

Now offering intensive online couples therapy

Concentrated Couples Therapy MN couples rely upon for experienced help with their marriage.

Meet Our Couples Therapist Providing Intensive Marriage Counseling in Minneapolis -
One of 25+ Clinicians Chosen Worldwide

Psychologist Diane Foy in Minneapolis has 28 years of practice with advanced training in the science of helping couples.

Couples Counseling MN:

Working privately with both of you for the entire weekend.

Want to attend a Couples Retreat in Chaska, Minnesota?

Choose Experience

Diane is a distinguished member of our international team of 30+ clinicians. She has advanced training in a science-based form of marriage counseling MN. 

The training and experience of your therapist should be your first priority in choosing the best marriage counselors in Minneapolis for your retreat.

Allow us to introduce our Couples Counseling MN professional.

Senior Relationship Therapist

With over 28 years of post-graduate experience, Diane has advanced training in the Gottman Method,  strategic and hypnotherapeutic techniques. She is a Member of the Minnesota Psychological Association and licensed as a psychologist (#3144) by the State of Minnesota Board of Psychology. 

Supervisor, Advisor

In addition to supervising graduate psychology student interns, Diane has worked with adults with severe and persistent mental illness and developed a variety of training programs, including an affect management group for woman. She's conducted consultation, training and leadership development in a variety of settings. She is most passionate about couples counseling, Minneapolis!

The Premier International Couples Therapy Team:

Couples Therapy Inc.

Your marital happiness depends upon choosing the best couples therapy available. We've selected 25+ of the world's top trained couples therapists in the USA, Europe, Canada and Australia.

You'll be in good hands with the psychologist we've chosen to provide marriage counseling MN. She has experience, advanced training in helping couples, and experience with the toughest problems like affair recovery, chronic fighting, or emotional distance and sexual alienation.

Convenience is also important today. Our couples are busy professionals, and intensive marriage counseling MN is a form of couples help offering the highest chance of attending and completing treatment, and therefore the best odds of achieving relationship success.

Weekly sessions aren't in-depth enough for many couples. Intensive, science-based help combines six months of couples therapy in less than 3 days. And at 70-90% scientifically proven effective, it's perfect for busy couples.

Why a Private Couples Therapy Retreat MN?

Private couples counseling retreats: To conquer your greatest relationship challenges.

There are dozens of options for couples therapy, in Minneapolis and across Minnesota. But most are group psycho-educational experiences. Some offer couples romantic breaks or a luxury holiday in a beautiful location. But what good is a romantic weekend that ends in bickering and coldness? Some are faith-based, "couples boot camp retreat" groups, or focused solely on improving your communication which may be helpful for the mildly distressed.

Our private therapy retreats are different.

Science-based Couples Therapy Retreats

Weekend retreats for married couples, or those in committed relationships.

Our marriage counseling retreats help one couple at a time to reconnect, improve their communication and rebuild trust. And get at the heart of the matter. Diane Foy has been helping couples and families in Minneapolis and the Twin Cities for over twenty-seven years.

You can trust her with your relationship, too.

Couples Therapy Inc.'s team is comprised of primarily mature, senior clinicians offering marriage counseling not only in Minneapolis, but in 30 other locations around the USA and three others across the globe. This collaborative team holds these private, therapeutic online intensives couples retreats with one couples at a time with one highly-skilled therapist. 

It begins with an extensive online science-based questionnaire as part of your assessment.  We call it "The BIG BIG Book," and it contains more than 800 questions which are scored and analyzed before you attend.

Choose weekend couples counseling if you're in relationship distress. Or if you want to dramatically improve how you are relating now. While every marriage is different, and no marriage retreat can promise guaranteed results, our couples retreat serving MN offers you a step-by-step understanding of what types of science-based interventions will be most effective and impactful.

A couple that is committed to the process will leave with a deep, fundamental understanding of the particular challenges their marriages face. They will also discover what makes some relationship problems "unresolvable," and how to work with value and lifestyle differences.

We're the Couples Therapy Retreat MN relies upon. We serve couples of all kinds: straight and gay couples, those in long-term relationships, newly engaged or newlywed couples. Even couples facing the crisis of divorce or affairs. 

