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Interested in conducting a private couples retreat in the UK?

UK couples have relied upon our Couples Retreats for experienced help with their marriage.

Now hiring an experienced Couples Therapist
To be a part of our team - one of 30+ chosen worldwide


We are interviewing distinguished members of the international community to join our team of 30+ clinicians. You need to have certifications and/or advanced training in two science-based forms of  marriage therapy. You will have advanced training or certification in the Gottman Method.

Investment in Training

Training and experience should be your first priority in advancing your skills as a marriage counselor.  Our team members are also broadly trained in Emotionally-Focused couples therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy.

Trainer of Therapists

Do  you teach other therapists how to work with couples? Will you travel across Europe UK, IE, Scotland, and other locations?

Our ideal candidate has the training to instill harmony in our couples over a private couples therapy weekend and the ability to teach other therapists to do the same.

The premier international couples therapy team: 

Couples Therapy Inc.

Our success depends upon choosing the best couples therapists available. We've selected 30+ of the world's top trained couples therapists in the USA, Canada and Australia.

Will you be one of them?

As you may already know, weekly sessions aren't in-depth enough for many couples. Intensive, science-based help combines six months of therapy in less than 3 days. And at 70-90% scientifically proven effective, it's perfect for busy couples.

Why a Couples Retreat UK?

Private couples counseling retreats: improve a couple's greatest relationship challenges.

There are hundreds of options for couples retreats across the world. But most are group psycho-educational experiences. Some offer couples romantic breaks or a luxury holiday in a beautiful location. But what good is a North Yorkshire romantic weekend that ends in bickering and coldness? Some are faith-based, "couples boot camp retreat" groups, or focused solely on improving your communication which may be helpful for the mildly distressed.

Our retreats are different.

Private, Science-based Couples Therapy Retreats

Weekend retreats for married couples or couples in a committed relationship.

Couples Therapy Inc. offers marriage counselling retreats which are private, therapeutic intensives. We help couples choose a weekend when their relationship is in relationship distress. Or if they want to dramatically improve how they are relating now. While every marriage is different, and no retreat can promise guaranteed results, our couples retreat in the UK offers couples a step-by-step understanding of what types of science-based interventions are most effective and impactful.

A couple that is committed to the process will leave with a deep, fundamental understanding of the particular challenges their marriage faces. They will also discover what makes some marital problems "unresolvable," and how to work with value and lifestyle differences. A skilled couples therapist will help them to get there.

Our marriage counselling retreats aren't "marriage counselling boot camps." We help one couple at a time to reconnect, improve their communication, and rebuild trust. You'll be helping UK couples from all over.

We're the Couples Retreat that the UK relies upon. We serve couples of all kinds: straight and gay couples, those in long-term relationships, newly engaged or newlywed couples. Even couples facing the crisis of divorce. 

Are you a seasoned therapist? Can you break down barriers, and get to the heart of issues with couples? Do you know how to help UK couples address long standing areas of conflict, infidelity, divorce threats, and other challenges? Can you help couples with managing early trauma histories, mental health issues, or extended family struggles that affect the partnership? If so, you may have what it takes to see couples from around the UK and the world.

When Couples are in Pain, We're Here to Help.

Only the most advanced Therapists are invited to join the Couples Therapy Inc. team. The ideal candidate is trained in multiple models and has learned many approaches to help a variety of relationship ills.  You'll also be a valued member of UK, IE, Scotland, and Europe's therapeutic community.

Learn more about 40+ years of research helping couples, The Gottman Method.

We need a Broadly trained Couples Therapy Clinician to conduct science-based retreats in the UK

When weekly work is too difficult to schedule, one marriage retreat equals 6 months of traditional counseling.

Your availability in this marriage counselling retreat-UK must be at least 12 couples therapy retreats weekends a year.


Remarkably, yes, it can. It provides a firm foundation for real ongoing change. We work with the most distressing problems. Happier couples attend, too, for a tune up. Couples learn how to change around marital unhappiness to team collaboration. "Hopeless" to "Hopeful;" all in a single science-based weekend.

We also work with couples who are almost ready to leave the marriage. Read about Last Shot Couples Therapy & Discernment Counseling. Training in Discernment Counseling is provided.

Are you dedicated to offering couples one of the best weekend couples retreat available in Europe today?

About Couples Therapy Inc.

Couples Therapy Inc. is a group of skilled couples therapists offering couples retreats across the world. Our practice is proudly composed of 30+ experienced couples therapists licensed as psychologists, marriage and family therapists, clinical social workers, and mental health counselors (or trainees). We have almost 600 collective years conducting graduate and higher diploma psychotherapy in Europe, the USA, and across the world. We specialize in science-based or evidence-based treatment to help couples in intensive couples retreats. 

Understanding Science-based Skills in Couples Therapy

There are many approaches to helping couples and much has been written on intimate relationships.

However, there are only two demonstrated methods of science-based couples therapy:

  • The Gottman Method and
  • Emotionally-focused Couples Therapy (EFT).

Each have levels of training associated with them:

  • The Gottman Method has Levels I, II, and III, and Certification.
  • EFT has 1. Externship, 2. Core Skills, and Certification.
  • There are also “supervisors” and “trainers of therapists.”

We look for a licensed therapist with the most advanced training in these methods that we can find or, ideally, someone with experience in both. 

Who Owns Couples Therapy Inc?

Dr. Kathy McMahon, a clinical psychologist with over 30 years of experience, owns and runs Couples Therapy Inc.

