Conducting Marriage Retreats in Texas for Couples Therapy Inc.

When your not getting along with the person who was once your heart, the world becomes a stressful place. You walk on eggshells because every comment seems hostile. Your bed turns cold. Vacation planning is lackluster, and the kids are tense. What's more, we know from over 40 years of research studying couples, you're the worst judge of how bad things are. You're likely to feel hopeless and helpless about the possibility of ever turning things around.

Don't be.

We offer a concentrated form of couples therapy that's faster (over a weekend), targeted (we do an extensive assessment so we know what to work on) and effective, with over 250 couples reviewing their experience doing a couples therapy retreat in Texas.

And we have many of the most experienced couples therapists in the country, all of whom specialize in working with troubled couples.

No matter how bad it feels to you, we've seen it and helped that problem before.

How We're Different

With almost 600 years of post-graduate experience (yes, we counted) and 30+ clinicians, we're one of the largest and best-trained organizations devoted to science-based couples therapy. You complete our assessment instrument online. This provides us with unique insights into your relationship struggles. We're specialists. We only conduct private Couples Therapy Retreats (marriage retreats) in person and online.

We have both secular and faith-based marriage counselors to choose from. All, however, are trained in a science-based approach to helping couples. We function as a collective Team, meeting monthly and sharing our latest thinking on how to help couples. We're also all across the USA, and in Ireland, Australia and Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. We also speak a dozen languages.

We invite you to try the best of what science can offer your intimate relationship.

  • 7 Certified Gottman Therapists on our Team. 
  • 2 Certified Gottman Therapists are Master Trainers for the Gottman Institute training other therapists (they train other therapists how to do it...)
  • Every clinician has advanced training in science-based techniques

Marisa Mundey, MFT

Marisa is a wonderful couples therapists and gets rave reviews from the couples that take her private couples retreats in Texas. She's an advanced practitioner of the Gottman Method of Couples Therapy. Like all of our therapists she routinely works with chronic fighting, affair recovery, and emotional distance. She takes a particular interest in working with couples where one has past trauma, depression, or anxiety. She's able to say difficult things in a kind and gentle manner. Book her soon. She's a popular choice for those planning a Couples Retreat, Texas.

Master in Marriage and Family Therapy

Couples Retreat Texas - Houston

Licensed Professional in Texas

Beatriz ("Betty") Alaniz, MSW

Beatriz is one of our newest therapists from San Antonio. She's bilingual in Spanish and English. Betty's an advanced practitioner of the Gottman Method of Couples Therapy. She works well with couples who avoid conflict or have trouble remaining calm during fights, as well as affair recovery. If you're planning a Couples Retreat in Texas, consider Betty. 

Master in Social Work

Couples Retreat Texas - San Antonio

Licensed Professional in Texas

Dr. Eliane Herdani

Dr. Herdani has extensive experience working with American military service members and their families on military bases around the world (including Japan, Italy, Germany, and others...).

She is also a Graduate Faculty Associate at Johns Hopkins University, in their  Counseling Program. 

Fluent in Portuguese, English, German. Conversational Spanish.

Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Licensed Professional in Texas

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