Ms. Foy is a Couples Therapist with advanced training in one of the most well-known science-based couples therapy: The Gottman Method. She will help you to break down barriers and get to the heart of your issues. She knows how to help Minnesota couples address long standing areas of conflict, infidelity, divorce threats, and other challenges such as managing early trauma histories, mental health or physical health issues, or extended family struggles that affect the partnership. Diane sees couples from around the Midwest, across the USA, and around the world.

Not simply a "Marriage Retreat." This is a marriage retreat applying real science-based help combined with maturity and advanced clinical acumen.

When You are in Pain, We're Here to Help.

Diane Foy is broadly trained as a psychologist. That means that she's learned many approaches to help a variety of personal and relationship ills.  She's a gifted member of the Greater Minneapolis therapeutic community.

Learn more about 40+ years of research helping couples. Learn more about The Gottman Method.

When weekly work is too difficult to schedule, one marriage retreat equals 6 months of traditional counseling.

Diane's availability in this couples therapy weekend is limited.

These are one-to-one retreats. Please book early for the best availability.

When your relationship faces stress, infidelity, or the threat of divorce, don't wait.

Get a jump-start and change around your relationship dynamics with a thoroughly trained expert with decades of science-based experience. This is the Couples Retreat MN relies upon.


Remarkably, yes, it can. It provides a firm foundation for real ongoing change. Bring us your most distressing problems. Happier couples attend, too, for a tune up. You'll learn how to change around marital unhappiness to team collaboration. "Hopeless" to "Hopeful." All in a single science-based weekend.

Almost ready to leave the marriage? Read about Last Shot Couples Therapy & Discernment Counseling.

Locations to Serve You:

Visit Diane

Minnesota Landscape Arboretum - Chaska

Diane's office is in Chaska, MN, a small town previously names the eighth-best city in the United States and a wonderful Minnesota region.

Chaska is home of the "World's Largest" 3D printed "Mustache" to be found at 516 N Pine Street in downtown Chaska! The mustache is nearly 12 feet wide, and took over 300 hours to print. It's also home to Softsoap and NorticTrack.

Chaska is an easy half-hour drive from Minneapolis and the Twin Cities.

What's a 'Fly Me' Therapist?

A woman stands in an airport watching a plane take off

Diane travels to your location.

We've created and perfected the concept of a "fly me" therapist for couples that prefer to work in their own city, town, or village.* Our couples therapist takes a hotel suite and the couples therapist conducts the couples therapy weekend in your chosen location.

Where to Stay?

Some couples want a luxury holiday while working in couples therapy with a highly-trained clinician. If they plan to enhance their sexual intimacy, they may want a romantic weekend. They prefer a weekend with outstanding natural beauty, a hot tub or country house. Or a luxury hotel.They want to combine a romantic weekend with the work of improving their marriage in expert couples counseling. 

Let us suggest:

Named after "The Mill City," originally after lumber - to 'hew' means to square beams from logs. The Hewing is a 120-year old building that was completely redone in 2016. With a traditional Finnish sauna, a spa pool, and curated bar serving seasonal and regional favorites.

The Rooftop is a one-of-a-kind North loop hangout. Soak in the sunlit poolside during the day, then watch the Minneapolis skyline come to life at night. Expect an amazing experience with second-to-none service.

  • It's one of the only hotels in the nation offering a "snowball vending machine" to take a little bit of Minnesota home with you in wintertime.
  • It also displays sixty-five beautiful blown glass "rain drops" designed and created by local Foci - the Minneapolis Center for Glass Arts cooperative. Be sure to search out the 9 purple raindrops designed as a tribute to singer Prince.
  • Enjoy the pampering Spa, fitness classes, sauna, steam room and heated swimming pool.
  • The restaurant, Tullibee pays just as much attention to obscure cuts of meat as it does to delicious lefse (a traditional soft Norwegian flatbread...) and artfully prepared vegetables with Nordic sensibilities.
  • Our favorite bedroom for couples who are struggling to spend pleasant time together is the George Henry Suite, a large corner suite with a bedroom door that shuts out the larger living area.

