What are your hours?

We span 19 time zones. For one therapist it’s 4 pm, for another 7 pm, a third 7 am the next morning. Our therapists also work different hours, some early mornings, some afternoons, or later in the evening. Some of them are available for weekend appointments as well as intensive work.

If you need a specific time of the day, our office can let you know which therapists on our team can see you. You can also email us at admin@couplestherapyinc.com.

How do I know the services to choose?

Our flagship product is intensive couples therapy. We are known for working with the most challenging couples successfully. You may have tried several previous therapists unsuccessfully. You may have complex or long-standing issues. Intensive couple retreat is your best option.

Do you have specific problems you'd like to solve and want to get started right away? Need straightforward help? Choose Coaching.

Coaches work with people anywhere in the world. Couples Therapist work within the states where they are licensed for residence of the USA.

How much does couples therapy cost?

Each of our clinicians set their fees based upon experience, level of training, and location. Our intensives range in price from $3500 - $6500.*

*Dr. K, the President of CTI offers a limited number of intensives at a higher fee. 

Do you take insurance?

No. With rare exception, couples therapy isn’t covered by insurance companies. Our billing statement is unlikely to facilitate your reimbursement and we are not affiliated with any HMOs or PPOs. We also do not accept payments from insurance companies. We recommend that you check with your insurance company to see what services your policy covers. Learn more.

Do you have a sliding scale?

We don’t have a sliding scale, but there is a significant range of prices charged by our clinicians. If affordability is a concern, check your listings for community service organizations providing low or no cost services.

Cash is tight: Do you offer payment plans?

Good news! Paypal will give you a six-month, or more, no-interest payment plan. You can learn more here. Marital Therapy is an excellent investment. Learn Why.

What is your success rate?

If only intimate relationships were all alike we could give you a conclusive answer. Unlike buying a toaster, the Intensive Couples therapy retreats come with no guarantees. But we can give you some guidelines for who benefits from them the most.

There is one element that every couples therapist knows they are helpless to change: motivation. We can help you remember why you got together. We can help you appreciate your partner’s better side. We can help you to get to know one another more intimately again and strengthen your Fondness and Admiration system. But goodwill, forgiveness, and a willingness to give it another chance or a “Last Shot,” is something only each of you can decide to do.

Research done on select populations of couples have found this approach to be  70-92% effective at reducing or eliminating distress. Particular behaviors can predict divorce with over a 95% accuracy rate. Our retreats teach you proven methods and provide an excellent jump start for healing relationships.

Couples have reported their impact in over 200 reviews.

And the mystery of love remains despite all this science:

  • Why does this perfectly functional marriage appear to crumble when all it would take would be a bit of goodwill? 
  • Why does another “disastrous” relationship succeed marvelously when all they have going for them is goodwill?

We are close to divorce. Think you can still help?

Only if one of you simply isn't interested in changing the relationship. “Last Shot” Couples Therapy is our specialty. Learn more about that here. Alternatively, Discernment counseling can help couples decide if divorce is the best alternative. Your direction between these two approaches is determined by collaboration with you and your clinician after your assessment.

How are intensives different than weekly work?

They’re a lot different.

Our work is a fundamental shift, not just “more of the same.” Think of the difference between espresso and a cup of "americano" coffee. Espresso is more than “strong coffee,” and an Intensive is more than simply “many therapy sessions combined.” You have the time to really reflect on your life, your goals, and your relationship.

Many of our couples have tried weekly couples therapy unsuccessfully. For couples who qualify, Intensives demand of you a higher quality of attention and is a more concentrated form of help. And the work begins before we see you, when you complete our extensive online assessment. We call this: The BIG BIG Book and it's sent to each of you right after payment.

We have two and a half full days to get to know each of you intimately. And we are available to you well past this single intensive weekend. 

For many couples, a single weekend is transformational. For others, it's a jumpstart into deeper work. Still others make complex decisions with greater clarity and conviction following this time.

Now you can complete these intensives in the comfort of your own home or get-away of your choice, until it is safe to return to in-person work.

Our marriage is great but the sex is not. Can you help?

We sometimes see happy marriages with non-existent sex lives. Sex therapy is a specialty and we have experienced and certified sex therapists on our team. We hold Private sex retreats for couples who want to work in a concentrated way on their sexual issues. Talk to your chosen therapist about their experience working with sexual issues or choose one of our advanced clinicians specializing in sexuality, Angela Voegele or our President, Dr. K.

How do I learn what dates are available?

Begin by finding a therapist licensed in your area. We'll set up a 15 minute meet and greet with them and we'll provide you their available dates. It’s on a “first-come-first-serve” basis. Once you’ve received an invoice from us pay your invoice to secure your date. to start the process.