Conflict, communication, and a chance to connect

7 Lessons

About this course

Having issues with communication and conflict? Well, good news (really, it’s good news!) conflict is inevitable, so let us help you learn to do it effectively!

Stacy Hubbard’s course will guide you through what you need to know to transform your approach to conflict. 

Watch videos, read research and participate in interactive assignments with your partner that will help you navigate: compromise, non-defensive listening, apologies (or repairs as we call them), and other important dimensions to conflict and communication!

Course Structure

Lesson 1, conflict styles

A common problem that can lead to difficulty in a relationship is a different style of conflict. We usually get these style preferences from our family of origin. Here we will explore how we can navigate these differences.

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Lesson 2, soften your startups and listen

Defensiveness is an attempt to protect oneself, to defend one’s innocence, or to ward off a perceived attack. Sometimes this is done by counter-attacking or by whining and taking an innocent victim stance.

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Lesson 3, Learn to use effective repair

In relationship interactions, making repair attempts is a great skill. Learn how and practice it together in this lesson.

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Lesson 4, The problem with problems

When thinking about conflict in a relationship, it is important to ascertain if a problem is "solvable" or "perpetual." What is the difference? How do we approach these problems?

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Lesson 5, Keep the conversation going

When you find yourself dealing with a perpetual or gridlocked problem with your partner, we encourage you to ask these questions.

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Lesson 6, Practice the art of compromise

In order to engage in the compromise process without feeling overly compromised, you need to decide what you can’t compromise on.

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Your next steps

Now that you have completed the course, what will your next steps be?