Are you looking for the “best” marriage counselors in Minneapolis to run your weekend marriage retreat? Using the "best" format?

Only you can determine who and what's "best" for yourself. And it may look confusing with an array of choices in those offering marriage counseling MN.

But it’s pretty easy really:

Sort out whether you want a “group” or “private one-on-one" couples retreat. Figuring out the best couples retreat for you and your relationship is based on a few simple guiding criteria.

Private Couples Retreat MN or Group Retreat in the Twin Cities: What's the difference?

  • Group retreats are relatively inexpensive compared with private one-to-one couples retreats. Look for a Group Couples Retreat in MN that teaches basic skills...or are just for fun. 
  • Intensive Couples Retreats are a more serious business. These Couples Therapy Weekends are for couples who want to enhance their intimate relationship or really turn around serious marital issues.

Here’s more about the differences so you can know how to judge:

Group Couples Retreats features:

  • Can be a psycho-educational, fun, physical, yoga, healing retreats, spiritual or religious retreats.
  • A workshop can offer insights and tools... but it's not couples therapy.
  • Ask for a curriculum or outline of the day’s events.
  • Examine the underlying structure and theories of what’s being presented.
  • Typically designed to teach communications skills to foster closeness, friendship, and trust.
  • The group experience might contain 4-400 couples or more held in an office, hotel or auditorium.
  • Typically they offers psycho-educational materials to take home and study.
  • Look for science-based group retreats.
  • Usually cost $750-$1000 for a weekend group retreat.

Private, Intensive Couples Therapy Retreat MN criteria:

  • These are private therapy marriage retreat experiences.
  • Run by a professional trained in the science of couples therapy. Or should be.
  • Look at the actual clinical skills of the couples therapist. That should be listed and clearly spelled out on the website. Look at their graduate training, post-graduate experience, objective training credentials in couples therapy and related recognition of professional certifications. It's not enough to be told that the therapist has "extensive training." Ask who offered that training and what objective certifications were given and by whom. We discovered that one agency "certified" it's own staff!
  • The Couples Therapist should have demonstrated skill and clinical experience in a science-based couples therapy approach. It’s been proven effective!
  • Estimate the actual cost of the Couples Retreat. You are paying for intensive Couples Therapy. Count up the number of actual clinical hours you’ll be in couples therapy. “Two-day” or “three-day” is a meaningless comparison if you only spend a few hours a day in actual couples therapy.
  • Figure out what comparable lodging will cost in the area (if that’s included). Subtract that out in order to determine the actual “cost” of your clinical couples therapy.

Find the right Couples Therapy Retreat MN for you by asking these five simple questions.

  1. Who offers these couples retreats in the MN? What’s your philosophy?
  2. Who actually runs that private marriage retreat we will be going to? What's the clinician's name?
  3. What do these couples retreats MN look like?
  4. Who should attend these couples retreats?
  5. How much do they cost?

1. Who offers this Couples Retreat?

It’s a basic question. Who are you? Who runs this company?

Remarkably on some websites, that's hard to determine.

About Couples Therapy Inc.

Couples Therapy Inc. is a specialty practice devoted solely to couples therapy. Our group of skilled couples therapists are among the most senior couples therapists on the planet.

Our practice is proudly composed of 25+ experienced couples therapists licensed as psychologists, marriage and family therapists, clinical social workers, and mental health counselors (or trainees), half of whom have more than 20 years of clinical experience.

We have over 558 collective years conducting doctoral, graduate and higher diplomas (international) psychotherapy in the USA, and across the world. Four of our team are Master Trainers with the prestigious Gottman Institute, training therapists around the world. They select who will and who won't be future Gottman therapists.

Seven of our team have attained the coveted Gottman Method Certification. Most have training in two or more science-based approaches. We specialize in science-based or evidence-based treatment to help couples in intensive couples retreats because we believe it has been proven effective. 

Understanding Science-based Skills in Couples Therapy

There are many approaches to helping couples and many writers on intimate relationships.

However, there are only two demonstrated methods of science-based couples therapy:

  • The Gottman Method and
  • Emotionally-focused Couples Therapy (EFT).

