Spiritual Connection; reconnect with a deeper personal meaning

Couples Therapy Inc.'s Jenny Fang will support you on that journey.

Spiritual Connection

This guide outlines practices to help you powerfully reconnect. Integrate simple spiritual practices into your daily life and experience greater positive feelings and a higher overall sense of satisfaction with life.

From the book...

A few years ago, I was at a place in my life where I thought I had everything I was supposed to have.


On many different levels, I had it all. But I wasn’t content.


That was the one thing that was missing, and I couldn’t understand it.


When I discussed this with other people, they would say, "You think too much. Why can’t you just be content with what you have? You’re expecting too much."


Then, unexpectedly, I underwent a very difficult time during which I experienced a series of traumatic events.

This opened me up to a whole new world of understanding what my faith really means to me. I started to do some soul searching.

  • What is our purpose here on Earth?
  • Why are we here?
  • How can we reconnect with that which is beyond the material?

This eBook talks about how I first discovered these answers for myself, and then talks about the approach I use to help clients reconnect with these aspects of them.

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What couples say about working with Jenny

Jenny has worked with hundreds of couples. These couples have learned to heal their intimate relationships, rebuild their bond, and move forward in their lives together.

[Jenny] made us very comfortable and created a "safe" atmosphere.

She is a consummate professional with the requisite expertise and experience needed to help with very deep relationship issues.  She's very calm in her approach and creates an atmosphere in which you feel comfortable opening up and speaking about deeply personal and painful issues/memories.

I absolutely 100% would recommend Jenny Fang; she's a true professional who obviously cares deeply about her clients and wants them to succeed in resolving their relationship issues. Issues are more clearly identified and able to be addressed via open communication. Tools were provided to help resolve the issues.

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Former intensive client

Jenny Fang saved our marriage.

Our relationship was distant, with no connection. We wanted to reconnect and move on from anger.

Jenny was amazing at seeing what we were trying to say and where our pain came from. We really enjoyed going each day, we looked forward to her input.

Now, we are closer, we have a connection and can see past our previous anger. Jenny Fang saved our marriage, I did not see any option except divorce and now I see our future again.

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Former intensive client

About Jenny Fang, MS, MFT

Jenny Fang

Jenny Fang, MS, MFT is a marriage and family therapist specializing in the couples who want to reconnect with their spirituality, and introduce rituals to create greater life meaning.  She conducts her couples therapy online and in an intensive retreat format in Los Angeles, CA.


She has training in The Gottman Method, Emotionally-focused Couples Therapy, The Developmental Model of Couples Therapy, Cognitive-behavioral therapy, EMDR, Prepare-Enrich, guided visualizations, and SoZo.

Experience a deeper emotional, spiritual, and physical connection with your partner.

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Working with Jenny

Jenny wants both partners to be heard and understood. Wherever there’s disharmony or disjunct in the relationship, she hopes to be the bridge that helps to reconnect you, so that together you can build your own bridge. 

Jenny is currently accepting clients and would be happy to discuss options for working together.