More than ever, there is a science to helping troubled marriages.  
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We know you're under pressure. 

Problems in a marriage make everyone unhappy. But take a moment to imagine a different world where you walk comfortably arm-in-arm and lean into each other. Now, let yourself relax into an embrace. What a relief to face the world’s hassles as a team.

Can’t you see the look on your kid’s face when you’re both cracking jokes again?

When being playful is spontaneous? Everyone relaxes and exhales. Even the adult kids. Or grandchildren.

Even you.

A couple and their daughter have a pillow fight

Good-natured joking around. Fun. They way it's supposed to be.

Just imagine what summer vacations will look like when you’re laughing together again.

Splashing water and being genuinely silly. Relaxing at mealtime. Taking in a movie. Or that “morning after glow.”

No big whoop.

Simple, good times. What life is made of...

The loneliness, anger, or resentment is killing you.

You know that.

I’m sure you do.

A bad marriages is bad for everyone and everything.

  • Your kids
  • Your health
  • Your job performance

Making a relationship better is really a science now, as much as an art. We’ll help you to stop the angry accusations, no matter how regrettable the incident was. It’s what we’re trained to do.

And it is all we do. Each and every day.

I know you have doubts, but we can help you. You really can make your relationship better, even if it is pretty good now.

And you can make it A LOT better if it’s horrible.

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It will take courage, and effort on your part, but it's possible. Many of our couples want to know if their relationship is "worth it." A highly skilled professional can teach you how make a dent, and lay out the hurtles candidly.

It’s time to stop the war. Or the coldness between you. Or the distance. Roommates, not passionate lovers.

  • Call a truce. Swallow your pride.
  • Talk pragmatically about how you're both getting nowhere fast.
  • Let go of the bitterness and resentment. Let forgiveness in.

But someone has to take the first step.

Will it be you?

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