Each have levels of training associated with them:

  • The Gottman Method has Levels I, II, and III, and Certification.
  • EFT has 1. Externship, 2. Core Skills, and Certification.
  • There are also “supervisors” and “trainers of therapists.”

Look for a licensed therapist with the most advanced training in these methods that you can find, or, ideally, someone with experience in both. Diane Foy has advanced training in the Gottman method.

We’re proud to talk about our highly-skilled clinician running a couples retreat in the Twin Cities in just a moment, but first let’s talk about our philosophy about these Couples Therapy Retreats.

What is your philosophy about helping couples?

We believe in principled, science-based couples therapy. 

If you are religious, we don’t believe you should have to choose between clinicians who have deep faith and someone with a fundamental understanding of science-based marriage counseling.

If you hold no religious beliefs, we believe that a skilled clinician trained in science-based couples therapy should be your foremost criteria for finding the best couples retreat.

We see couples of every age, ability, income, race, nationality, profession, religion, abilities, and sexual orientations.

We are both secular and faith-based counselors.

Some of us are ministers. Some of us have no religious affiliation. But all of us share a deep belief in an organized study of couples.

We’ve chosen as our collective starting point a science-based approach from the famous Gottman Institute. But some of us have incorporated training in the OTHER science-based method, Emotionally-Focused Couples Therapy, the less well-known Solution Focused Couples Therapy, and clinically-grounded methods such as the Developmental Model or Imago Therapy.

For couples with a strong faith-based Christian perspective, we also have two ministers on our team (in Kansas City, Missouri metro area and in Missoula, Montana) and one marriage and family therapist in the deep South (in Charleston, South Carolina) with that same, pragmatic, science-based approach, but who also can help you bring a greater awareness and understanding of what’s gone wrong in your marriage by incorporating a Christian-based or biblical-based approach into your couples intensive retreat.

2. The Therapist Offering Couples Retreats MN

What’s the therapist’s name and credentials running these Intensive Couples Therapy Retreats in Minnesota?

Diane Foy is licensed psychologist in Minnesota with over 28 years of post-graduate experience. Diane has advanced training in the Gottman Method,  strategic and hypnotherapeutic techniques. She is a Member of the Minnesota Psychological Association and licensed as a psychologist (#3144) by the State of Minnesota Board of Psychology.

Ms. Foy's Evidence-based Treatment Model:

Trained at an advanced level of training with The Gottman Institute. (Levels 1, 2 & 3)

3. What do your Couples Therapy Retreats Look like?

These retreats aren’t a “couples bootcamp” of fun activities. They are private, individually-tailored couples therapy retreats for couples in distress that are scheduled typically over a weekend.

  • One highly skilled marriage counselor and one couple at a time.
  • Our retreats offer you an intensive couples therapy experience.
  • You meet for two hours with a skilled couples therapist on Friday night, and
  • Two full days on both Saturday and Sunday 9:30 am - 4:30 pm. 

That’s 7 hours of intensive couples therapy work each day, (not including breaks). Sixteen hours total face-to-face with a skilled couples therapist.

It’s not for the faint of heart. 

Many other alternative couples retreats offer marriage retreats that are half-day intensives of couples therapy work each day. This may be suitable for a couple in less relationship distress or those who want to allow time for sightseeing.

Our couples schedule a vacation if they want to sightsee. (Take a few extra days...)

The Couples Therapy begins with an “Assessment” of your Marital Relationship.

We begin with a relationship assessment prior to the start of your couples therapy retreat that has over 40 years of research behind it, the famous Gottman Method Couples Therapy Assessment. But we don’t stop there.

Our assessment instrument that we call “The BIG BIG Book” has over 800 questions in it. It will take you 2-3+ hours of work to complete. We want a thorough understanding of your relationship and its challenges. Each of you complete it online, separately.

It’s then scored, examined and your every word is interpreted several weeks before your intensive couples retreat, so that your couples counselor has the chance to understand your goals and needs more thoroughly.

We make it convenient for you, as each of you complete it separately online in the privacy of your home or office.

In-Person Assessment During the Couples Therapy Retreat

Then, in the weekend couples counseling we continue this “State of the Union” assessment in person, meeting first with both of you to gather a relationship oral history and problem profile. That’s enough for the two hours on Friday night.

