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We’re looking for a few great clinicians who love their private practices but want to change the way they support couples.

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Work more intimately with fewer clients

We work intensively --16 hours over a two day, one evening timespan -- with highly motivated couples ready to make high-powered relationship change. Contrast that with working clinically with 16 couples or 32 different clients at a comparable clinical fee.

We look for savvy, mature, private practice professionals who want to associate with other exceptionally skilled practitioners like themselves, while maintaining their independence.

We offer:

  • Twenty hours each year of ongoing advanced training devoted exclusively to couples.
  • Monthly clinical case presentations with Master couples therapists.
  • Access to Discernment Counseling and certification at no charge.
  • Billing, booking, screening and scheduling for every intensive couples therapy you conduct.
  • National and international reach to promote your clinical skills as a professional helping couples.
  • Training on a unique diagnostic tool used to assess your couples relationship.
  • Peer contact, collaboration and support from some of the most advanced practitioners in the field.

We aren’t a referral service or online-only service with hundreds of providers on our “panel.” Run by a psychologist and MBA, both women, we hire carefully and focus on retention and your clinical advancing skills.

We offer a few select couples therapists a chance to hone their skills in a safe, supportive environment. While no two couples are alike, you'll be working with couples who are as invested in being successful in their personal lives as they are in their careers, education, or changing the world. But their problems can be intractable and require a high level of talent and skill. We regret that we cannot accept interns or those who do not have a full independent licensed.

Couples Therapy is a burgeoning field, like surgery was a century ago. By research and trial and error we are getting better and better at becoming effective helpers for troubled relationships. Want to join in that excitement? Let's connect!

What Makes Us Different

  • Do you love your private practice but want to see fewer weekly clients?
  • Have you wondered whether you could be more effective if couples you saw were committed to a longer course of treatment? If you had better assessment tools at your disposal?
  • Have you asked yourself whether a privately held, women-owned and operated business would put people before corporate profit? Clinical needs before shareholders' demands?

The approach

Couples come to Couples Therapy Inc to see major changes in their relationships. Our highly trained Client Services Team walks clients through each step of the process. Clients are "sold" before the final phone call with the clinician of their choice. We value our clinical team and want them to focus on providing excellent couples therapy.

The team

All of our therapists have advanced degrees and training in The Gottman Method of Couples Therapy and Discernment Counseling. Others have advanced training in Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy as well. We actively look for diverse colleagues’ with different sexual orientation, ethnicity, faith, and gender. Everyone is welcome and supported as couples therapists.

The assessment

All of our therapy starts with the comprehensive online assessment we call: The BIG BIG Book. You won't find a more comprehensive couples assessment anywhere. Couples take several hours to complete this unique tool. Most of our couples credit this assessment as the start of their couples retreat experience. 

Interested in joining our team?

It starts with a conversation. Send us a message and we'll set up a call, introduce ourselves, and answer your questions. Fit is everything.

The BIG BIG Book and why it matters so much...

Every question in The BIG BIG Book provides you with essential information that you will need in order to help the couple that you are working with.
Couples are asked to examine problematic aspects of their relationship in detail. You'll learn what's still going well and poorly inside them as well as between them.

The BIG BIG Book helps couples to move into the present and examine their relationship in a new way. It helps them to put things into perspective. The frame of the problem becomes clearer. The BIG BIG Book isn’t a fun “compatibility test” that couples complete in 5 minutes. Yes, it includes the famous Gottman Assessment, but much, much more. You'll have a thorough couples therapy assessment tool that examines your couple's relationship, from a scientific point of view.  It is like a road map used at the start of a long trip. A clinical road map that tells you where you'll need to go, and what the goals are. 

When you join the team you are provided with carefully planned one-on-one training to help you to work through this comprehensive assessment. You are never alone as you hone your skills. If you need a consult down the road, there is always someone available.

About the Company

Committed to a diverse team of dedicated couples therapists, Couples Therapy Inc. has a single focus: exceptional couples therapy that puts the clients and clinicians front and center.

We know that good therapy is expensive. We also acknowledge that corporate health insurance doesn't pay for quality couples therapy. But that's not a reason to provide sub-standard care or underpay clinicians who are trying to provide it.