She began Couples Therapy Inc. with the goal of pulling together the best couples therapists they could find to conduct easy-to-access couples therapy anywhere on the globe.

What is your philosophy about helping couples?

We believe in principled, science-based couples therapy.

If you are religious, we don’t believe you should have to choose between clinicians who have deep faith and someone with a fundamental understanding of science-based marriage counseling.

If you hold no religious beliefs, we believe that a skilled clinician trained in science-based couples therapy should be your foremost criteria for finding the best couples retreat.

We see couples of every age, ability, income, race, nationality, profession, religion, abilities, and sexual orientations.

We are both secular and faith-based counselors.

Some of us are ministers. Some of us have no religious affiliation. But all of us share a deep belief in an organized study of couples.

We’ve chosen as our collective starting point a science-based approach from the famous Gottman Institute. But some of us have incorporated training in the OTHER science-based method, Emotionally-Focused Couples Therapy and clinically-grounded methods such as the Developmental Model or Imago Therapy.

For couples with a strong faith-based Christian perspective, we also have two ministers on our team (in Kansas City, Missouri metro area and in Missoula, Montana) with that same, pragmatic, science-based approach, but who also can help you bring a greater awareness and understanding of what’s gone wrong in your marriage by incorporating a Christian-based or biblical-based approach into your couples intensive retreat.

What do your Couples Retreats Look like?

These retreats aren’t a “couples bootcamp” of fun activities. They are private, individually-tailored retreats for couples in distress that are scheduled typically over a weekend.

  • One highly skilled counselor and one couple at a time.
  • Our retreats offer you an intensive couples therapy experience.
  • You meet for two hours with a skilled couples therapist on Friday night, and
  • Two full days on both Saturday and Sunday 9:30 am - 4:30 pm. 

That’s 7 hours of intensive couples therapy work each day, (not including breaks). Sixteen hours total face-to-face with a skilled couples therapist.

It’s not for the faint of heart. 

Many other alternative couples retreats offer marriage retreats that are half-day intensives of couples therapy work each day. This may be suitable for a couple in less relationship distress or those who want to allow time for sightseeing.

Our couples schedule a vacation if they want to sightsee.

The Couples Retreat UK begins with an “Assessment” of your Relationship.

We begin with a relationship assessment prior to the start of the couples therapy retreat that has over 40 years of research behind it, the famous Gottman Method Couples Therapy assessment. 

Our assessment instrument that we call “The BIG BIG Book” has over 800 questions in it. It takes clients 2-3+ hours of work to complete. We want a thorough understanding of the couple's relationship and its challenges. Each of the partners complete it online, separately.

It’s then scored, examined and their every word is interpreted several weeks before the intensive couples retreat, so that you have the chance to understand the client's goals and needs more thoroughly.

The couples find this instrument convenient as each of them complete it online in the privacy of their home or office.

In addition to your Gottman training, you will also work with our team to learn about our BIG BIG Book instrument. 

In-Person Assessment During the Couples Retreat

Then, in the couples intensive retreat the clinician continues this “State of the Union” assessment in person, meeting first with both partners to gather a relationship oral history and problem profile. That’s enough for the two hours on Friday night.

The following day, clinicians use a clinically-structured “disagreement” that we analyze. We use this to formulate our treatment plan.

After this, we meet with each of you alone, to provide the opportunity to get a more in-depth look at the way you personally see your relationship struggles.

None of this is “guesswork.” 

All of it is a part of a science-based protocol designed by the Gottman Institute.

When therapy begins, it is highly focused, clinically relevant, and “client informed” work. Both you and the couple will know what you’ll be working on and exactly why.

Who attends these Couples Retreats in the UK?

This intensive couples therapy is for those who are serious about change. Our couples are not only highly motivated, but are ready for concrete action. They want  to learn what’s wrong in their relationship and how to fix it.

And they trust an organized, research-driven, science-based approach with decades of experience and demonstrated results behind it.

Couples Therapy Inc. offers couples retreats designed for extremely busy, high-powered couples in distress. Most of our couples have tried weekly couples therapy, and “failed.”

Despite their strong commitment to working on their marriage, weekly work with an “All Purpose” generalist was inadequate to meet their needs. And fortunately, they gave up on the therapist instead of their marriages and looked for an intensive marriage retreat.

They wanted a more focused couples therapy retreat with the most experienced couples therapist they can find.

In place of actual clinical skills, many retreats offer you “support.” They promise to be “nonjudgmental” and motivated to helping you reach your goals. And to give you their “undivided attention” and “privacy.”

At Couples Therapy Inc. we believe these are basic psychotherapy skills we teach our graduates students, but they’re not enough.

Our practice of skilled, experienced couples therapists offer marriage retreats, couples retreats, and online couples therapy across the UK, the USA, Canada and Australia too.

Beyond the buzzwords, an intensive marriage retreat is all about two things: The therapist and the approach.

Couples seek us out for a variety of reasons. Some have a strong, healthy relationship and want to keep it that way. While other couples have been impacted by more serious relationship damage such as affairs, poor fighting skills, resentments, long-standing anger, or painful, regrettable incidents.  

Our intensive couples therapy is not appropriate for couples dealing with addiction, domestic violence, or other ongoing psychiatric issues that require hospitalization, psychiatric medical care, or weekly work.

In those situations, we recommend seeking a clinical assessment and possibly ongoing counseling.

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Healing Relationships Worldwide

* We respect all restrictions placed on psychotherapists in some countries and may need additional time to become licensed in those districts or countries if needed.

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