Is Your Marriage One of Them?

You have five choices to get help sooner:

  1. Complete a “State of the Union” assessment online and we’ll work with a local therapist to find you a good fit. Click here for more information.
  2. We rarely have cancellations but do have a wait-list for the occasional exception.
  3. Begin the State of the Union Assessment now online, and schedule sessions online until your Intensive Couples Therapy Retreat comes. This leaves the entire retreat for skill-building and direct, focused, clinical help.
  4. Ask to be referred to another psychotherapist who may have sooner availability.

*We book between 8-24 intensives per year, depending upon the clinician, across the USA, Puerto Rico, Australia, South Africa and Ireland. We reserve some slots for what we consider “emergency week-ends” that are not offered. These are available at a higher fee. The non-refundable full fee is due at the time of scheduling.

You may believe the troubles between you can't wait. Read how to be seen faster...