Our goal is to set the standard, not follow the pack. We want you to have the time and energy to think, write, present at conferences, and have resources left over for your personal life... all while making a fair living.


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Client Reviews

Listen to our clinicians...


"I strongly recommend CTI to therapists who wish to further pursue intensive couples therapy."

"I have found my years working with CTI to be an excellent experience. It has been a wonderful venue for doing intensive (also called marathon) work. Developed by Dr. Kathy McMahon, the model is outstanding. Her administrative team is top notch and so supportive of the couples and the therapists. The clinical team is comprised of highest caliber clinicians who are humble, open, and creative as they work with Dr. McMahon to refine the model and make it available to all kinds of couples throughout the USA and in other parts of the world. I strongly recommend CTI to therapists who wish to further pursue intensive couples therapy." 

Michael McNulty - Couples Therapist- Chicago
Couples Therapy Inc. clinician and Master Trainer at the Gottman Institute.


"I thought the job posting was a scam. It was just too good to be true. But it's not. It was my dream..." 

"Imagine this:

  • Being on a team of couples therapists where everyone has advanced clinical training and experience in at least one couples therapy model to provide exceptional couples therapy. 
  • Getting to be around a group of not just incredibly skilled clinicians, subject matter experts in a variety of specialties, but also who are just really nice people.
  • Clinicians with the sound ethical compass of systemic therapists.
  • Feeling excited to see couples who are so motivated to do the work, clients who have read up on the different therapies, the different clinicians, and by the time you do your "meet and greet" with them, they are ready to pay for an entire weekend with you.
  • Being able to learn so much about a couple from their assessments before you even sit down with them for a session.
  • Having their undivided attention to dive so deeply into the therapeutic work for a 3-day intensive and getting to focus on just providing them the gold-standard of support.
  • Having the most professional and proficient administrative staff to ensure the marketing, platforms, scheduling, payments, referral process, the multitude of questions clients have are all handled.
  • And you get to focus on providing the best couples therapy your training and growth allows. 

...And getting paid enough that you don't need to become a burnt out clinician risking clinical and ethical obligations to sustain yourself or your practice. And all it requires is advanced clinical training, commitment to becoming better than you were yesterday, and meeting up with an awesome team of professionals who teach each other once a month.

I thought the job posting was a scam. It was too good to be true. But it's not. It was my dream, and I found it with CTI. I cannot imagine a better place to be a couples therapist."

Catherine Pfuntner, LMFT - Couples Therapist - New Hampshire


"Couples Therapy Inc. has transformed my career - this is not an overstatement..." 

"I was a therapist with solid clinical skills but poor business skills and little desire to learn about marketing and how to find, let alone sell myself to prospective clients. Being part of this team allowed me to expand my practice and expertise in several key ways:

First, it taught me a new way of working with couples- the intensive weekend. Working intensively has been one of the most exciting shifts in my career. The longer session format helped me deepen my work with couples, which impacted how I approach my weekly couples as well.  While I was nervous at first to spend such long days with couples, I’ve come to understand that the momentum of the time we spend together has the potential to lead to great shifts in intimate relationships. I now approach these weekends with excitement and they are my preferred way of working with couples.

Second, I feel honored to be part of a stellar team of therapists. We meet monthly and while I work alone in my office, I get an opportunity to branch out and learn from my teammates each month. Being part of this team has meant support, increased knowledge and overall professional growth. 

Third, the marketing that Couples Therapy Inc has mastered has benefited my private practice, as well.  People find me online in various ways, but being part of this group escalates my online exposure significantly and helps prospective clients understand me better and how I work. I believe that being part of this team also elevates and legitimizes the narrative of my skill set and helps couples feel safer in choosing me as a therapist.

Overall, this experience of working with CTI has been a boom to my career.  I feel so fortunate to get to be part of this team and to be able to earn a wonderful income while doing the work I love."

Havi Kligfeld, LICSW- Couples Therapist - Los Angeles

What Our Clients tell others...

"I would encourage them to do so. It is amazing how much difference it makes when couples are able to communicate respectfully and effectively. We felt for the longest time that we were "going in circles" during our discussions and never made any meaning.

