Introducing Stacy Hubbard, LMFT

Stacy Hubbard is a Master Trainer for the Gottman Institute, a Certified Gottman Therapist and a Trauma therapist. 

Stacy provides help for couples the following US states:


Attend a marriage retreat in Medford, Oregon

Also offering in-person and intensive couples therapy retreats online.



Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist -
Arizona. LMFT 15461

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist -
California. #113379

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist-
Colorado. MFT.0001716

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist -
Oregon. #T0727


M.S. Portland State University, Portland, Oregon (Marriage and Family Therapy) 2005.

B.A. St. Mary’s College of California , Moraga, California. (English Literature). 1993.

"There were also many points where I had to talk people through gripping fear, doubt, and pain to keep going and take one more step. That was a really powerful experience for me and it certainly groomed me to be a therapist and deal with emotional difficulty and pain."

Master Trainer, Fully Certified

Additional Qualifications 

I teach clinicians how to use the Gottman method of couples therapy. I'm currently teaching level one, two and three, as well as providing consultation to those seeking to become certified in the method. I facilitate the 2 day Art and Science of Love couples workshops, which allow couples to learn to employ the method in their own lives. In addition, I have created a new workshop in collaboration with The Gottman Institute, called “The Seven Principles for Singles.” It is focused on helping single people learn the skills and the research behind the method so that they can attain healthy relationships.

About My Work

Effective couples therapy makes a powerful impact on your life. Being able to strengthen your relationship leads you to a better quality of life. It allows you to feel safe and comforted in this crazy world. You can become better parents and better friends. People feel included, loved, attached, and safe within their primary relationship when it works. Your world feels like a more generous and kind place to live.

Couples in significant distress have greater problems managing conflict. You need someone who won't shy away from your pain. If  you're in serious distressed and have major conflicts and pain built up between you, I can help. These "attack-defend cycles" and unsettling, high conflict patterns CAN be changed.

Learn the tools you need to help you have a healthier connection, better communication and a deeper, rewarding friendship.

Do you need to heal from affairs? You can working through that trauma, too, and heal from the betrayal. You can discover how to create a new and better marriage using the Gottman “Atone, Attune, Attach” method.

It is so rewarding to see a couple on the verge of divorce and in pain come through the fire to the other side. They're happy and look forward to building their new marriage together. That's a tremendous reward for all of your hard work. 

You'll fight hard, but you'll have the rest of your lives together. Seeing that change really warms my heart and makes me so happy to be doing what I do.

Shared Meaning

Couples also need to build "shared meaning", a sense of being on the same path together, and be able to plan the future together. It also means having more fun and adventure together - and at the end of the day be good friends with each other.

Every day I help couples like you strengthen or rebuild their relationship both at Couples Therapy Inc through an intensive format, and weekly in my private practice in Medford, Oregon.

It's also an honor to train other therapists in the Gottman Method as well.  I teach all three levels at Gottman Institute based in Seattle Washington. 

I also act as a consultant to therapists wanting certification in the Gottman method. It brings me deep satisfaction.

Personally Speaking

Do you love sports? I do. My passion is CrossFit and have been competing in CrossFit competitions over the past few years.

And basketball! Every year I go to the March Madness basketball tournament. This past year it was Boise, Idaho. I'm a fan of college basketball and the NCAA tournament is a really fun event to culminate it all.

I was a gymnast, then played volleyball, basketball and tennis in high school. Lacrosse in college. Have you ever played competitive Ultimate Frisbee? I did it professionally! I got to travel internationally with the Portland, Oregon-based team. 

This career culminated in playing in the finals at the national championships in Florida, which qualified us to play in the World Championships in Perth, Australia. That was a lot of fun!


I LOVE my dog Monty. He is a rescue dog and is a giant ball of personality and love. He is half German Shepherd, half Standard Poodle. We go paddle boarding together - and yes, he rides on the board with me. See the photo below for proof! 

Monty and I on Lake Tahoe

My '65 Aristocrat Land Commander Trailer, taken at a trailer rally here in Southern Oregon

I have a vintage travel trailer that I enjoy decorating and taking to trailer rallies. And finally, I am an amateur stained-glass artist, and roast my own coffee. And relish in drinking the fruits of my labor!

My Office: Ashland, Oregon

Couples Therapy Retreat Oregon

Oregon is a very beautiful place to live! There is nature everywhere, beautiful mountains, rivers and trees. We are also lucky to live near a place with a world-renowned Shakespeare Festival that has some amazing theater. We have an outdoor music venue, and some really amazing restaurants and wineries. If you love rafting, hiking, fly fishing or mountain biking- this is the place for you!

My office is in a central location in Ashland, which is the heart of the valley. You will need a car to get around. Bonus: there is no traffic here! If you fly into Medford airport, you will be able to get to my office within 20 minutes.

Within walking distance of my office there are great restaurants, Coffee, a co-op with healthy food and a nice downtown area with cute shops, good coffee, and food options ranging from healthy and organic to burgers and steak houses.

My office is very quiet, and clean, with plenty of privacy. It is air conditioned and it has plenty of parking. It is on the ground floor and is ADA accessible.

Clinical Experience

Earlier in my career, I was an Adventure Guide and led backpacking, rock climbing and rafting trips for many years in the Central Oregon Cascades. I also worked for Outward Bound in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness of Minnesota which was a remarkable and important experience for me. This work taught me to have hope and persistence.

I remember being cold and wet in the middle of a rainy backpacking trip. I was sure that the rain would never end. But I learned to have a hold on hope and even good humor. 

Oregon Couples Therapy

Inevitably when the sun did come out it would be such an amazing experience for everyone. You could see the mood shift. It taught me much about persistence and pushing myself farther than I ever thought possible. Staying on a climbing route even when it gets really difficult and scary but knowing that if I can stick with it I would get to the top.

There were also many points where I had to talk people through gripping fear and doubt and pain to keep going and take one more step. That was a really powerful experience for me and it certainly groomed me to be a therapist and deal with emotional difficulty and pain.

For me, having that experience helped me to be able to help others go to places they didn't think they could go, I have learned to lead by example with hope, persistence and know-how at the heart of it all.  

Agency Work

I also worked in an agency setting for many many years. I worked my way through Graduate school in Portland, Oregon while working at a residential treatment center called Albertina Kerr. There I worked as an online staff in the subacute secure psychiatric stabilization unit, and long term residential units for children and teens.

I was a therapist with the intensive community-based treatment unit and eventually moved on to be a therapist and clinical supervisor for Catholic Community Services which provides in home services for children with severe mental health concerns and their families. This job required being on call 24/7 and there were often trips to the E.R. at 3am to do safety planning and stabilization with acute mental health crises. 

I have also recently worked for the Children’s Advocacy Center which is a wonderful place that allows children who have been abused or neglected to receive forensic interviews, medical services and therapy all in one child friendly and comfortable setting. It was at this center that I was trained in EMDR therapy (eventually becoming certified in EMDR by EMRIA). I used this treatment modality with severely traumatized children and have continued to use EMDR with adult clients who have experienced trauma.

My clinical work with clients in severe distress in the inpatient or agency settings has really cemented that need to be calm under fire and to be there when times are toughest, knowing that things can get better while working hand in hand with my clients.

I would say that persistence is a huge quality of mine, it has helped me achieve so many goals in my life. I also really enjoy being silly and funny whenever appropriate.

I'd love to work with you. Reach out and let's talk.