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Confused or overwhelmed with options? 

An effective approach to couples therapy will look a little different. We put together this free course Upgrade Your Couples Therapy, to help you to do just that, upgrade your experience. Whether it is with us or any other couples therapist, your relationship deserves the best.

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Upgrade Your Couples Therapy

Our science-based approach heals intimate bonds. It's been clinically proven to lessen or alleviate relationship distress and enhance marital satisfaction. Connect with our most experienced couples therapists, using the most effective couples therapy methods. Dramatically improve your chances for success.

This free course walks you through what that process might look like for you and your partner.

About science-based couples therapy

Something has brought you to this place. Perhaps your relationship is feeling the strain of an infidelity or other trauma. Your relationship may have started to cool over the years and you miss the spark that you once felt. The pandemic has certainly placed a strain on many couples-there is a lot to manage in this world right now and you are looking for support.

You found your way here because you are searching for help and for the right kind of solutions. Many people don't take that step, kudos for having the bravery to seek support. You are on your way to discovering what our clients know--evidence-based couples therapy is the right way to support relationships.

A secure relationship provides a richer quality of life and a deeper, more intimate friendship.

Are you ready? Don't put it off.

Start the free course now and get instant access.

What will you find in the free course; Upgrade Your Couples Therapy?


Module 1: Getting started

We start off  talking about our approach, what you can expect in an intensive, and the BIG BIG Book. Then we will walk you through how to choose the right couples therapist and even the right type of therapy. Whether you work with us or with someone else, we want your relationship to be well-served.


Module 2: Difficult topics

Couples come to therapy for a variety of different reasons and this section takes on some challenging areas for couples. Dr. K and Daniel walk us through special considerations for; trauma, discernment counseling, and affair recovery. We've also included a special section for couples therapy "drop outs," many of our clients have tried other couples therapy approaches in the past and been discouraged by the results. Not to worry--our approach is different and it's already a good sign that you haven't given up!


Module 3: After therapy

What happens after therapy? We want to give you some groundwork to keep the momentum going. Follow-up care will look different from one couple to the next but we can give you some basic guidelines to consider.


Bonus materials

Back in 2014, we began to review the landscape of Couples Retreats. These are the most expensive services offered to help couples today. In 2014, some findings shocked us and they still do. And new problems appear, like fake review sites run by one company to promote their own retreats (naturally the “best.") Don’t be taken in. We've included a downloadable guide to finding the best retreat for you and your partner.

Critical resources, all in one place

You will watch videos and read through the lessons together. There is an approach for every learning style and every couple.

Move at your own pace

Do it all in a weekend or one unit at a time. Move through the recommended sequence or skip to the areas where you want to focus the most.

About Couples Therapy Inc.

Who we are

Couples Therapy Inc. is a team of two dozen clinicians practicing in three countries. We are all devoted to couples therapy. We all have training in The Gottman Method of Couples Therapy and others are certified or have advanced training in Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy as well. We share a common drive to improve, regardless of how much previous training or expertise we possess.

We've helped couples like just you all over the globe.

We have reviews from 200+ couples who spent the time, invested their resources, and got practical, tangible change. They describe how they became friends and lovers once again.


Angela was excellent and very good at listening and understanding.

Our relationship was a disaster, lack of communication and trust. Our previous therapy was completely unsuccessful. Angela was excellent and very good at listening and understanding. We have more understanding of; our behavior, that we are both at fault, and how to communicate with each other.

What would you say to couples that are considering working with Couples Therapy Inc.?


Washington DC Retreat - Angela Voegele ,

Neither of us could leave until the day was over and the therapist was there as a referee.

Our relationship was terrible, core issues were trust and communication. We did therapy a couple of years ago, it was not successful. We chose CTI because we wanted consecutive sessions as to not lose track of topics by going to weekly therapy. There haven’t been any changes as of yet.

Angela was calm and direct which was appreciated. I’m not certain that I would recommend it [CTI]. It was helpful to get everything out in a faster manner however you think of additional topics that could have been spoken about afterward [when you get home]. I believe there could have been a bit more one-on-one time with the therapist as well as one-on-one time on the last day of the retreat.

Benefits were the consecutive hours to try and work things out, neither of us could leave until the day was over and the therapist was there as a referee.

What would you say to couples that are considering working with Couples Therapy Inc.?

Go into it knowing that the therapist is there for those couple days but to carry on the lessons is extremely difficult without someone being the referee.

Washington DC Retreat - Angela Voegele ,


P.S. Are you a "scroller?" You came to the bottom of the page to get the bottom line, here it is: Upgrade Your Couples Therapy is our free online course that will walk you through how to get the most out of your couples therapy. Before you make that investment (with us or with anyone) get the facts on evidence-based couples therapy.

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