"Be ready to work. Be ready to collaborate. Be willing to explore things about yourself you need to improve."

Many thanks."

"Thank you for investing in our relationship. It means the world to us. Thank you for your dedication to couples everywhere."

"It is worth all of the time, money, and effort. Yes, it is expensive and exhausting, and it was saved our relationship when we'd literally tried everything else. With so much at stake, having exceptional, expert help was so needed.

Thank you so, so much. You helped give us- and our family- our story back. After years of suffering and hurt and disconnect, it's not an exaggeration to say it's like finally breathing again. Thank you."

"Couples Therapy Inc. provided us with a cleansing of our issues. Although the work was draining, in the end, we were rewarded. I felt heard, understood, and emotionally healed afterward. It was as if a re-start button was pushed and we could begin again as a couple. Our hope was renewed."

"Trust the process and believe that a skilled therapist equipped with an honest and full Big Big Book can help make a huge difference in a surprisingly short time."

"Don't hesitate! Go into it with an open heart and an open mind and you’ll come away more aware of how to have a healthier, more loving relationship."

"If you’re both serious about transforming your relationship, it can change your life."

The Weekend Schedule

Day 1

Assessment interview, 6-8pm*
  • The first night starts with a detailed problem history in a structured way.
  • You will next conduct the State of the Union assessment.
  • You will have received the couple's BIG BIG Book and will be ready to dive right into your intensive work.

Day 2

Assessment and therapy, 9:30-4:30pm*
  • Today begins with a "fighting sample."
  • Next comes an individual session with each partner.
  • Following the individual sessions is a feedback session that concludes the "assessment" portion of the intensive.
  • The afternoon will be spent working with evidence-based interventions that you determine will be most helpful to this couple.

Day 3

Full day of personalized therapy, 9:30-4:30pm*
  • Personalized therapy continues for the entire day, working on the goals that you established in the assessment.
  • Without the restrictions of short sessions, you will have a chance to not only provide high-quality clinical interventions, but also to teach, practice, and give feedback as you work.
  • As your weekend wraps up you will discuss what follow up might look like.

*The times given above reflect a typical Friday-Sunday intensive schedule. We are often able to be flexible with start times and even starting days, as some highly in-demand therapists offer mid-week intensives as well. 

Our Intensive Fees

We work with you to help establish your clinical fees. Intensive retreat prices for a weekend range between $3,500 and $6,500 after your first 6 intensives, depending upon your education, location, and experience.

Our administrative team handles all billing and payment questions.

A little more about our no-obligation phone calls...

Highly effective, intensive couples therapy is not for everyone. We  have to select our clients carefully.

Sometimes a couple that is looking to schedule an intensive needs to be referred for other services. If there is domestic violence in a relationship, drug abuse, or untreated mental illness we do not recommend scheduling an intensive until those concerns are addressed.

The call with our client services team is intended to ensure that our services are a good fit for your clients before they speak with you. After this call, couples will talk directly to you about your particular approach.

Let's talk

This part-time opportunity is offered only to clinicians already engaged in a private practice setting, and who have their own offices. Do you enjoy and  have a track record working with couples? Miss collaborating with great colleagues? We augment, not compete with, your own successful practice. Join us.

Our Clients

It has been a blessing...and fun too!

Thank you so much for all that you offered us. This has been such a great experience!!! I have implemented your ideas and it has been a blessing to us and fun too. I realized how much I had a guard up and how it was effecting both of us.

Thanks again, you are an angel!

from a recent Couples Retreat

She saved our marriage

Our relationship was distant, with no connection. We wanted to reconnect and move on from anger.

Our therapist was amazing at seeing what we were trying to say and where our pain came from. We really enjoyed going each day, we looked forward to her input.

She saved our marriage, I did not see any option except divorce and now I see our future again.

from a recent couples retreat

Please do it!

We have tried therapy before and it was not successful.

Our therapist was incredible, gentle, intelligent and was able to help us right away and picked up on our problems almost immediately.

We now have improved communication, better listening and the ability to talk again....

from a recent couples retreat

Do you think you have the skill and talent to be one of us? Send us a message...