The following day, we use a clinically-structured “disagreement” that we videotape and analyze. We use this tape to determine the presence of “The Four Horsemen” and begin to tailor our treatment plan to your needs.

After this, we meet with each of you alone, to provide the opportunity to get a more in-depth look at the way you personally see your relationship struggles.

None of this is “guesswork.” 

All of it is a part of a science-based couples counseling protocol designed by the Gottman Institute.

When therapy begins, it is highly-focused, clinically relevant, and “you informed” work. You know what we’ll be working on and exactly why.

4. Who should attend this Marriage Counseling Intensive in MN?

This intensive couples therapy is for those who are serious about change.

Our couples are not only highly motivated, but are ready for concrete action. They want  to learn what’s wrong in their relationship and how to fix it. And they trust an organized, research-driven, science-based approach with decades of experience and demonstrated results behind it.

Couples Therapy Inc. offers couples therapy retreats designed for extremely busy, high-powered couples in distress. Many are leaders in industry, the arts, education, or even psychotherapy. Most of our couples have tried weekly couples therapy, and “failed.”

Despite their strong commitment to working on their marriage, weekly work with an “All Purpose” generalist was inadequate to meet their needs. And fortunately, they gave up on the therapist instead of their marriages and looked for an intensive marriage retreat.

They wanted a more focused couples therapy retreat with the most experienced couples therapist they can find.

In place of actual clinical skills, many retreats offer you “support.” They promise to be “nonjudgmental” and motivated to helping you reach your goals. And to give you their “undivided attention” and “privacy.”

At Couples Therapy Inc. we believe these are basic psychotherapy skills we teach our graduates students, but they’re not enough.

Our practice of skilled, experienced couples therapists offer marriage retreats, couples retreats, and online couples therapy across the USA, Canada and Australia too.

Beyond the buzzwords, an intensive marriage counseling retreat is all about two things: The therapist's seniority, training and the approach.

Couples seek us out for a variety of reasons. Some have a strong, healthy relationship and want to keep it that way, while other couples have been impacted by more serious relationship damage such as affairs, poor fighting skills, resentments, long-standing anger, or painful, regrettable incidents.  

Affairs, Addictions, Violence & Psychiatric Conditions

Some spouses, especially the hurt partner, are desperate to work with a couples therapist after learning about an affair and many therapists welcome them into their intensive retreats without question. This is a wise decision for some married couples, and a painful waste of time and money for others. 

Our screening determines whether your level of emotional regulation and eating and sleeping patterns have stabilized enough to make use of this rigorous and costly work. If you're not yet ready, we may suggest, instead, spending time with one of our coaches individually, to focus on self-care, before a retreat is scheduled.

Our intensive couples therapy MN is also not appropriate for couples dealing with active addiction, domestic violence, or other ongoing psychiatric issues that require hospitalization, psychiatric medical care, or weekly work. 

In those situations, we recommend seeking a clinical assessment and possibly ongoing counseling with Diane Foy herself, in her weekly psychotherapy practice or another local clinician.

5. How much do these Private Intensive Marriage Counseling Retreats cost?

You are booking your couples therapist for 2 hours on Friday night, and 7 hours each for the next two days. And scoring the BIG BIG Book takes 2.5 additional clinical hours. That’s 18.5 hours. Our retreats range in price from $3000 to $5000 per couple (the owner, Dr. K, and joint (male-female team) retreats are more…) for 18.5 hours of clinical time, depending on the skills, credentials, and location of the therapist. Each therapist sets their own rate for these couples therapy weekends, and  Diane Foy sets her fee on the lower range of that range.

Contact us or visit our website for more details.

If you were seeing an  “All Purpose Therapist” for a classic 45-minute session, that would be almost 25 weekly sessions, or about 6 months of weekly help.

I'm not in Minnesota. Do you hold a couples retreat near me?

Most likely. We hold our retreats within 300 miles of most major cities in the USA and can fly* our skilled therapists to a location near you globally.

* We respect all restrictions placed on psychotherapists in some states or countries. We may need additional time to become licensed in those districts, states, or countries, or you may need to work in a hotel within Minnesota if needed.