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A Private Couples Retreat Oregon

The Couples Retreat Oregon couples rely upon for healing and repairing bonds.

"Stacy is a creative force for couples."
 --certified gottman therapist Dr. kathy McMahon

Meet our Master Couples Therapist

For your Couples Retreat Oregon:

Working privately with each of you
 for the entire weekend.

Stacy Hubbard is Certified as a Master Trainer by the Gottman Institute

Master Trainer in Couples Therapy

Stacy is not only a certified Gottman Couples therapist, but a Master Trainer for their Institute. She blends this science-based couples work with her extensive work training couples therapists.

Certified Gottman Relationship Therapist

Master trainer and workshop leader. Personally trained by Drs. John and Julie Gottman, Stacy conducts trainings and is a program development consultant to the Gottman Institute's program development department. 

Art & Science of Love Facilitator

You may know her for her group work helping couples in this science-based group training in the Gottman Method. She works more deeply with one couple at a time in this private Couples Retreat Oregon location.

Personally trained by Drs. John & Julie Gottman: Premier Couples Researchers

Stacy works with the Gottman Institute to create new programs. (Stacy is in the first row left with fellow Master Trainer Dave Penner) The Gottman Institute houses the Premier Researchers of Couples.

Why a Couples Retreat Oregon?

Private couples counseling retreats: To ease your greatest relationship challenges.

There are hundreds of options for marriage retreats across the country. Most are group psychoeducational retreats. Some offer a beautiful location and luxury accommodations. Many offer relationships a "couples getaway Oregon" experience. Some are faith-based or focused solely on improving your communication. Ours are different.

Private, Science-based Couples Therapy Retreats

Couples Therapy Inc. offers marriage retreats which are private therapeutic intensives. Pick a Couples Retreats Oregon, or location. If you're in relationship distress, or want to dramatically improve how you are relating now, book a retreat. Our marriage counseling retreats help one couple at a time to reconnect, improve their communication and rebuild trust. Stacy Hubbard has been helping couples in Oregon for a decade.

We're the Couples Retreat Oregon relies upon by couples of all kinds: straight and gay couples, those in long-term relationships, international couples, newly engaged, newlywed couples or long-term married people. Even couples facing the crisis of divorce. 

Stacy is a Master Trainer and Certified Gottman Couples Therapist with the Institute. One of 26 worldwide. She'll help you to break down barriers, and open up to the heart of important issues. She knows how to help Oregon marriages address long standing areas of conflict, infidelity or affair recovery, divorce threats, and complications such as managing early trauma histories, mental health issues, or extended family struggles that affect the partnership. She sees couples from around the country and the world.

Marriage counseling for an intensive retreat with real science-based help.

When You are in Pain, We're Here to Help.

Stacy Hubbard is one of 30+ Couples Therapists at Couples Therapy Inc.
A gifted part of Oregon's therapeutic community helping couples.

Learn more about 40+ years of research helping couples. Learn more about The Gottman Method.

You won't find a More Highly Skilled Clinician in Oregon

When weekly work is difficult to schedule, one marriage retreat equals 6 months of traditional counseling.

Stacy offers a limited number
of couples therapy retreats each year.

These are one-to-one retreats. Please book early for the best availability.

When your relationship faces stress, infidelity, or the threat of divorce, don't wait. Get a jump-start and change around your relationship dynamics with a thoroughly trained expert with more than a decade of science-based experience.

A Couples Retreat Oregon relies upon. One-hour by air, 4 by car from Portland, Oregon.

About Medford, Oregon

Medford is home to Harry & David's fruit delivery and just minutes away from Ashland, Oregon, selected as a top 10 finalist in Outside magazine’s search for the “Best Town in America,” Ashland is a culturally rich mecca for tourism, entertainment, entrepreneurship, and breathtaking outdoor experiences. Gorgeous Ashland, home to Southern Oregon University, is famous for The Oregon Shakespeare Festival that stretches from February to October each year. The Shakespeare Festival as become the largest regional repertory theater in the United States. Ashland is also famous for its many restaurants, galleries, and retail stores that cater to tourists.

Where to Stay?

Some couples ask us to suggest a romantic inn. If they plan to enhance their sexual intimacy, they want a romantic setting. They ask for a weekend with the flavor of a romantic getaway with a hot tub or whirlpool tubs. They want to combine a romantic weekend with the work of improving their marriage in expert couples counseling.
Let us suggest:

Baloneys and antiques. A lovely place to stay for your Couples Retreat Oregon - Ashland.

The Ashland Creek Inn is a world unto its own with both a private entrance and private deck overlooking a picture-perfect, park-like setting right in the heart of town Ashland, Oregon. Reminiscent of an old-world boutique hotel, all ten suites were personally appointed by innkeeper Graham Sheldon with rare antiques and artifacts brought back from his extensive travels to exotic locations around the world.

A perfect place to retire to after a day of intensive couples counseling.

I'm not in Oregon .
Do you hold a couples retreats elsewhere?

Yes. In fact, we hold our private couples therapy retreats
within 300 miles of most cities in the USA.

*due to COVID-19, we have suspended all in-person retreats until further notice. You can book a session with Stacy to get acquainted or get on our list to be notified when we start up again.

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