Talk to your partner


If you've been putting off that serious conversation, now's the time to have it. Do you know how to approach it positively? We’re happy to brainstorm ways to talk approach it, to get the most positive response. Please don’t schedule an appointment unless both of you are willing to be seen.

Choose an exceptional couples therapist


At times, your particular clinical needs will direct you to one provider over another. At other times, you’ll want someone who is available on a particular block of time. All of our our couples therapists are highly skilled. Choose someone licensed in your state (if in the USA).

request dates.


We will do our best to accommodate your schedule. Given their high demand, we cannot hold intensive couples therapy or online appointments without payment. Paying your invoice promptly reserves your time. You will be asked to reschedule if payment is not received. See our Fees page for more details. 

Did you fail at Couples Therapy in the past?

You are in good company. Many of our couples have not found  therapy generalists effective. Plan a weekend to learn how to become and stay happily together.